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  • Hey everyone, I'm Adam. I've been doing readings since 2009. Learning all I can to help as many as I can. Very thankful for this forum.

  • Hello all, my name is Michelle & I just joined after the suggestion of my Mom (ragbag) I've always been interested in astrology, tarot & numerology. I've never had a tarot reading before, but hope to soon.

    Blessed Be!

  • Hello everyone, my names Ros I bought my first tarot deck (Cosmic Tarot) over a year ago, I have only ever used It mainly for spiritual insight for myself, the cards that always appear alot in my spreads when relating to me are The Queen of Swords and The High Priestess, I was going to use the "QueenOfSwords" as my forum name but someone already had it so choose "QueenoOKatana" for my love of japenese swords and I used to practice Kendo, I now want to move on to some other decks and learn how to read for other people, as I find readng for other people quite hard at the moment and I'm hoping to gain a new understanding of the tarot from other users on this site.

    P.s while trying to navigate my way through ths site for where to post forgive me for posting ealier in the wrong place and not sure how to delete my ealier post, I was always bad at directions someone give me a sat nav lol =p

    Namaste x

  • Hello! I would like to be called Anastasia. I bought my first tarot deck today (the beautiful, sparkling Botticelli deck) and am oh so excited to begin the journey! I wanted to connect with others, and record my growth and understanding. I hope to meet others who are also somewhere along this path, either at the beginning like me, who can share in the experience, or others who have walked farther ahead, and are willing to look back and provide insight and direction. Thanks, and looking forward to beginning!


  • Hi all,

    I'm Margaruite from Christchurch NZ.

    My mum who passed same time as Boxing day Tsunami in S.E.A was a highly regarded reader, and a teacher for many, many years.

    I miss her.

  • hey there! I am pretty experienced with playing card cartomancy but am looking to learn more about tarot. hopefully I can get a lot of that done here! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Greetings from Germany,

    My name is Mara, and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to my recent Tarot project ( ), Trilateral Tarot, a deck and book set created to highlight the Universal Laws or Truths I believe are inherent in the Major Arcana. This rendition offers what I believe is a unique approach to traditional depictions and interpretations. Each of the twenty-two hand-crafted cards in the deck and book set:

    • Portrays a familiar yet unique symbolic representation of the conventional Trumps.

    • Mirrors a Universal Truth or Law associated with each card.

    --Offers a positive affirmation related to the meaning of each card.

    • Parallels three psycho-metaphysical interpretations based on the specific card drawn and its direction in the Tarot spread.

    The idea for these triangular-shaped Trump cards emerged in stages. They evolved from thoughts about the traditional Tarot images and the meanings, names and numbers generally assigned to them. It began as a reflection on my first encounter with the Tarot over twenty-five years ago when I revisited the feelings of esoteric excitement and euphoric recognition that the pictorial images had elicited. Suddenly I understood. The archetypal imagery had touched a part of me which had lain dormant for many years. It had reached out to my Soul and encouraged me to remember my connection with the Source. Through a conscious union with my Spirit, I had found my way home, the path to my Self.

    It was at this point that I knew my cards would have to take on a non-traditional shape to address the multifaceted personality. They would be triangular with each side addressing a different level of the mind: the conscious, unconscious and meta-conscious. The interpretations would be based on a metaphysical, psychological approach highlighting aspects of the Soul's journey back to the "home" I had glimpsed through the Tarot so many years before.

    When I began to consider the numerological significance of each numbered Trump and its relationship to the names and meanings of the cards, patterns of triangles began to emerge, forming different possible conscious, unconscious and meta-conscious paths to enlightenment. I think it was then that the number six, the Lovers card, literally jumped from my hands. I realized that when all twenty-one numbers of the Major Arcana are added together and reduced, the result is the number six, the card of Wholeness, the card of Unity, the key to spiritual enlightenment. And just as spontaneously, the cards began to associate themselves with various Universal Laws or Truths. It was more of a happening than a concerted effort to orchestrate a connection, and before long, I had been given corresponding Universal Truths for each of the Major Arcana.

    The shape of these Major Arcana cards lends itself to multiple interpretations of the same theme. With cards shaped as equilateral triangles, we are immediately alerted to the particular level of significance indicated by the position of the image that is drawn and placed before us. For example, in the upright position, the symbolism of the card relays an interpretation of the Universal Truth associated with that specific Trump. Ideally, this upright position communicates with our meta-conscious mind, the part of us that remains forever connected to our eternal Spirit. When the Tarot card points to the right, the card speaks of issues related to the conscious level of the mind. Pointing to the left, the same Tarot image addresses concerns of the unconscious mind.

    Just as the idea materialized in stages, the actual cards developed piece by piece from scraps of fabric constructed in a collage-type fashion. The related interpretations arose from the images as well as the Universal Truths reflected in the individual cards. Finally, corresponding affirmations and the design for the back of the cards presented themselves, and Trilateral Tarot: Universal Truths Consciousness was born.

    Thanks for reading about my project. I'm looking forward to feedback from those of you who are interested.

    With gratitude,


  • Hi, I'm Ricardo and been reading tarot for more than 15 years now. I registered on this forum for I'd like some more opinions about a reading I did a few days ago for someone in severe distress. Usually I trust my intuition but on this particular question and given its seriousness and implications I'd rather hear what others have to say.

  • Hi, I'm new to the site - sad to say I don't do anything by way of readings for others with Tarots - just for myself via this site - throw a question or two out there for clarity's sake, read my horoscopes. I wouldn't mind though...having my own Dragon deck some day.

  • Hi friends, I love this site since a few years. My name is Rosa de Benito and I'm from Spain, I know spanish and english and I like to practice muy english to improve, I also like very much all relative to tarot and astrology. Normally I visit this site because I understand spanish better, but many times I visit to learn english at the same time

  • Hi!

    Iยดm Molly, new to the forum ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello Everyone i am zeeshan.. I hope all of you are good

  • Introducing myself. I am LovelyPisces. March 8th Pisces. I do readings of all sorts with my different decks of Tarot cards and also do Fortune card readings. I love Iching and am in the process of learning it. I do a lot of yes or no readings.

    I also like to have others do readings for myself as I am a bit confused when it comes to doing serious readings for myself.

    Ive been a part of this site before. Well and just now started having an account with the forum. I hope you will allow me to do some readings for you to gain experience.

    See you around!!!

    LovelyPisces โค

  • Hi LovelyPisces

    Welcome! Love your poster there.... pisces are a great water sign. Very intuitive so you must really flow a lot with you intuitions about life, I think that is so cool.

  • Dear all,

    this is Bi Bear here. A Pisces...born on 5th Mar. I've know for many years but lost touch few years back. Have done tarot reading before and find it accurate ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope to talk to you all soon!

  • Hi.

    I am sgal83.

    I come from the country of Singapore.

    Nice to meet you all.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi there, I just wanted to stop in and say hello! I'm looking forward to connecting with other tarot readers and I would love to be able to help the other members with their tarot questions. I am also looking for practice doing readings for other people so that I can gain further experience.

  • Hello all!

    My name is Maggie and I am fascinated with tarot, astrology, numerology and so on. I have tried doing readings myself but I am mostly looking for tips from more advanced and experienced users of this forum.

  • Hello,

    I am new here from India.

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