All Things Cancer

  • I am a Cancer (Moon Child) and I feel very positive about my life. Yes, there are times I

    am introverted and I take that time to look within. And, there are times I am extroverted

    and I use that time to be social and develop my social skills.

    I like my alone time but do not feel like a homebody per se. I am out all the time since what

    I do as a journalist requires me to be out. I meet a lot of diverse people so keep an open mind so that I am able to learn about other people's cultures and mindsets.

    They say Cancers are family orientated but I have never desired to be a mother. I enjoy other people's children but like the fact I can return them when they day is ended. I feel very humane and am more spiritual than religious. I like animals and appreciate the beauty of nature.

    I was born on 7/11 and am total that is a perfect throw of the dice. I like being a Moon Child and appreciate the lessons I have learned as a soul born under this sign. Cancers are often kind, spiritual and thoughtful people. Our weaknesses can be our strengths if we live our lives consciously but that applies to whatever sign one is born under and how evolved you are as a soul on this planet.

    Embrace your joy and live respecting others around you. I think it makes for a happier life.

  • Hey like what u said about how much you love kids but also enjoy freedom too. I'm a pet sitter and have found a nurturing side of me that's mysterious. I was an emo kid growin' up and the sudden mood swings often paralyzed my thinking ability. I never could explain it, but Cancers are supposidly very intimately close with their mothers. My mom passed on when I was 3. I think she was a cancer, and my moon sign is too. I have a sun in early Gemini with Libra rising, so my mind is very airy fairy with an emotional twist. Water signs help air ones create depth to their logic so I'm thankful for the loving, caring, but cautious side that Cancer has. I made some mistakes but through it I've been able to "feel" whenever my scales go outta balance. Cancer has helped me make great choices based on fact and emotion, which is rare for Librans I think. Bein' on a cusp, Libra and Cancer have been my strongest signs. Thanks for your explanation of Cancer. I'm beginnin' to see the good side and it feels great 😄

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