How long to wait for soulmate?

  • I have been haveing an affair with a man for the last 2 years. Durring that time I have contacted many different psychics. Most of them have predicted that he is my soulmate and we are destined to be married and spend the rest of our life together. Timelines given have been anywhere from days to a couple months, but nothing has panned out. I am not a very patient person and I'm getting frustrated. Should I continue to put my life on hold waiting for him to leave his wife and be with me?

  • What do you feel when you are with him? What makes you think you are Soulmates?

  • Sorry!! There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of people on here. I had an experience when I was 24 and here I am....I just turned 40 and still no resolution. I PRAY that my situation is out of the ordinary and that you won't have to suffer as long as I have had to!! It is heart wrenching!!

    If you need to talk....I am here!!

  • That sucks as I've been apart from my twin soul for a month now and I'm in so much pain, and idk if he'll ever come back to me. It us torure. I just wonder if they feel it the sane- I don't think so because some people are better at protecting themselves by building " walls."

  • *is * torture *same

  • Thanks for lending an ear. Since you have had a soulmate experience, you know how hard it is to explain to someone else the connection the two of you have. It is deep and strong and like nothing you have ever experienced. I know my guy feels it too but I think the emotion is so strong that it scares him. We have tried to break it off many times but the pull is too strong and it never did last very long. Iam soo sick of sneaking around and living a lie. what choice do I have?

  • Flowy Air

    I feel you pain. It's so hard to try to explain it to someone else. This is not just a normal "breakup" pain. You are losing a part of yourself...your soul. It's kind of hard to function with a part of you missing. I think guys are not hardwired to feel such strong emotion and it scares them, so they run. They can run, but they can't hide! Hopefully they realize that they are missing a part of themselves and come back to claim it.

  • I wonder what psychics have to say about why this happens. Maybe they have some insite?

  • Well I was in a similiar position only I'm the married one and he us single. We felt all those things:

    from the moment I met him something stirred seep within

    he made an impression on my heart.. instantly I needed to know him.

    There was a magnetic pull. His eyes seemed to light up when he talked to me.. There was this positive energy that overwhelms me and emanates through my body when I see him. It as if it is so strong the first tine we talked there seemed to be a light coming from him. Just having a casual conversation changed my life and caused me to look within and face buried feelings....

    He said he felt all these things too. Including being hypnotized by looking in my eyes, time standing still when we seen each other for a few moments. My soul seemed content when in his arms..

    Well even w/ all those feelings for him it's still hard to divorce the person your with if their not a bad person. In my case I was not happy in my marriage before meeting him. I just supressed it and became complacent. Meeting him caused me to deal with it. I'll admit I really would/will get out my marriage once I've determined it is the right thing to do for myself. As for him he stopped seeing me with no warning and won't return my calls. This is after 4 months of talking 3 of which we seen each other too. He said he was going to be with me after the divorce.

    Idk now, I do know he didn't want to ruin another mans life and he didn't like see seeing me while married he was conflicted. He said it was hard being in love with someone he couldn't be with.

    So needless to say I'm extremely hurt and confused. He lives next door to me and his bedroom window overlooks mine. I don't know if even after the divorce he'll want to 've with me.

    However, one thing I read somewhere was if you do meet your true twin soul/ soul mate they will step a side for you if your married- they won't break a marriage up and if your truly meant to be together it will work out in the end....

  • I'm not saying Waterhorse that he shouldn't leave his marriage if he truly feels it is the right thing to do. As I believe that then his spouse will have a chance at meeting someone that is truly meant to be with he'd and truly lives her too. One thing is for sure him stopping all contact with me hurts unlike any pain of loss other than of the soul and believe me I am sorting through stuff in my marriage slit quicker now. It's like I have a fire under md now, but again not sure if he just decided we did wrong and we should just end things permanently if not...

  • Sorry for all the typos.... Seeing someone that is married I have learned causes slog of pain I personally wish I had been stronger and resisted meeting up with him as we both knew the powerful pull we were experiencing. I wish I had just told him I need to sort through my marriage first and decide if I'm working it out or leaving- then got the divorce if ghats the right decision. I think we'd be together right now.

    When you keep seeing someone who is married it makes it easier for them to take their time and stall as it is a very difficult thing to get out of a marriage even an unhappy one..

  • I never had the chance to even kiss my Soulmate but not because I didn't try!! My SM/Twinflame was so spooked by our connection that he always kept me at arms length. It is excruciating to feel that much love and passion for someone.....knowing you could both be in complete ecstacy in a matter of seconds.....but the other won't let it go there!!! You just ache in every Cell!!

    I have been hurting for 15 years. My Twinflame is in another State and there is no contact. I have tried numerous times but he keeps me shut out. I feel that he lets his mind control his feelings. I feel he tells himself that I am obsessed with him and it is somehow unhealthy. I guess he'd rather think that than admit to himself that I am "The One"......That we are "Destined" It is SO SAD and SO VERY PAINFUL!!! Yet I would forgive him in a nanosecond!!

    If my Twinflame was next couldn't keep me from him!!! I am also Married but I would not forsake my Soulmate out of obligation!! I know how hard it would be to hurt my Husband but you have to remember that your Husband has a Soulmate too somewhere!!

    Being in my shoes.....I would move heaven and hell to be with my Twinflame. I just wish he were at the same place in his heart. I feel betrayed by God in some ways. This is hellish!!

    Sometimes I have the notion to trust God/Life and know we will be together soon. But there have been so many missed opportunities and so much time has much pain and so much let down....I wonder if it's even possible to lift my head and believe anymore!!

  • My SM was not happy in his marriage before we met. I think the only reason he is staying is for his daughter. I think his wife has brainwashed him into thinking that he will never see his daughter if he leaves. I agree with your SM Flowy Air. It is hard to love someone that you can't be with. I think he withdrew because he wanted to protect himself from being hurt. I bet that once he knows your divorce is final he will be back to you in a heartbeat! Divorce is hard. I've been through it. i needed to be with my ex to learn the lessons that life had to teach me. Without it I would never have been able to appreciate my SM when I met him. If your neighbor truly is your SM then he will wait for you. His heart won't allow him to do anything else. I've tried dateing, but it hasn't worked out. The universe won't let it. I believe everything happens for a reason and that's what keeps me going everyday.

  • Hey Waterhorse12,

    I met my soul mate, but I think there is such a thing as abuse of the connection that we share. It is definitely like no other. We are almost 10 yrs apart and I am the older. Time has taught us both hard lessons but fear stands in our way. I KNOW he is my souls mate because in my 41 yrs, I have never had a connection as such with someone, anyone and I have been married twice.. It took me by surprise, because he is totally opposite of what I would consider my mate. We fought the connection so hard that I literally considered taking my life this past year. I just needed to stop the pain. It was ungodly. if you do not have your ans yet, I'd advise you to just step away for a minute instead of hanging around while you just inflict pain on each other for lack of acceptance. Thank God he gave me the strength. I too was told by three psychics that he is my souls mate, and one still insists. But alot of damage has been done, and I still feel the connection, but something has changed. Maybe it's that I am choosing to learn to love my cracked heart to health instead of causing it anymore damage . I know that I love him "WITH ALL OF MY HEART". maybe too we are not meant to be together in this lifetime. So I am choosing to journey alone, and trust me.I UNDERSTAND. It is no easy road to walk.Everyday I put one foot in front of the other. There is so much to my story, and some may say it does not sound like a soul mate experience,but he is my eye opener and my teacher and I his. Just maybe a soul mate is not always here to stay.

  • W.--

    This may sound hard. The answer is the question. Agree with the above response--some soul mates are there for the learning. We can have several soul mates in a lifetime. Putting your life "on hold" is misery. Love yourself and keep your eyes and heart wide open for another person that can share your life totally...

  • Archer

    Are you psychic? I know what you mean about haveing many soulmates. My best friend of 20 plus years was a soulmate. He passed away a year ago. I believe that my SM is not only a soulmate but a twin flame. I have tried dateing and even found a couple of guys that I thought I could be in a relationship with. But after a little while of getting to know them, they just fell off the face of the earth. I took it as a sign that spirit didn't want me involved with them. I pray every night for a sign of whether I should wait for my SM or move on. So far everything points to waiting.

  • I was just told by "The Captain" in another Thread that my Soulmate/Twinflame was not!!!! How depressing when someone Psychic tells you your connection was no big deal!! Of nice as he was to give me a reading....and I do appreciate the time he took....there is no way I believe we are not at least Soul Mates. There is NO WAY I have felt what I have felt....and held on to that for 15 years for no reason. Joe Blow cannot cause such an effect on ones life. And I'm not exactly a Young Soul who doesn't know any better!!!

  • you have a Twinflame? I mean.....have you met them? Just wondering if you've had the experience yet.......

  • Hi all,

    This thread piqued my interest as I have been wondering about the success rate of soulmate pairings myself. I'm at odds as to why they come together only to be ripped apart by circumstances or the choice of one or both parties, and then may not come together in this life again.

    I'm in a similar situation, although I recently left my marriage of 23 years. Not because of this other man either, but because it was the right and honest thing to do: I couldn't feel strongly about another person and stay with my husband, regardless of how much history we have between us. I also dreamed about this other man (who is younger by 16 years; just call me cougar!) for about 7 years, but it was only last year that I saw his face and made the connection as to who I'd been dreaming about. I met this fellow about three years ago and have always felt connected to him.

    But connection or no, if the other party isn't ready, there's no chance it seems. He has kept his distance and I have kept mine to a degree. I have only offered friendship at this stage, but he's even resisting that due to events that occurred last year. It's very hard, very frustrating and so difficult to move on from something that feels like unfinished business. In one sense, I know I should forget it, him and all the dreams I've had of him over 7-8 years and move on. But how does one do this? It's not like we ever professed undying love to each other or even became romantic. But the dreams persist and they are largely passionate without being sexual and do show a future together. Goodness, we even got married in one!! Is this symbolism of some sort of integration, or should it be taken on face value? There's a sticky question ... 🙂

    Its all very weird to me and I feel the frustration of each of you. I don't know if this fellow is my twin soul or twin flame either, but know he is a soulmate. And maybe he was only sent to get me to end something I wasn't happy in and had never really been. Who knows? As I said, I didn't leave for HIM or because of him, but I did leave because of what the dreams told me - that there was so much better for me out there.

    Ah, who really knows? Soulmates; I'm gettign very jaded by it in truth as all I hear about is them pairing up, splitting off and maybe never coming back together in this life. So why are we sent them in the first place? Could be we all need to open our heart chakras ... but even so, it doesn't make the experience any less frustrating :))

  • I have been wondering if the initial meeting is when you are close to being ready. Perhaps a catalyst to accelerate your growth and push you faster towards your united goal to come together within this lifetime.

    I am completely confused!! That is why I am on here searching for some kind of answer to ease my pain. I never had a Relationship with my Twinsoul either. We barely knew each other. But in that first moment our eyes connecting across a crowded room....I KNEW IMMEDIATELY who he was and I knew I LOVED HIM with all my heart. I never even got to share so much as a kiss with him and that just makes it even that much worse!!! Not to mention he was the most Beautiful Man I'd ever seen with an Angelic type quality to him. There were times I wondered if he was an Angel...then later on wondered if he was my downfall. Whomever he was...good or bad (I lean toward Awesome!!) I will love him forever!!!

    I feel as though I hold the Flame for us. That I am ready and he is not. Fear and doubt seem to be the issue ....OF COURSE!! For what else is there that keeps love from flourishing.

    He has to decide right now whether my love is my weakness or my strength. Whether I am crazy in love (with an emphasis on Crazy) or I am his Mate. He ran and I stood my ground. Reaching out to him every so often. Giving him the chance to turn around and see the truth of who I am. So far I feel he is stuck in his mind and paying no attention to his heart. If he really thinks about it....if he remembers all the strange feelings and coincidences between us....he has to come to the conclusion that I'm someone pretty important. Hope that is sooner rather than later for both our sakes.

    BTW....I WISH I could dream of him!! I have had 2 Dreams of him in 15 years!!! I am out Cold Turkey!!! It seems so unfair!! : (

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