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  • Hello Everyone!..

    My name is Kc, I'm really intrested in learning how to do tarot reading. I have no idea where to start but can't wait to research I'm sure this site will help me. I'm really excited my family is very supportive and I hope in time I get better at it.

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Bobbi, I've been a member of for quite a few years now. I used to have Tarot card readings done years ago, but had stopped. I'm glad I found this forum, Interesting place to be.

  • I am unable to read the replies to my forum subject?

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  • I actually started studying Tarot so I could do my own reading and also as a form of meditation. I am no expert at all but I have read references to doing readings for oneself many times but never a mention of caution conveyed.

  • Hi Everyone. I am very new to Tarot but so far it is fascinating. I am still studying but the Empress card keeps showing up for me. I'm glad to have found this site, no one in my current circle of family and friends is interested in Tarot. Namaste

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  • I've done Tarot for a few years - but very sparingly. It seems when I've done it in the past, it's guided me to good answers. But being very rusty skill wise, I'm trying to touch base with experts to guide me with some serious issues that have popped up.

  • hello I'm Moonrai I have started studying tarot cards at the aage of 22 I am 32.. Ever since I have been a child I started getting premonitions and was deeply interested in death and the supernatural. not until I was in my first real relationship did i think about tarot cards/readings..this is when i got my first reading and then it began lol... once i parted with my then boyfriend now the father of my first son I began to study tarot...

  • Btw the card that seem to always show up in my readings are Queen of cups, Star and strength........ 3 of cups as well

  • Hi guys! I've used tarot cards on and off for the past years but I haven't studied them intently. So my skills are really basic at best. I've been experiencing some personal issues these past months, and I hope the cards can provide me guidance on my next actions.

  • Hi Im new was wondering if somene could have a look at my thread and tell me what they think ??

  • My name is Erica I started learning about Tarot when I was 18 (currently 24) I guess its always been a fascination of mine especially when I was younger and my parents would go to people and have readings done its just always been a part of me and my aunt was the first person to help me learn about it because she did Tarot . My favorite deck would have to be the Renaissance deck Ive always felt very connected to that time period and is also my favorite era , as for what i hope to get out of this is more knowledge about Tarot and possibly even help from someone who is very experienced in the art that wouldn't mind taking the time to do a reading for me and answer a couple of questions that's deeply impaction my marriage , I would do it but I don't feel as though ave the right amount of experience and for some reason it dont come out as right when I do it for myself as when I'm doing it for others. I look forward to talking and meeting everyone.

  • Hi, My name is Jen and I'm very new to Tarot. I've actually never had a reading done in person, I've had one sort of over Skype. I've just bought my first Tarot deck... so we'll see what happens. I'm glad I found this forum. 🙂

  • Hi all! I've been reading with the Thoth deck since 1972 and am also an astrologer and geomancer. I'm exploring a few of the newer decks now but don't think any of them will replace Thoth. Presently I'm using the Haindl Tarot for daily draws and the Shining Tribe for my "spirit meditation" draw. Soon I will be getting the Well-Worn Path (pagan oracle deck), the Deviant Moon Tarot and probably the Tao Tarot since I also work with the I Ching. My "tarot mantra" is: "No vampires (or vampyres), no animals, no faeries," but the Tarot of the Sidhe sure looks tempting.

  • Hi my name is izzy. My family is very well oriented in the spiritual aspect of our religion. I have gifts of seeing and hearing things but no clue as to how to read cardss or have any insight about my own future

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm TD and I came to this by way of personal experience. I had a reading for fun that was fraught with warnings of future danger. I wrote everything down because at the time I was clueless. As time passed these significant events came to be. I became a believer. I have been studying for a while but only feel comfortable drawing cards for myself. I am using Legacy of the Divine. It's a beautiful deck and has been very helpful.

  • Hello everyone,

    I am very very new to all of this, but very interested. The only time I had a reading was over 50 years ago and while some of it was very general that could have applied to anyone, there were some particulars that stood out and have actually happened through the years. I am hoping that I will perhaps begin to get some guidance as to what my future has to hold for me, happiness, finances, along with my family members. I would love a reading and guidance as to how to handle any issues I may be facing.

  • Hi! I'm a Palmist and Tarot reader - I read for a gift shop part time. I'm very fond of discussions about divination and Tarot in particular. I've read palms for about 50 years and tarot for 15 or so and there is still a lot to learn.

  • To Alhana - Many of us who use Tarot cards prefer to have someone else read for us when it's a very important reading. Since I read for a store - there are other readers that I can turn to and we trade readings quite often. It's a sad fact that people with a psychic gift sometimes cannot read for themselves when it comes to something really important to them. Personally, I never see the big things coming and I read for myself all the time. I see the little things but a disaster in the making .....nothing. So - I depend on others for the big events.

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