~Birthday?~ Any/All Please...

  • My mamas birthday is coming up and I am just wondering, as I have for many years, what is she

    "all about"? Seems the more I think I understand the less I actually do! I know she had a really hard young life I guess I'd just like to know what might be going on in her mind. We haven't always had the best of relationships but I do love and respect her very much.

    Any insight,wisdom,knowledge is greatly appreciated. Her bd: February 19, 1925.

    Thanks! Yall are the best! 🙂

  • According to her astrological profile, Ragbag, your mother has a tendency to take her circumstances too personally and to believe she is a victim of random fate without taking any responsibility for how she might have herself brought to these situations. She needs to see conflict for the lesson it is. She has a fear of being attacked from behind or taken unawares. She is generally touchy and her feelings are easily hurt. Despite this however, she has a feisty and even aggressive streak that can help her cope with her often difficult life journey. She tends to inwardly hold onto one set of rigid principles or beliefs while outwardly appearing to go with the flow. She is a dreamer who finds reality too harsh and often seeks comfort in retreating into fantasy.

    She is haunted by a fear of rejection and cares too much what people think which can make her do what she thinks other expect of her. Her life purpose is to learn how to face any challenge or problem without backing down but as she dislikes conflict she may often side-step it rather than deal with it. This pattern was established in her early life. She does the same with relationships - evading responsibility is her way of avoiding conflict. But since she never tests her values in conflict, she will not discover what it is she truly believes. What she really wants in life is to receive love.

  • ragbag ---- my e-mail : send me an e-mail with ur name in subject line. I type slowly but for u ..... i will send something by tuesday. Do not put ur e-mail here .... as I have done, lol ppl know this is for u only. BTW, that was my ex m-i-l she was/is hard to understand also.

  • Thanks Captain and Laie! She truly is a piece of work! Captain, you nailed her,nailed her, nailed her!

    I know she is a cusp, my dad was a pisces March 7,1924; little sis: pisces March 12,1965 and

    ta-dah me leo the lionhead in the midst! Can we say dysfunctional???

    Well it wasn't the Osbornes but it was a trip.

    Laie, I am gonna try to send the email. Mine is gmail. Will I be able to write you? (Sure hope so)

    I am so computer challenged you would not believe! No on second thought, I feel you get where I'm coming from!

    Thank you Terrific Twosome!!!! 🙂

  • Ragbag, I have a sister and a mother who are PIsces - would you believe they have a pact not to tell each other if they have any bad news? I can't imagine not wanting to know.

  • Denial is not just a river in Egypt. 🙂

  • Hi Captain my birthday aug 19-1951 was wondering what you see four me in the comeing months delbertc

  • Captain....(she throws back her head and laughs)!!

    I have been "reading". You know that 'LOST' art!!!

    Anyway, Thanks so much and

    Here We Go Yet Again! :-))

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