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  • Hi all! My name is Rachel. I recently picked up tarot after a reader in New Orleans told me he sensed I had the "something" that make me a good reader and healer. I'm still very new to tarot and anxious to learn.. I'm in the process of getting a new deck since the one I have does not speak to me (I was told to get the Starter Deck that has meaning written on them, but I feel it inhibits me from my own freethinking interpretations).

    Any suggestions would be welcome!

  • I would also like to add that I have been interested in tarot since my early teens but was not allowed due to my parents religious beliefs at the time... forgot about it for a while after until my recent unnerving (in a good way!) experience in new orleans

  • Hi I'm princess I was born 1/17/1971 at 9:48 am so that makes me 40 I don't feel 40 I feel like I'm 22. I think maybe it's because that's how old I was when I had my daughter she just turned 18! It's weird I have had tarot readings done and read them then reread them later on and to see how things turned out it just blows my mind how everything turns out. You wouldn't think that it could be true but yeah. I'm in a relationship going on 2 years but I've known him 6 years prior. I use readings on how to approach this relationship cause we were friennds before we became intimate it's helped me a lot.

  • Hello, D here, I grew up in a house with the Aquarian Tarot posters framed on the walls...this was like 30-35 years ago. My mother stopped reading cards before I got older, but I was brought up in an open home, accepting of all the things we can't necessarily see. I have picked up tarot several times over the years, but I'm actually very serious about learning more about it now...and so, here I am, in one place that my research has taken me. Namaste!

  • Hello, my name is Mariah, but that's silly, you don't have to remember that-- you can just keep to my handle as Queen-of-Swords; it's much easier to remember.

    I've always had my head in the Tarot, Astrology, palmistry, numerology, fortune sticks and just about anything else one may use to divine their future. Most of it didn't stick, and, after a fashion, seemed a little silly, but I always came back to the Tarot-- I have to be honest with you all here; I can't say that I believe that there is some cosmic force out there guiding my cards to be correct, but rather, something we all pull from within. There's such a great story told within the reading of the Tarot; I am an enthusiast of the symbolism of each card, and it's very handy to boost your creativity and a good way to reflect on ones self and others. It's a personal and bonding experience for users, as we all well know.

    To sum all that up, I'm very interested in the reading aspect of the Tarot and I think it's a wonderful experience!

    I would very much like to get better acquainted with the characters of the Tarot and how to apply that to a reading!

  • Hello, I am Moning ... I have been doing the tarot for 19 years but off and on ... I thought I'd join the forum so that I can both learn and contribute my own two bits worth.

  • I'm Sarah and I'm 30. I'm relatively new to Tarot, although have always been interested in it. Am trying to learn, in between looking after my 3 children who are all under 5.

  • Hi, my name is Tonya and I am new to this site. I guess that's obvious. lol. I am getting more into doing my own tarot readings and this site definitely peaks my interest. Thanks for having something like this for us to be able to explore!

  • Howdy All,

    I'm more of a scholar than a mystic, and the flavour of the month is Tarot.

    I'll probably pick up a deck and visit a few libraries, but I thought it'd be worth checking out some Forums, there's always hidden gems of information from the "Common folk" that can't be found in any published works.

  • Hi! My name is Kristen and I'm so happy to find this forum!! I picked up my first tarot deck in elementary school and was fascinated even though I wasn't sure what it was about. For a halloween party, I was a "gypsy" and read the cards for guests, lol. I guess I knew then that tarot was in my soul.

    I have been reading for myself for a few years but am just starting to read for other people. I am looking forward to learning as much information as I can! I use the rider-waite deck, that is what I am most drawn too.

  • Hello, I'm Michele. I'm really really new to this, but I'm in a situation where I am desperate for any advise or help I can get. I thought this might help to give me some insite in some way, but I think this may have just confused me more, as I am unsure how to interpret the reading I'm not sure if this will work but below is a link to the actual reading if anyone has any suggestions!

  • Well as a new member on a public forum i always like to give a bit of background about myself So here goes.

    Name: Xachariah

    Interest in this forum: Tarot (learning to read)

    Decks i currently own: Crowly Thoth and Rider Waite

    I am from Minnesota, i am a youngster at only 19 years of age. I am often a tad loud, a bit crude and i tend to never beat around the bush. The Irish in me shows, I seem scary at first (according to most) but im a kind soul at heart.

    I just started reading about tarot, i took a trip to Wisconsin. I was visiting an old family friend i hadn't seen in quite some time. I arrived at her house early and found myself bored and alone (there was no running water or electricity due to recent storms) until i noticed "The Complete Tarot Kit" sitting under her living room coffee table. I decided to crack it open and found a guide to reading, so i began to read... Now here i am. Already i have a few great successes with tarot reading from this past weekend because after i finished the book i through myself headlong into it. I will probably be making a thread about that here soon, because i have questions and would like to hear about other first time tarot stories 😛

    Anyways, feel free to contact me, i don't bite 😛 happy reading!

  • I would love it if you would do a reading for me!!

  • Hello! I'm new to this forum, but am not really new to the cards. Tarot cards have been in my life since I was a little girl, as my Mom reads them. I have always had an interest in the cards and a desire to learn to read them.

    I'm looking forward to this learning experience, and really like the fact that I can talk to people with the same interests!


  • hi im new to the forum but have been reading the cards for 10yrs now and have my own magazine column and radio show, am on to link in with other readers and also maybe to get a reading as i never read for and light..R

  • Hi I've been reading tarot cards for about 6 months so I'm still very new to this, but I find the cards very informative and interresting!

  • I'm Kathrine, and I've had a few Tarot readings that were very insightfull and helpfull in my situation. I use tarot online often but am confused by the vagueness of the cards and how many ways they can possibly be interprited.

  • Hello, my name is YourMaya and I've been doing tarot off and on for almost 7 years now. I've come to a point in my life where I want to reach out to other readers and learn other perspectives on things. So, here I am.

  • Hi,

    I am new here and was wondering if i could get help on my situation

  • Hello I'm new to this forum and tarot. I want to learn to read the tarot and I have choosen the Rider-waite Tarot deck to start with and I think this forum is a good place to start.

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