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  • Greetings To All Old & New

    My name is Shada,I,ve been a member of for yrs,probably since 02.never been

    to the Forum though.So this to is my first time posting.I have been drawn to Witch Craft,Tarot

    & all the like for many yrs.I have many books,My Rider Waite Deck,and pretty much on a daily

    basis,I check in with the Goddess,pull one card from my deck,and read it into what is happeing in my life that day.You never know lately!!But even after all ythe yrs I,ve been dippin and dabblin

    I still feel I,m not as well read into the Tarot as I could be.I do alot of reading,I,m very intuitive.

    Sometimes I suprise my self.My moms the same way,i call it our gift,I believe that it is a gift,and i recieved mine from my mother.She doesnt even have to try and she can Astral Travel,Sit by her self,with the Ouija board,and it just goes.Its really rather Eerie.If i could have my way,i,d have a professional Tarot Reading everyday of the year.My Birthdate is 12/26/56,Could some one do a reading for me,My life is well,I feel like i,m jsut wandering aimlessly since I lost my job in Sept 09,due to health issues.Since then I have been thru major hardships,myself,also

    Serious Mental health Issues with my 18 yr old.It just drained all i had in me.And I,m feeling like I need to be rescued.If I can have some one read me,I,m a home owner,Mom of four sons

    yoiungest 18,eldest 32.Unemployed presently.Just kinda lost.



  • Hi I'm Sheelagh and I dabble in tarot for myself but I have never tried it for others. I have this kind of block which keeps me from expanding my knowledge. I hope to learn lots on this forum!

  • yes thankxs

  • Hi,

    I have done readings in the past but when it comes to my own readings I think my will overcomes the cards. A friend normally does them for me.

    I have found myself in a hard situation and the cards keep pointing to me that it will work out the way I wish but of course no time frame and I worry that once again that I am misreading the cards to suit myself.

    I am here to try and learn to be more relaxed with them and to trust myself and my intuition and things I dream and see.

    It all rolls into one for me. I want to learn to tap into what has been given to me.

  • Hello everyone, I am an 38 years-old community health nurse currently living in Montreal Canada. I am a self taught astrologer and like tarot, numerology , metaphysics, alternative and crystal healing . My sun sign is Scorpio, moon sign is Aquarius and my rising sign is Gemini. I am married to my true soulmate husband who is a sun sign Cancer , moon sign Aries and rising sign Capricorn. If someone need a reading then they can contact me.

  • Hello!!!! My name is L

    My horoscope sign is Aquarius

  • Good Morning, Not sure how every thing works here, anyways I need help in a few areas of my life.

    I have a great deal of materials in my life, however my life is very lonely. and money has run out, I could use a reading if thats possible, 4/17/55 22 am

  • can you give me a reading? I'm new here and need help in seeing what to come next in my life. 4/17/55 22 am

  • 🙂

  • Hi,

    I'm Antonio, I first started with the Tarot when I was 8 because my grandmother was always interested in it so it rubbed off and I've been doing readings ever since.

    Now I do email tarot readings for people and I'm really enjoying it.

  • Does true Love & soulmates exsist?

  • Hi Antonio, can you do a reading for me PLEASE!!!??? My DOB 5/12/78 and my person of interest is 11/16/77 i want to know if he likes me and if he does if we will have a serious commitment/relationship please help me if you can thank you

  • I am Stephanie aka Stefin here and I came to this board b/c I have been involved in the metaphysical realm a very long time but one can always find out more or share with others.

    I wondered what lead me here in the last few days though and I believe it's you Natapier!

    We do have a few things in common. I am a self taught astrologer and do the I Ching, also have a Gemini rising.

    I saw you a little while ago at another thread, might have been called Lonliness where I was looking around, reading.

    I did ask for a reading from you b/c I have come to the end of my rope and know something big must be changing, simply since this road I've been on has run it's course. I'm enjoying your talents and reading your replies to people.

    Glad to have met you.

  • I am having a horrible time right now. My live in boyfriend of almost 6 years told me I had to leave just about a month ago His birthday is April 10 1962. My birthday is August 8, 1955. and I left. I havent had a job in almost a year and I am pretty much penniless. I am living off the generosity of friends and family right now because i have no place of my own. My car payments are behind and I dont know if i am going to be able to pay the storage unit where I have stored all my positions. I dont know what i did to cause all these problems. Is there anything that can be done to fix them? I dont think that I can take any more. If any one has any ideas please let me know. Is any one ever going to love me again? Am i going to be able to find a job? Thankyou

  • My name is vanessa. I had actually gotten my tarot cards read today and was quiet happy with what was said in them x3

  • Hi my name is Cococofe. I check my horoscope, tarot cards daily. I really can relate to what they tell me. I don't know the names of the cards themselves like others have mentioned but I would like to learn. I have been reading these 2 things for many years. Usually the reading is what is going on in my life. Sometimes it's a little scary if you know what I mean. I truly believe in what I read for myself. Sometimes it's not right but others it's OMG how did they know that....

  • Hi, admin & everyone! My name is Mariangeles. I'm fascinated by the Tarot, although I'm kinda new to it. I was pretty involved with it a couple of years ago, then dropped it completely, and have recently returned to it.

    The first Tarot deck I ever saw was the Aquarian, and it has remained my favorite, although I have also used the Robin Wood, Thoth, and Connolly decks. My default deck on this site is the Aquarian.

    The first time I got involved with the Tarot, I became overwhelmed. There were so many decks to choose from, and so many books full of fascinating techniques! I did read one book completely -- Carl Japikse's "Exploring the Tarot", and skimmed from other books, here and there. I used to own Crowley's "Book of Thoth", along with its accompanying deck. However, I subsequently found out some terrible things about Crowley, so I have stayed away from his stuff ever since.

    I have had a few readings on this site already, but would like some clarification with the issue involved, so I'm now getting into the forums.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Admin: Just wanted to let you know that I tried to delete the image I uploaded for my reply to brokenhearted. Too late, I realized that, since her boyfriend just broke up with her, she wouldn't want to see a picture of the Twilight couple in an embrace. I have tried to delete the image several times now, but it just won't go. Could you please delete it? Sorry, and thanks! : )

  • Hello My name is Kiba and i've been doing tarot readings for almost half a year and rune readings for almost 2 years. I can perform a reading on just about anything and I often use the druidcraft deck

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