Can someone communicate with people who passed on?

  • can someone communicate with people who passed on because I was wondering if my grandma comes around me I constantly feel her presence,and I smell a perfume like roses and noone will be there but myself,She has came to me many times in my dreams as well as my grandpa,Does he come around me also?My youngest daughter will tell me "mommy great grandma is sitting in the chair,or she will tell me great grandma is here" , My youngest daughter had never had the chance to meet her when she was alive,my grandma had passed 10 years ago and my youngest is only 4 but for some reason she will talk about her alot,it does make me happy because I love my grandparents alot.also when my daughter was born she looked alot like my grandma and I always felt she was around my daughter when she was born.

  • trust your little ones visions they are real

  • Trueaquarius, " Trust the unseen for life itself is unseen"

    there is alot more going on than what one can see ,your senses and childrens senses are real!!!!

    I hav worked with the dying fir many years, and hav learned that life continues on and that there are other dimensions that Coexist with ours

    best to you....

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