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    I've been working with tarot and astrology since 1972, mainly with the Thoth deck. I look forward to contributing, and especially helping beginners find their way into the tarot. I read primarily with the Celtic Cross spread, as well as a number of spreads of my own design. Most recently I've been developing a predictive timing spread that doesn't rely on suits or elements. I also read Lenormand and specialize in the Grand Tableau. I just returned to professional tarot reading after many years away, and read face-to-face only.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of creating my first deck of tarot "Celebrity Tarot". I'm an artist who dabbles in tarot and astrology. Some have loved my deck and some have said it's awful and they hate it because Beyonce is satanic and shouldn't be on the empress card, that it isn't for traditionalists. Mind you, really I am an artist, so the celebrities I choose for each card are based on my own personal perceptions of the individual. I'm surprised that I have received such harsh criticism from the tarot community. If anyone could give me some insight on what would make my deck more palatable, I would greatly appreciate the feedback. I have only 12 days left and I'm nowhere close to my goal. I will probably need to redo the Kickstarter unless a miricle happens, but I's my dream to create my own decks that are basically 78 tiny pieces of art in a series. A very large undertaking.

    I'M still creating images, but you can see what I have so far by visiting the Kickstarter link:

    Thank you all for your help,

    Celebrity Tarot on Kickstarter

  • Hi I am Hekate's Xing ( Crossing) The Name came to me in a dream ... I originally used Vesta's Circle but after some transformations It did not seem right.... HeKate's Xing speaks about Crossroads .. in which direction do you ,move.. I created many Digital Art Pieces from photos to art... and have created 3 Tarot Decks and many oracle decks (all on my Blog) .... I love working with Tarot and Oracle Divination Tools for over 20 years ... For some time I worked full time doing readings with a variety of Healing modalities... I have heaps of fav decks .. I do love working with my own Deck Vesta's Art Tarot Deck .. I do love Tarot of Spirit ... I love working with The Orphalese Software also for email readings etc... with over 130 decks it saves me lugging 130 decks with me ...

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