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  • Hi everyone, and welcome! You'll find to be a wonderful site with a wonderful forum, too!

    I'm Ahliyah, and I'm a veteran reader with a practice. I do up to about thirty readings a day. If anyone would like a hand understanding a spread, I'm glad to help. I do believe in reading for yourself, and an effective little trick I use sometimes is to read with complete objectivity. In essence, what would I tell a client or friend that received this reading?

    Keep studying, those of you who are new to it, play with your cards as often as you can, and read read read!

    Many blessings,


  • Hello all, I have found the tarot to be a good life tool. I've been doing it for 30 years. It is a great guide. I use the Crowley deck as it is the most beautiful and has all the info you want as to signs for astrology interpretation as well. I've recently, for 5 years, been studying the Chinese 4 Pillars astrology, it is excellent. It complements western astrology. The best adviser is the I Ching. It has proven to be very accurate. This type of esoteric knowledge is valuable in business and in life situations. I use the Crowley spread or the Celtic Cross. These methods do not tell the future. They access the archtypes in the subconcious where most of our actions come from, and where we can not use normal defense mechanism to hide the truth.

  • Whew, after reading everyone (post) my heart jumps! HAHA U don't have to be an expert to understand it. There's a difference between a mind & FAITH. "if you lose yourself, your courage will soon follow, so be strong tonight, remember who you are" performed by B.Adams motion-picture soundtrack. the Cards are laid-out, you decides how to play it when the answers been given to you. You can either ignore it or takes action. It's no right or wrong/give or take so forth.

    Tarot cards given the paths to choose from, you can walk the path given or do nothing. I'm going to tell my family about this site:) goodnight

  • hello, My name is spe13 and my favorite deck is the guilded tarot, I'm hoping to learn more about the tarot for myself and others, learning about the tarot has been intriguing and fun, hope to learn even more.

  • Hello to all. I have been reading Tarot since 1983. I started with the Rider/Waite deck, but have recently (last 6 months or so) switched to the Gilded Deck. I just seem to have a closer affinity with it. I also read chakras (not as well, I am still very much a beginning with those) and use I Ching.

    I have also just begun to teach my daughter to read Tarot. I am starting her on the Rider deck, but depending on how things progress, she may move to any of the decks I have (Gilded, Dragon, Thoth, Secret Tarot, Art of Tarot, etc).

    I find Tarot to be a good compliment to other areas of my life, not as a replacement of any other area. I do not use Tarot to make my decisions, but to open my eyes to possibilities. This, of course, is just my usage.

    Peace to all.

  • Hi all

    I started Tarot about 3 years ago but never took it very seriously - Astrology (birth charts and personality) and Numerology were more interesting to me, and the cards never seemed to make much sense. However, on a trip to South Africa I visited a Tarot Reader and was stunned at the accuracy of what she told me about myself (the future she predicted didn't, or has not yet, come true!). Since then I started using tarot a bit more but rather than predicting the future it was more seeking guidance for me.

    However, very recently I had my heart broken and for some reason the cards have stopped talking to me - either because my emotional frame of mind has been messed up or they are not saying what I want them to say and I'm not listening. When browsing the forum (something I have done for the first time on this site) I came across a forum topic of a user asking for a reading and I thought "why not", so that's why I joined

    The cards I use are the Russian Tarot of St Petersburg, and I most frequently do Celtic Cross or Yes/No reading (where you turn over the cards until the third ace and upright = yes, reversed = no)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello my name is Elle. I have been a solitary Wiccan for about 10 years. I have been exploring tarot over the last month but still find it very difficult to interpret the cards but I do tend to get quite accurate result with pendulum dowsing.I am glad that I found this forum!!

    Greetings to all!!

  • I was first introduced to the Tarot by a friend in my drama class back in 1968 and have been a student ever since. I have Cherokee/ Celtic roots which give my readings a particular flavor that many find helpful and uplifting. Now that I have grown into my faith as a Christian Universalist, the Tarot has taken on a heightened meaning for me. The card I relate to most is the High Priestess. For me, reading the Tarot is like "dreaming while awake." It is a constant source of reinforcement and magnification of all things spiritual. It is an avenue of soul discovery unlike any other. My passion for the wisdom of Tarot is matched only by my passion for living and loving. Blessings to all, Meadowbliss.

  • Hi All

    my name is Sharon but I go by Birdie in here. I am hours new to Tarot and just gave myself a deck for my birthday yesterday! So far I have a few cards I like but I think the Ace of Wands seem to touch me most.

    I am looking forward to learning what I can about Tarot and exploring their meaning to my life. I try to live a life of learning and finding wisdom.

  • Hi. My name is Michelle and I am an artist. I first became involved with the tarot 30 years ago when my mom and I took a class in tarot reading. I found it to be fascinating, inspirational and lots of fun. Over the years I've been collecting various decks (15 so far) and I have several favorites for different reasons. The "Manara" deck is beautifully illustrated containing erotic imagery with a modern twist as well as the "Tarot Erotica". Being a big medieval fan, I love the "Legend of the Authurian Tarot" which entwines the fantastic King Arthur stories in its visual interpretation.

    My favorite deck is Aleister Crowley's due to his devotion and intense philosophy to represent, in pictorial form, the doctrines of the Qubalah. "The Book of Thoth" is incredibly profound and I continue to find new meaning through it every time I read it. His book gave me the inspiration to create my own deck based on ancient Assyrian/Sumerian religious mythology. I use angels as messengers illustrating the essential meaning through each card. My favorite is the "Star" card and I am currently painting a 4' x 6' interpretation using the image of Lilith using several themes associated with this fascinating character. Through ancient religious iconography, I aspire to "speak" to everyone with thoughtful, inspirational messages throughout my deck.

  • This is my "Star" card in progress...

  • How wonderful, Michelle! Will you be exhibiting your work?

  • Absolutely...once I finish the major Arcana. Most art shows require at least 20 submissions to be considered for an entry into an exhibition. I have a system for the development of each card. First, I illustrate an 18' x 24" design in graphite to layout each design. This size is 25% of the finished painting, which speeds up the execution of the final piece. Then I photocopy the illustration and enlarge it 400% to be used as a template, cutting it up in quarter sections. On the back of the photocopies, I use conte crayon to color the entire page and tape each one onto the canvas. Then I trace over the design and it transfers my image in perfect detail without any smudging (conte crayon is oil based and durable), just like a carbon copy. The angel is still unpainted in conte crayon on the above piece because she is in the foreground (I work from the background to the foreground.) In any case, I will have the full collection illustrated before I finish the paintings. I also plan to reduce them into standard size tarot cards. And yes, this is my lifelong body of work! Thanks for asking.

  • Hello All!

    Sarah here. I have recently been practicing with Tarot (RW) and of course, sometimes interpretations come and sometimes I just can't get the information. I still refer to the Tarot Bible and I would love to be able to interpret the messages without having to refer to written text. I also posted on the psychic forum as well so I welcome all information regarding "the other side" and the messages that come and how to use them to help others.

  • Hello Michelle.

    I am so awestruck by your gift of art! I would love to see them when they are all complete. I pray for the same kind of inspiration to something as beautiful as this. Thank you for sharing.


  • Hello all. 🙂

    I'm Falcon, and I've been working with the tarot for about ten years now. I sometimes do readings for money (need something to help pay the rent in these days) but I much prefer keeping to myself or giving them out for free. I love working with the card, and my first-- and only deck I actually use on a regular basis-- is the Celtic Dragon Tarot from DJ Conway (even though I don't much like her). I also use an Arthurian tarot for my personal self-readings.

    I'm also in the process of creating a set of tarot cards, based on the Goetic Demons, Sumerian mythology and elements from Theistic Satanism. 🙂 I wanted a simple, straightforward deck, something that a person could use without having to try and memorize hundreds of possible meanings... and something a bit different from the angel things out there. ;D A tarot deck for some of us darker folk, if you will. So far, it's just an outline, but everything in its due course.

    Michelle, I'm happy to hear someone's working with Sumerian things, too. Your work is beautiful and I hope you have very good luck with it!


  • Hi i'm reba i have had readings alot and all have come with the card of death at first i freaked but then with a friends gentle reassurance that it could mean change i calm down. Later i found that it was not change but infact a waring to the losses i would suffer through a 4 year span. despite my friends reassurances i stayed on my guard and was blessed with 2 yrs i might not have had with my mother.

  • Hi my name is dawn . an di have all ways been fasnatated by the tarot cards well my best friend , who has her own got my very 1st deck which is the zener/farber set..

    i would love to know more about tarot cards ..

  • Hey guys my name's Sarah. I began reading cards 7 or 8 years ago, which isn't all that long since I'm 19 currently. I didn't really take them seriously at first, but after awhile I began to realize that, despite my immense lack of experience, a lot of it was scarily accurate. I freaked out when some of it hit way too close to home, realized I was playing with something that should be taken seriously, and stored them in my room for a few years without touching them. I've only ever owned one deck of cards - Tarot of a Moon Garden - which I love and feeling extremely attached to now. I very very rarely do readings for other people now (and even then I'm reluctant to), and instead have chosen to to do readings for myself when I feel like I'm not sure where I am in life. It's proven a helpful guide so far.

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