Dear Cris1962 - if you are around

  • Hi Cris, i sure hope you are still around. Hope things is going well for you.

    Could you please have another look at my situation with cancer man. He indeed did come back.

    Would like to know if you can pick up anything on his intentions/feelings.

    Thanking you so much in advance

    Love and light to you

  • G'day dvdm,

    This is good to hear; maybe this might bring hope to me for my own situation!!

    Now let me see ... I'm getting a fair bit of confusion in this man. Like he intended to come back, but thought twice about it, then decided to go for it, then backed off again, then got literally pulld back and now he's there wondering what it's all about. He wants to be back; no doubt about that. But I feel his situation is very complicated and he's been working through many issues at once - but what's new with Cancerians? He's at the tail end of this though, and now it appears he waits for you to validate him being there. AGain, what's new with Cancerians? Reasurrance is our life blood 🙂 His feelings are many and varied too. He has left someone he loved and is now with someone he loves (you)but he's so unsure of his own intentions here. I think he's worried he may be rebounding, and I also feel that he has had one or two dreams which are the reason he's with you now and not with the other one.

    I'm getting that he needs to be gently led by you, not tugged sharply, or he'll retreat into his shell. He's still a bit fragile, yet he's also very brave in matters of the heart and is drawing on this bravery to get him through.

    I hope this makes some sense to you! It came out as it came out, so hopefully it gives you some direction here. Let me know how it pans out ... I can't remember the actual reading I gave you before, but I do remember you 🙂

  • Hi Cris,

    This was your initial reading:-

    I get this feeling he's sort of regretting getting in touch with you when he did, as he's not quite ready to face you yet, BUT, the urge to so was stronger than his need to keep his distance for that bit longer. Does that make sense? I feel he hurt you quite a lot previously, and he's ashamed of what he did to cause that hurt. Shame is not something cancerians find easy to face and he is battling between that shame and his need to make up for what happened. Did he simply take off or something, or go cold for little/no reason then took off? I just get this sense of "shutting off" and "sudden disappearance".

    I don't feel he's playing games as such, but rather, having touched base, he got cold feet. I'm getting these words: "she won't forgive me when I tell her what I did and why". He did carry on a bit silly when he took off, and lost a part of himself in the process. There may be a baby involved somewhere too which could be that lost part of himself.

    He doesn't want to mess up your life again, or his own, so I'd just take things very slowly with him at the moment. I just get this huge sense of sorrow in him and regret; like he's hanging his head. But I feel he's seeking you out as that "ray of sunshine" he's missed.

    Have you a contact number for him? If so, then I might suggest you text or call him every week or so just to casually ask him how he's going. Be light, be cheerful with him and try not to jump the gun. He's very fragile at the moment and I get the feeling he's like a frightened deer who might leap off and run at the first sign of "threat". It's like he's hiding in his shell, while peering out wondering if it is safe "out there".

    I know this all sounds a bit weird, but this is what's popped in, so to speak. I also don't feel he's seeing someone else at the moment, but has been and this could be the mother of the baby I mentioned, again going back to losing (or leaving behind) part of himself. There were good reasons for that. Again, messages are a bit mixed here, so maybe you might be aware of the correct context this should all be in.

    Very round and round reading this has been! I can't be any clearer, so let me know if I've just had a bad day or if this actually makes sense to you. I confess to feeling a bit "dizzy" now, but maybe I'm just picking up on his confusion. Or I actually have to admit to being a dizzy, blonde cancerian after all is said 'n' done ... :))

  • Cris,

    You are incredible.

    We've been seeing each other for the last two months now. But yes, he does have some major issues right now.

    The validation he is awaiting from me... he did make some strange remarks, (tests)

    I don't think i have responded correctly to this.

    I am so confused by this man, i love him with all my heart. He is the man i've been waiting for all my life.

    Presently i don't get the feeling that there is enough time and place for me in his life. I have to make some decisions myself, but at the same time dont want to lose him.

    How do you think would he react if i tell him i love him and want to be with him, if thats what he want.

    How is things with you...?

  • Sorry, should read NOT enough time

  • Y'know, I'm so tired of "restraint" being the order of the day lately my friend! Cancerians LOVE to be told they're loved, even if they sometimes (without meaning to) abuse it, or seem to.

    Tell him how you feel. This is a test for you also of your willingness to put yourself out there. If he backs off from that, then the time is not right for the both of you. But by you doing this, you will then be ope to what is truly meant for you: the love of someone (if not him) who can and will be with you until death do you part.

    Don't keep your feelings to yourself, because if he wonders off again, you may be left wondering yourself what might have been if you'd been honest. But this doesn't come without risk, so be aware of that. Like most situations of this sort, there are two ways it can go, and is dependent on the choices of both involved. Destiny has a hand, yes, but it still comes down to your own choices.

    So, it is up to you at the end of the day what you do here. But my feeling is, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you take this risk, knowing you may get your heart broken all over again, then no-one can accuse you of not doing your best and trying your hardest, least of all him.

    As for me, well, I'm into week six of being a solo gal, and day three of being without my daughter (she's with her dad for a couple of weeks). It's hard, I don't know if the house I'm in is the right one for me, I feel very isolated even though I have work and some friends here, and the man I feel is my soulmate teases me with his very lack of contact. It frustrates me actually as I didn't leave my husband on his account, but rather because it was the honest thing to do. But at the moment, I feel I'm suffering for that honesty and wonder why I'm in this damnable situation! So that's how things are going for me - not great, but I keep hoping 🙂

    And I hope this other part helps you some. I've taken a similar risk and come out losing, or at least so it seems for now. But that isn't going to happen to everyone who leaps off that precipice.

    Keep me posted, won't you? thanks for asking about my situation, although you're probably wishing you didn't!!!

  • Dear Cris,

    No, i am glad i have asked. You have done so much for me and others that i really wish there was something i could do to help you! I'll be praying for you my friend.

    Thank you so much. I planned to tell him, but somehow there is always something coming up so i'm not able to see him. Don't know if he is avoiding me on purpose or what the issue is.

    I do find it much easier to talk about such things with him in person rather than writing. In person my tone of voice tells something other than written words. Not sure if you know what i mean.

    I'm going to talk to him soonest i can. Will keep you posted.

    Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Keep faith, i know its not very easy all days, but every dark cloud has a silver lining. :))

    Take care of yourself.

  • Good on you, thank you for your kind words, and good luck. And I'm trying to take care of myself, as easy as it would be to forget my own importance on the planet at this point in time 🙂

  • Hey Cris

    Is this targetted on ALL vcancerians? bc mine has also sidewalked as crabs do back, we even have spoken on the phone three times ..... n he adds me to this n that site we both r member of.

    his is june 25 1941 im march 10 1972

    dvdm hope u dont mind me butting in on ur wonderful thread 😉

  • CharmedWitchBente

    Of course i don't mind. We, lovers of cancers, needs all the help we can get. :))

    Good luck

  • lovers of cancers??? hmmmm ............. more the intrguiment of what a cancer male is .............

    ....................... no?

  • or it is more an intriguement for cancers that we follow em outta morbid curiosity???

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