Sagittarius Men

  • What do you know about Sagittarius Men? What are your experiences with them? Are they Shy, insecure, cocky? What.....??

  • I'm a Sag woman. Here are the main attributes: Philosophical; Adventurous; Freedom-loving with a capital 'F'; Generous; Nobody's a stranger; Seeker of truth & justice. Can be arrogant but with SO much to love--who wouldn't be? LOL

  • The Sag man in my life...could be funloving, thrillseeking, big DAYDREAMER, I felt he lived in his dayfreams more than reality....but i think he has many issues HAHA

    I think generallly they are fun to be around but not sure how firmly their feet are planted on the ground....LA LA LA LA Live for today seems to be their motto

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