What would your take on this relationship be?

  • I have been studying Tarot now for about 3 months. I am kinda in a relationship...well it's not really one yet, but the feelings and stuff are there. I was unsure, so I did a 9-card spread and I was wondering what someone's take would be on this would be...good or bad?








    1. How I see him. (8 of Cups)

    2. How he sees me. (The Emperor)

    3. What I need. (8 of Pentacles)

    4. What he needs. (The High Priestess)

    5. Where the relationship is at now. (10 of Wands)

    6. Where I would like to see the relationship go. (Ace of Wands)

    7. Where he would like the relationship to go. (9 of Swords)

    8. Factors that should be considered. (Page[Knave] of Wands)

    9. The end result. (The Moon)

    I see it as: I see him as someone who I need to find out more about and there's still a lot of things I want to know, but I'm scared he'll leave me behind because he'll grow restless with me and the fact there's so much I want to know. While I see him in that manner he sees me as someone who is demanding, a bit weary, and intelligent...but guileless.

    I want us to assess this relationship together and look at how things are really going and how things can go before we go further. He wants to use the potential he sees and to go into the unknown(maybe a relationship?).

    Right now, we're kinda at a struggle and there's a lot we need to clean up with each other before we can move further. I would like to proceed into the relationship with courage and know the relationship has enthusiasm and opportunity. But with him, he wants to see the relationship go somewhere but he doubts it'll go well and that it'll be a rocky road.

    Factors that need to be considered is the feeling to jump into a relationship together, doubts, and fears that we may have. Maybe our enthusiasm is bad...maybe it's good. In the end, it won't turn out to be what we thought it would be.

    (Please tell me your summary of the cards and what it might mean for things between us. Is it going to work out? Also, any constructive criticism about what I have came up with would be appreciated).

    Thank you so much! :]

  • Hi

    In end what makes a relationship is how the 2 click personality wise. Its not a spread u live eat think talk sleep fight love with but a person.

    Consider this and dont lay all ur eggs into the basket of a spread. test drive it n see where it takes u.

    best of luck


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