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  • Welcome to the Tarot forums. This is a place of self-exploration that is open to all, and we're happy that you've joined us.

    Please feel free to introduce yourself in this thread. You could start by telling us about your experience with Tarot and what brought you here. If you like, you can also share which cards you identify with or that occur often for you in readings, what your favorite deck is, and which spread or reading style you turn to most … we're happy to hear about anything that would help us get to know you!

  • my name is raul and ive used some tarot readings in the past and im allright doing this

  • Hi, I'm Rhian, and I have had a reading once, which was fairly accurate, I have done readings for friends and they have been quite accurate but I need more experience and this looks like a good place to start.

  • Hello everyone! Well this looks like a very fun and informative forum....I'm looking forward to 'getting my post on'. I've been fascinated by the Tarot since childhood, but never delved in until about 6 or 7 years ago. I first picked up a Marseilles deck because I loved the artwork and the 'oldness' of it, but found it difficult to read, as there is pretty much no symbolism on the I got me a good ol' Universal Waite, and that is still my deck of choice. Got some very helpful books, started throwin' down, and have been enjoying Tarot very much. I once got a reading from a Gypsy gentleman who was a displaced person from New Orleans....very eerily accurate as to events in my life. Talk to you soon!

  • hi my name is achint...i feel vry comfortabe in using these cards....

  • Hello! I'm Ti. I've been reading for a few months now. I use the Illuminated Rider-Waite deck and a smaller Rider-Waite. I've taken a class and read a lot but nothing beats practice, practice, practice. I'm doing readings for other people now and have been pleased with their accuracy. I'm going to be offering my readings for sale on a public posting board soon, so wish me luck!

  • hi, i'm katherine. i have a readings (some good some way off) and i've done them for myself a couple of time's with a friend's fairy cards; didn't really have a clue to what i was doing though

  • Cheers, my name is Roxy and I am new to this forum and this medium. However, I am very interested in learning this art and would appreciate help on how to get started (would you kindly help point me in the right direction?). Not sure if there is a Tarots101 for dummies course out there? Please advise - thanks, Roxy

  • been dabblin in the craft of tarot for a few years now.And would like any extra info of personal experience anyone has to offer. a craft that is different in different hands,ya know. And for the record does anyone know if it is badluck to read your own cards?I didn't think so,but someone is makin a argument. thanks.

  • Hey, I've been in this site before I think but it seems that the forum changed a bit... I work with the cards on and off since 2003 i think. I am not great though I have a lot of learning to do. Just needed some insight on a reading... I am desperate for some answers...

  • Hi. I'm a fairly new Tarot reader; I've been playing around with the cards for about 5 years and just lately have been able to make sense of the most garbled card combinations. But I'm relieved to finally find a community where I can discuss some of my readings and get help deciding if my interpretations are apt. Often I come up with 2 or 3 different possibilities, lol.

    Thanks for having this community.

  • Hi fellow users!

    What a great site this is... I have been a member for over a year, but never registered with the forum. My daily horoscope readings have been spot on & my reports have helped show me the way to my life purpose...still exploring all the realms and enjoying my journey.

    I live in Australia, so I feel a bit out of touch with the rest of the members on this site, but I believe we all have a sense of the 'life purpose' or we wouldn't be here! I take each day as it comes & really do appreciate the beautiful things I see, feel, hear around me. Last week I saw a shooting star, the next day, the most beautiful rainbow early in the morning on the way to work and then a beautiful message from a friend... how good is life!!!!

    I'd love to hear from other members about the experiences they've had & how this site has helped them.

    Take care my friends,

    Lindy x

  • Hello

    Im new here i am taking tarot lessons and im on my 2nd. lesson im really enjoying it I use the Monte Farber and Amy Zerner Tarot discovery kit.

  • This is such a geart site. The writers are fantastic. I've been studying the Taort for about 9 years and I do a reading at least once a week. Something that helped me when I first started studying was to pull a card every day and see how it's energy showed up in my day. My favorite deck is Vanessa.

  • Hello, I go by "DreamerNorth". "Dreamer" because it had been my nickname since I was 19, and "North" because even though I lived in the U.S. for 11 years, I am a Canadian and am now back in Canada.

    My experience with Tarot? Hm, how much should I tell? I used to reflect on various forms of mysticism and reviewed many of the World religions, so was familiar with thinking in terms of energy and karma. Then I went through some seamingly traumatic times in my life which left me very off-balance and uncertain of my path. During my travels of that time I became friends with a like soul who was very much into the arcane side of the Tarot. We combined our energies and casted some Tarot spells (which were very effective). The spells we cast though were not of the type the would put our lives back in balance, rather they were the spells that would enhance or amplify the crazy and chaotic path that we were currently on. Let's just say that we explored the "Devil" side of our souls for a couple of years. He had gifted me my first tarot deck, the Marseilles Tarot. It was then that I started building a small Tarot library and started studying the cards. A few months later I bought my personal deck, the Celtic Dragon Tarot. That was eight years ago. I only studied the Tarot intermittently back then though. My chaotic time ran its course and I put those years behind me and moved on. I put my study of the Tarot aside for a few years as well.

    It was a couple of years ago that I returned to regular forms of meditation and also purification of the negative energies that those "chaotic" times had brought. I returned to the Tarot about a year ago as my primary means of meditation. I use it now almost daily for direction and guidance and as a medium for understanding what my own energies are trying to communicate. It's been the past year that I have also been using the site to help me properly interpret the cards. Online I use the Dragon Tarot deck. I still have much to learn but am getting better and better at properly interpreting readings on my own.

    The cards I identify most with are the Hermit, the Magician, and the Fool (or more so the combination of Death and the Fool together).

    I am interested in keeping in contact with persons who also use Tarot as their medium. Perhaps we can share and learn from one another.

  • Hi Gypsy,

    I'm no expert by any means, but I have about nine separate books on the Tarot and have been dabbing in it off-and-on for nine years now (almost daily in the past year though). Of all my sources not one of them has stated that it's bad luck to do your own readings.

    I have an older book that states that it can be difficult to do your own readings because of your personal involvement to the energy. But I have more recent sources that contradict that, and encourage you to do your own readings.

    Personally, I have been doing my own readings almost daily for a year now and in listening to what the cards are telling me it has done very well for me. After all, the cards are simply telling you what your own energy is saying. So I would personally recomment doing your own readings. Besides, how else are you going to learn (and stay interested in learning for that matter)?

    With that said, nothing can beat the occassional "outside party" interpretation (especially from an expert) not only to hear what the cards are saying but also to compare an outside interpretations to how you are seeing the cards.

    And one final addendum, I am also to understand that while you are getting a reading from an outside source it's not very beneficial to compare your own interpretation from that particular reading, because the cards are 'talking' to the reader and pick up on the readers psychic abilities and perceptions. If wanting to compare, it would be best to get an outside reading, and then follow (or precede) that with your own reading reflecting on the same thing(s).

    Personally I think that would be the best way to judge how your readings are comparing to the readings of an outside party.

    What I have been doing in the past year is doing a five-card reading for myself and interpreting it, then 'plugging' those same cards into daily reflection to see how the online interpretation compares to my own. That has helped me better understand how to interpret the card in relation to their position and has improved my ability to read cards independently. The five card reading only costs $.50 - $1 too (depending on what you paid for KCs) so it's not too expensive a learning tool.

  • Well hello to you all, My name is David and I have just started to learn to read tarot cards. I not reading books as I'm using the web site and I'm just looking for ideas to what the cards mean to me. So I have got two cards down what are here for all to read.

    The Fool Card 0

    The fool card is the beginning of a new adventure as he or she is a free spirit with a lust for life and know how being taken in each day. The fool has little fear of taking risks and he or she will always have an open mind as we start off with an empty vessel that needs to be filled with the new know how, new experiences and challenges that you and I get from learning within our life. A fool will not sit around and wait for things to come to him or her as we must take the first step. Once we have made that first step we start to learn and enjoy life’s ups and downs. There may be someone stepping into your life that is male or female and we must try to make decisions that are right for us. The fool card is saying that there are new beginnings to come and we should take the right road to get there.

    The Magician Card 1

    The Magician is a very powerful card and if we look at it what it’s trying to say to us then we can see that it’s saying we need to learn and help each other. Why do I say that? Well the magician has a sword, a pentacle, a wand and a cup. Now the sword can be used to help to cut apples down from the trees. Then we can eat the apples or sell them to other people and make money from them and help people them to make things with apples. If the magician had someone hurt then he could heal the person with his sword. How he does this is to cut anything out that should not been there like we know doctors can. The pentacle is saying if you are in a business then learn to make money and look after your staff. But if you are not in business then you may be able to share a skill like cutting the apples down for the business or helping the business man to pack his apples for him to sell and make money yourself. Now the wand helps us to see in the dark as when we carry it around with us we can see things as it will light up for us. The cup allows us to get water from the lake to drink or if someone is not happy offer them a chat and the water we have. Therefor we can learn to help people and to give them things like water and apples then others may help us. If we help others then sometimes we can learn something from someone and have a skill that will come into use when we need it. If we try to learn from others then we can know more and this learning is the power the magician knows off.

    I'm going to take a look round and if anyone would like to help me out feel free to write as that's what it is here for. Bye for now. David.

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm really new, learning tarot. I have been toying with the cards for a few months. I decided to look online for someone who might be willing to give me some advice, and maybe even teach me if possible. The deck I have is a Rider-Waite deck but, I feel as if it's too hard for me to understand though, I am new so, it might just be me. I have done a few readings before and they, over the course of time, ended up to be precisely accurate.

    I found these forums, and the site, through the means of google. I came upon the forums to seek help. I have some very important questions I really need answered and I was hoping I could find someone willing to teach me about the cards. I have a few books on tarot but, I sometimes feel the book to confuse me more than word of mouth. . . or in this case, text. I really hope I could enjoy tarot and be as skilled as some experts out there one day.

    Thank you,


  • Hello everyone, my name is Bree. I dabble in and out of using the cards, sometimes with others' help and sometimes just on my own. I find I turn to them most when I really need some help with life. 🙂

  • hi all.... hmmm.. crazy.. i've belonged to for YEARS and never got into the forums til now.. shrug anyway.. i'm angela... always be into astrology and the like. 🙂

    its also been a bit since i've been on here, so i think i have some catching up.



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