Can you tell about compatability with this Couple's Birth #'s? Anyone?

  • Birthdates:

    1-19-1970 Female

    11-29-1969 Male

    Thank You!!

  • According to the dates of birth you've given me, both people in this relationship are intelligent, outgoing, attractive, energetic, and intelligent. However, both people tend to be insecure also and may have trouble reassuring each other sometimes, but since both the male and female give their all in relationships, this tendency will be mild. The male will look after the female and in return she will make him very happy. As long as this couple is willing to talk through their problems, I see this as a beneficial alliance. I hope this helps!

  • Thank you junemoon!!! : )

  • dear soul shock,

    You may have already done this, but a more comprehensive reading requires birth times (exact time of birth if possible..) and place of birth...check out or another astrology web site, ( and are very good) to get a detailed, compatibility reading, most of these sites are free and easy to do...give it a shot and let us folks here in the blogosphere know how it turns out.... : )

  • No problem, soulshock!

  • I'm an Aquarius woman (.D.O.B. 02-06-1986) who really adores a Taurus man ( D.O.B. 05-19-1984). I believe he's a cusp which is Taurus/Gemini. Will it work between he and I?

  • I see things working out very well between you and him--you are very compatible. Both of you are very loyal and hardworking. You listen to him and support his inventive, creative nature and know how to calm his anxiety. He is amazed by your dedicated nature. In return, he lights up your life with his vision and you admire his quick-thinking ability. Both of you are looking for someone to commit to, and you have a lot of the same values--you are both very loyal, kind, and both of you know how to save for a rainy day. I see this as being a rewarding match for both of you. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Junemoon,,,,,,

    I'm a female born 5/19/1965@3:15am in Anchorage, AK and my soon to be ex husband 3/18/1966@8:32am in Pittsburgh, PA. How were we suppose to get along? Now there is a serious gf of my h's that is now in the picture,,she 3/15/1970, no other info than I think she was born in Miami,FL. They broke up after 9mons of being together. Just curious, who was the better match?

    Thanks for your input!

  • Hello Junemoon 26

    If you have a chance ,would you let me know what you see for my boyfriend and I? He was born in England 5/15/53. I was born in Washington DC 8/5/51.

    I love all the readings on this website. Most are very accurate. Thanks in advance.

  • Hello Junemoon 26

    I was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Feb 18, 1958 at 2:24 am and he was born in Oregon City, Oregon, June 26, 1976 at 10:15 am. Thanks in advance for the reading. It is a great that you put so much time into reading for others. Thanks again.

    Love and Light

  • Hi aworkingbullgirl,

    From your numerology compatibility, a few points can be the likely problem.

    1. Both you and your soon to be ex-husband share similar kind of characteristics.

    Both of you are leadership material with a lot's of internal strenght.

    There will be a constant power struggle in your relationship. You might have been very good friends when you were courting, sharing similar personal interest and ambitions. But as lovers, the flame then to fade away. In public, you will be often called the ideal couple.You understand each other very well, too well i would say. The subtle difference between both of you is that, you are a thinker and he is a dreamer of the first degree. To explain the failure in your relationship in a short sentence, there was no strong "Interdependability". Both of you shared almost the same strenghts and weakness. This formula is great for friendship and partnership but not as husband and wife. Either on of you should compromise and strain heavily to make the relationship work. That causes tension. I hope this explains the issue you were facing.

    2. The GF and your H's compatibilty has stronger points. This is due to difference in their characteristics that will allow interdependability.

  • Hello Junemoon26

    Did I ask my question too late? Are you thro with readings?

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