Leo and Cancer have we lost each other

  • I am a Leo been dateing a cancer for 3 years now. In the begining he was very loving and affectionate (the 1st year) since then he seems as if I am just there for him. I feel like he is taking advantage of this relationship. He feels I do not see him for who he is. Says he loves me (says he shows by doing things for me) not with me. Loves his job and does everything for them. I feel as if he is married to his job. I need help in this relationship. Lost

  • As a Cancerian myself (albeit female) I can say this in all honesty about our very complicated and frustrating starsign:

    If we are not in love with someone, then basically the relationship is doomed. But often, we don't have the guts to end it ourselves for this reason. I feel he has lost the connection with you and thinks it is beyond repair. He has immersed himself in work as it feeds his passion, while the relationship with you no longer does. Sadly Cancerians can be selfish when this happens and it can take them a long time to be honest and end something that should have been over a long time beforehand.

    I also feel that you're fast running out of steam with constantly feeding his ego, as you have been doing everything you can in order to win his heart back. If he no longer wants to be physical with you, or wants this very rarely, then I think you might have to consider cutting your losses and ending this yourself before you end up bled completely dry.

    He'll remain a friend to you, if that's what you want, but I can't see anymore with this pairing. I'm sorry if I've been too blunt here, but Ive been through similar recently and it's ME who is the Cancerian. Speaking from my own experience, we'll seek a way to vent our passion in as many areas as we can in order to escape from facing up to the truth of the relationship we're in as we dearly need to have someone in our lives, specially someone who is keen to stroke our fragile ego's and look after us. I finally came to see the futility of doing this and through being honest (at last) I am still friends with my ex.

    You really deserve better than what you're getting, but I think you know that. I'd sit him down and talk to him again, tell him where you're at, again, and ask him outright where he sees the relationship going . Once he's stopped squirming, you might get an honest answer from him, but don't hold your breath.

    Sadly, I think it is best for you to move on and leave him with his current "partner" - his job. He'll have to accept the fact that while you love him, you aren't prepared to be a doormat for him either.

    I feel for you, this would be like being in limbo. Please think about what your own heart wants and needs, then follow that. He isn't a bad person by any means, but for this stage of your lives, neither of you are good for the other anymore.

    Again, I'm sorry to be so blunt, but I don't want to wave false hope in your face as I feel you already knew the answer here. Sure, you can remain with him if you so choose, but you will always feel as if you come second, and that you're hanging around like a lost puppy looking for attention and/or the odd pat. Give yourself a chance at love my friend; you deserve it.

    I hope this has helped you and if my answer has upset you, I do apologise for that. Good luck, and btw, once you move on from this, your heart will heal in record time, believe it or not :))

  • Hi

    Men in general SHOW their LOVE by doing things, fixing that garbage disposal that has bugged u for weeks, the pothole in ur drive way ( cant have u whiplashed ), the closet door thats smacks u on the head, the stairs that gives in when u walk over it etc

    its not just cancers who does this, ALL men DO!

  • Uhm i forgot also to say men aint verbal in regards to issues problems n such. they think it through in their cave, come to a solution n do it. sometimes if so moved they divulge u init but mainely men are problem solver, SO if u want him to JUST listen u need to say i only need u to listen not solve it, just listen ok. BECAUSE we women solve the issues by talking. men simply dont. never has never will. WHEN they do its often to another guy.

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