Obama dream

  • Hello all,

    I recently had an Obama dream. I was at the Whitehouse with the Obama children, watching them I presume. President Obama was very pleased with me and in appreciation gave me a box of beautiful shoes. He asked if my parents were still alive and wanted to know their feelings of him being President of the U.S. I told him that my Mom was still living but my Dad had passed 20 years ago and that he would not like the idea of him being our president. He seemed very sad and said I should leave now and thanked me. I left in a hovercraft type vehicle. There was no roof on the Whitehouse and I could see the stars in the night sky.

    Can anyone make sense of this? LOL

  • lol that is awesome!!!!!!!!!! love it

    sounds like you deserve some recognition for jobs well done?

    Obama and the hovercraft, did hear his "we can not fear the future" speech before you dreamed this?

  • Wow, very intersting dream. The house it reprsents your financial condition- the fact that it has no roof shows that your Desires are bigger than your means. i suggest u play down on your ambitions or you may end up without a roof. kids mean small problems..

    no doubt this is a warning dream and i would pay attention to it, if i were you

  • It is now making sense to me, I was carrying the financial load for the family at the time. My husband just got a full time job within the past few days. He had been unemployed since September. My son was working but was laid off before the holidays. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

  • In reply to hearing the Obama speech, no I did not hear it before having this dream. As being recognized for a job well done, I was working six days a week at my job and still am. Thank you very much for your reply.

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