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  • Hi Classy Roxy,

    I think it is great that you want to learn how to be a channel through the ancient oracle Tarot...It means that you are spiritually advanced because most people think this kind of stuff is a joke or a game and it is not. It is a means through which the universe can help us understand how to understand and best deal with issues going on in our lives, or things that WILL come to pass in our lives. When I say "Our", I mean when you are reading for yourself or someone else. I find that it is easier for me to read for others than for myself, which is why I use to get insight in my own life. But I have been drawn to this since I was very young, and have been attempting to learn for 15 years! Tarot cards are complex and there are 76 (around that #) cards to understand! Then, you add the element of positioning of the cards to the mix and it adds another dimension to interpretation. I am a good tarot card reader, but have a long way to go! Unless you have the good fortune of dedicating your life to learning (taking an intensive course lets say, and then practicing all of the time so that you can remember what youve learned...not to mention a dedication to meditation daily, and commitment to a lifestyle that allows intelligent energy to pass through you easily) for as long as it takes until you feel youve got it down, be prepared for a life long experience of growth in this ability. I do not say any of this to discourage you, but to ENCOURAGE you! I would be lying if I said that Tarot card reading is an overnight gift that you can receive...some are more intuitive than others, and you may very well have that gift....But, there is a lot to memorize. *****I STARTED BY USING A RIDER WAITE DECK, AND THE CELTIC CROSS FORMAT. I WOULD JUST LOOK UP EACH CARD, AND THE POSITION IT WAS IN, BY FLIPPING THROUGH THE LITTLE BOOK INSIDE. I DID THIS FOR YEARS, AND MY FRIENDS WERE ALWAYS PATIENT AND THE READINGS TURNED OUT TO BE ACCURATE A LOT OF THE TIME.****Now, I know what most of the cards mean, and I know the meaning of the positions and how to apply the cards that come up in the positions. HERE ARE SOME THINGS I HAVE LEARNED THAT MIGHT SAVE YOU THE TIME IT TOOK ME:

    1- Look into taking a class if they offer one somewhere.

    2- The pictures on each card tell you A LOT about what the means, so study the pictures as you read in order to gain more insight.

    3-There is a whole story behind the tarot that I never even knew about until this year! It helped me SO much! And it is beautiful, and so true to life and what we humans go through! This story is what the Major Arcana cards are based on (the major cards with names not numbers or suits, like The Sun, or The Star etc.) The suits all have meanings too, like, the pentacles (coins) usually have to do with financial matters. The numbers have meanings too, like, lets say 5's. 5's usually mean that there is a problem that has a spiritual solution to it. So, the 5 of pentacles, was the first card to be turned over and placed in the situation position, you would know that the querent (person getting a reading done, person with a question) was probably dealing with a problem having to do with money that only a spiritual solution can fix! Isnt that cool?

    4-Go to Aeclectic Tarot online and you can study everything! You can read the story behind the Major cards, starting with the fool. Go in order until you have reached the end and you will be way enlightened in a way that has taken me 15 years to even discover! It is SO cool, ANYONE INTERESTED IN LEARNING TAROT SHOULD GO THERE. It is SUCH a helpful and accurate site!

    I hope that this helped you, and anyone else reading. Tarot has guided me A LOT in my life, and if I only would have listened, so many times I would have saved myself so much trouble. We are all The Fool going through this life to learn and grow spiritually. We all have unseen powers that are helping us along, and real people helping us along like the ones who first created Tarot Cards.The more I learn, the more in awe and in love I am with them...

    One thing I did not mention is that the cards are also associated with astrology. Each card has a Sign/element assigned to it. I know NOTHING about this yet, but in time I will. Be patient about it and have fun with it, it is a neat part of life. Love to All, and Good Luck! Waterbrightrainbowlight

  • hello friends, my name is Julio and I have been using tarot for about 15 years. My interest started when i was about 14 years old. I started with simple playing cards until i got my first deck of Raider Waite Cards, Then my whole life changed when a wonderful dear friend of mine gave me Tarot Magic CD ROM. I can't tell you how much my life has changed and how my faith in everything thats good has just become so real. I am mostly connected with The Chariot, My favorite deck to use is Visconti-Sforza.

  • well hello everyone i love reading my horoscope everyday if i got time, i really enjoy it..

  • Hi Everybody! well I too am new here, and I have been doing readings for over 20 years.. I use Angel as well as Avalon decks, but am quite familar with other deck too. I mainly work through dream analysis. But I really do have a question for you guys. When it comes to computers, and computer lingo, I am so behind the times I am surprized I am not trying to send smoke signals out to everyone. 🙂 So.. If I could get some help from anybody out there with the dos and donts. I would really appreciate it! And if I can be of any help to anyone in any area that I am familar with I am more than happy to do so! So peace and blessings to all and i hope to make some new freinds as well! Bentwing^A^ 🙂

  • Hey .. My name is josh .. ive been reading playing cards actually for about 6 months im only 19 .. but recently i started reading tarot cards ...... no one around me can really help me with concepts and i dont trust everything online o im lookin for a place i can actually discuss this with... i am starting with the Aquarian tarot deck... i am getting the general meaning but i know there is alot more to it than that so any help would be greatly appreceated

  • Its great to be on the forum..i am doing tarot for last 2 years ,have taken to formally learning from a renowed tarot reader for past one month..I use the simply tarot deck..and have found the cards to be really accurate...its amazing how they unflold the past and put forth the future..

  • Hey all. I just joined the forum and am looking for a tarot reading or any other insight into my situation. Please....Thank you.

  • Hi I am Liz, I have had tarot cards since my teens (in 40's now) and I have started doing readings for friends which do appear to be accurate. I have been told I have a gift, but unsure myself, I can heal but not confident in anything else. So just having a gentle go at these things.

  • Riverrat1965 here. Hello...I am a pisces March 12, 1965. Looking forward to learning and living upto my potential.

  • Hello everyone. I am brand new at this and look forward to reading what everyone is writing and contributing my own thoughts and feelings.

  • Well, here is another try at adding my photo...

  • I guess I will have to keep working on editing my photo to the allowable size. God has given me many talents but computer graphics is not one of them. 🙂

    On to a much more important subject - I am experiencing a major crisis in my belief system about people and their motives. This is especially difficult because I am a Medical Social Worker and have always had the belief that all people are essentially good. As far as my personal life, I am just not finding this to be true. Any words of wisdom out there, please?

  • Dinah

    my experience is this: often when we run into dishonesty/troubles repeatedly in our love lives, it is because we have a lesson to learn. Perhaps you are dishonest about your own feelings, or perhaps you play emotional games with yourself. Perhaps you are cheating yourself somewhere.

    You are right - most people are fundamentally good, so what your personal life is trying to tell you is that you have som imbalances inside that once you work out, others will not be able to take advantage of you.

    As for motives and so on: keep the faith. Life is waaaay to complicated if one must think in others motives. Just make sure your motives are the best, that you have no undone books out there, that will be rewarded. 🙂

  • Hi everyone I am new here.. Look forward to learn more from u guy.. =D

  • Hello 🙂

    My name is Dominica. I am fairly new here, and somewhat new to the Tarot. I have always been interested in learning tarot, but never took it seriously enough to actually be able to do a real reading. I have a couple of family members who have been reading cards for many years, and they said my cards are the empress and the high priestess.

  • I have been reading cards for over 1 year. I was ill and i stopped.

    Can I perform a reading on the telephone for a friend who is far away? Please advise how.

  • Hi & Welcome UJAR !

    Why not? If you feel confident again, call your friend and have them focus and/or ask the question while you are shuffling the deck. This may be the hardest part ---Keep your mind free & clear of any of your own thoughts (maybe mediate before calling them. ) while shuffling and cutting the cards so you don't interfere with your friend's question. Its worth a shot to help a friend, isn't it?

    : > )


  • hello,my name is julietarot. This is my first visit here.

    I have two favourite Tarot decks. One is the Truth-seekers tarot, which I use for my blog, and the second is the Visconti-Sforza Tarot deck, though it's got two cards missing.I have written a few articles on Tarot. I first got interested in Tarot through a friend who got a great deal of comfort from them. Since then, I practiced and now have turned it from a hobby into a more professional footing.I like the fact that Carl Jung and his take on synchronicity helps explain how Tarot could work, as I like to know these things!I also feel that your faith and Tarot are not isolated things but that you can practice both without harming either.I wrote a bit about symbols in Tarot and history at if you are interested. I hope to visit again and look forward to participating in your forums about Tarot. I have been Tarot reading for several years now. I find I am still learning all the time!!

  • Hi, My name is Carly. I've always been fascinated with Astrology and tarot card readings. I use it for enjoyment mostly, but it's interesting to read after something major happens. After I was brutally attacked, a friend showed me her special Arch Angel deck. All I remember was that Micheal showed up to say that he was protecting me. I cried.

    I personally like the temptress card, but the card Queen of Swords has shown up to represent me a few times.

    I'm here, because I happen to find an index card with two relationship reading on it.

  • Greetings all,

    I am new to the forum thing and had to have my husband help me figure it out 🙂 I have been reading tarot cards for about 2 years just for family and friends. I am starting to get more involved into my intuitive side recently. My favorite decks are the Art Nouveau and Universal Goddess by Lo Scarabeo. Just call me Amber---since it is my favorite crystal/tree resin 🙂

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