Will I get married to this man or even a relationship??

  • My mum got told in her dreams by my deceased Nan that I will marry my friend Chris who I love very much.Just want 2 know if it is true??

    Myself: 15/05/1974 9.50am Liverpool Australia.Currently living in Macquarie Fields

    Chris: 25/01/1974 Lives in Leumeah Australia

    I've provided pics if it helps more.Chris won't mind he likes being looked at.lol

  • hi tauras 74 gosh he is a nice looking young man, he appears to be easy going also, i feel that he is just friends with you at this stage, i dont see a wedding, you seemed reserved in the photo of yourself, not sure is what i get from you as of course you arnt, you would really know the answer to that, hes certainly good looking and seems like he loves life and having fun, i hope that someone can come along and assist you with this and i really do wish for you what you wishes for yourself. goodluck with the reading.hope it pans out for the best

  • We are friends. : )

    He's a sweetie.

  • Hi

    I laid the cards for you and really feel that this is not the man you will marry. I think you will be great friends. You will meet someone else, within 2 years I feel. Don't push it or search for it too frantically. It will come of its own accord. allow it to happen. get on with your life and your friends. Enjoy your life, accentuate the positive and it will happen.


  • Dreams are a great way into knowledge, but remember what we see or hear in our dreams usually means somthig differnt then what it looks or sounds like. look into dream meanings, It could be that he will be in' your wedding , maybye a best man' , OR it could mean you maybe in his . OR it could also mean a few other things. Were are you at emotionally with this man ? Are you in love with him? Do you know if he cares more about you than just friends. I also see the friendship, nothing romantic . Have you two ever shared a romantic kiss or embrace ? I would go with the feeling that you will find love very soon, I dont see him as your mate . I am very new to this, and am only speaking from what feelings I am getting from the pictures & the dates. Please get as much help with this as you can from experts . Good Luck . ~~

  • I'm under a new name.

    He does have feelings 4 me but his friends don't accept me.

    He says loving things then pulls back.

    Well I'm not going to argue with Nan as she was a Leo and a very determined 1.lol

    He's in a job which she would approve of so yeah not going to doubt Nan yet but thanks.lol

    I've also been told by my guide I'll see him in March but won't tell me how or why or anything.

    Thanks anyway

    I do welcome anyone else's input.

    Also I put this in the wrong category at the time.lol

  • Btw am going 2 see an expert soon but money is tight as it is with everyone these days.

  • I remember the reading I did for you and him

    can't say whether you will marry him or not, whether you will be happy or not in the marriage

    but I'll just wish you the best

    If not mistaken you know him for a long time, am I right? 10 yrs or something

  • I knew him in High School and saw him again last Feb/March.

    When we talk he says so many loving things to me then pulls back where I don't hear from him in a while. : (

  • OK. I think I remember your story with him now.

    Happy valentine day by the way.

  • We had a fight today now I'm feel bummed.

    Valentine's Day is always a sad day 4 me but this year worse cause I'm 36 this year and keep being told I'm having to wait to fall in love.I'm pushing 40 and it's worrying me like hell that I'll be single forever.

  • Do yu really think that he is ur soul mate? Or is it that you just want to claim him, you guys look so different for each other. Does say that your his soul mate. Do you guys ever go out to dinner or go to the park etc..... Think about it. Is he saying yournhis girl or lady?

  • No he doesn't but does he have to?

    I think ppl need to realise I do have feelings.

  • Ms Neece1974 I was not trying to hurt your feelings. But this is how relationships can grow or get stronger. I really was not trying to hurt you. But these are things that you can think about. Don't always wait for the guy to ask you out. It does not hurt to ask. Not trying to hurt your feelings.

  • By the way does he knoiw how you feel about him?

  • Yes he does.I've told him.

    He has friends who interfere when they should live their own lives.

    It hurts cause I'm an empath and feel his energy all the time which hurts worse.

    If his friends butted out,we'd be together.

  • Love conqures all. Why are his grown friends in you guys business? Do you thing he goes to them for advice or for their opinion? You that's what some guys do sometimes when their not sure of themselves. Do you think this is happing? When was the last time you have seen him?

  • Last year March.He's in the Navy so he's away a lot but his friends don't like me cause I'm different and I don't want to sniff ppl's butt 2 be popular or feel wanted.

    We speak on the phone and on the internet.

    He also has kids which I've told him I don't mind.

    I'm a confident person and his friends resent that.They'd prefer I'd be a Barbie doll not a woman with a mind and a personality.

    He likes me but he's very loyal to his friends.

  • So are you saying that he's choosing his friends over a very special person as yourself. When is he coming home from the Navy? Is it going to be soon? Maybe he feels this way because he is not able to be there or be home. Did he come home for the holidays?

  • neece i feel that if he really was in love with you he would not care what his freinds said or did and he would put them in their place, i feel this sadness in you because of this and would not like to see you hanging on and get really hurt, he appears to be a very nice and fun guy and i can see how nice looking he is and how that can effect you into loveing him as you have fallen in love with him, for your sake i really hope that your nan is right, and i can feel the happiness that you would be feeling to have him as your husband, but i did not see a marraige their just really close freinds,i see you as a human being also with feelings and emotions and i would never want to upset you either with my honest comments, i would rather be honest with you than tell you what you would rather hear, i really do wish for you that you get the answer that you would like and the only way to do that is talk with him about it, face it and go from their, love and best wishes for you, and you are a really caring devoted loving lady, you desrve the best, and you will get the best, dont give up hope or trying if this isnt the one keep searching and you will find the right one god bless you, darlin, dott. xx

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