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  • hi you`ve done a lot of homework for this site. Only flicked through but impressed so far. keep up the good work.

  • I am not new to but new to the forums. My name is Janene, I don't read cards, just very interested in tarot and astrology.

  • Hi everybody,Iv'e only just started so i do'nt know much about tarot ,can you help me understand what the different cards mean.


  • Greetings all. I merely dabbled with tarot almost a decade ago. Something drew me to buy a new set today and a large book to help me get started. I am looking to learn and hopefully share some wisdom here.

  • Hello,

    my name is bruce and I'm a 29 year old avid professional student of all occult sciences including those featured on this website (amoung others)...

    I really think it's a fantastic and fairly complete online resource for anyone interested in tarot, tao te ching, numerology and just divination in general... the incorporation of feng shui is nice as well as an afterthought... I look forward to using it in the future to achieve many positive goals and gain valuable insight into other fields of esoteric study and guidance in general...

    currently these are my favorite physical tarot decks:

    casual : Archeon

    esoteric : Hermetic / Crowley

  • I've done tarot readings for myself for over 25 years now. I find the results of readings are sometimes quite accurate, but probably more often just a source for introspection and looking at situtations and problems from all angles. Although I will say, that if I keep asking the same question over the course of days and keep getting the same answers, I do start to take the message more seriously! I also find that reading the cards makes me face negativities and weaknesses that I would otherwise choose to ignore in my life, and brings an awareness of new opportunities for growth that I might otherwise overlook.

  • Hi, my name is Jo and I've been using the tarot for 3 years, on and off, however, I get so flustered doing it because at times it makes sense and there are times, I am so off. I believe that this site and the knowledge of everyone here will help me to gain a better understanding of it. I've also gotten alot of cards that are reversed, some utilize it, some don't. Any comment on the correct procedure will be very helpful.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Diane and I am really new to this. I have always been intriqued by the Tarot cards, tea leaf readings, etc.. I am looking for the truth, no matter how hard it is to swallow sometimes. I hope you can help me. Thank you.

  • Hi all im a newbie to. Ilook forwards to communicating with you all.


    love and light


  • Hi, I'm a brand new member who is interested in the insight of astrology. I am a full blooded Taurean who possesses most of the qualities you've heard of. Yeah, I might me stubborn, but only in the thinks that I WON'T do. I WILL NOT jump from high places, I WILL NOT hurt a friend,I WILL NOT tell a lie, etc. Other than that, I am a very tolerant and tolerable person. I love beauty, I love music, I sing a little bit. Over the last year or two I've become involved in Lyric writing and have a songwriting partner who does the rest. I think the songs are wonderful, but frankly both of us are experiencing some resistance from our spouses as to the importance of our undertaking. I wonder why they can't be more supportive and enthusiastic. My solution is simply to seek new friends with similar interests and leaving the old friends to ponder their cereal boxes if they can't understand and don't care what I'm trying to say. I want to stress the QUALITY of these songs and the complete lack of praise. What's up with this?

  • Hello all

    I'm New to Tarot,,Glad to find you all on here Wow ~ or should i SAY YOU Found (ME) 🙂

    either or ~~ am happy to belong to Tarot group ~~ I LOVE IT XO

    Still adjusting though to the format of this Forum ~ I posted twice & now can not remember where i posted... So PLease ~~ If anyone see's my (2) PostS or my Name ~~ I NEED direction ASAP,,, 🙂

    mille 🙂

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah ~~~ I just discovered a SHOW ME Option ~~Clicked it ~~Waaaalaaa

    shows me where i last posted.... LOL Fantastic LOL LOVE IT xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi, I'm dominique, been doing tarot for...5 years? I think. I joined to get some help interpreting!

  • Hello everyone! My name is Katy and have just recently started learning the Tarot. I have always been interested in the cards, but just decided in March to pick up my own deck. I am glad that I found this forum, as I was having problems getting my questions answered! I can't wait to meet you all!

  • Thank you for the welcome. I stumbled upon this site by accident but, am truly glad I did. It will be great to get input and opinions from other like minded souls. I enjoy practicing meditation. I want so much to learn more about being connected to my guides and the angels and hearing,feeling, being more receptive to the guidance that they are giving me. I also want to learn how to correctly use the Laws of Attraction to create the life I want.

  • Hi everyone,

    my name is ang, I came across your site by getting horoscopes to my emails and seen your forums which are most interesting ;-).

    I have been given tarot readings for about 9yrs now. I have used a few decks over the yrs tho most comfortable using the mythic tarot deck, most recently I have started using the gilded tarot deck, I have not done many online readings before and seen people are practising reading for each other here, I first left a post for some insight (as find it hard to read for myself) then I thought I could practise learning the gilded deck and also see if I could be just as accurate online as when face to face through here, so if anyone would like for me to try giving them a reading with this deck please feel free to ask blessing to all xx

  • Hi My name is Jodi. I am excited to find a place to chat about the things that have always drawn my attention. I have been interested in divination for years now. I have quite a few tarot decks and love each and everyone of them. I love the artwork, and each artists ideas. I have read tarot on and off for a long time now. I have never put myself fully into the work, even though I know it will bring me rewards I can not even imagine, if I was to focus. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to this kind of thing. I let myself get distracted with things that don't matter to me, and let things such as tarot and intuition go by the wayside. I have the hope that joining this forum will help me reach a higer understanding of these tools.

  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Solange and i leave in Sweden.

    I'm 29 years old.

    I have start with tarot card for a month ago.

    This is so interested that I cant stop working with it.

  • Hi all, my name is Martina, I'm 20 and I'm familiar with tarot since I was 10 and started reading my mums cards shortly after. Five years ago I bought my own deck which brought me so much luck - it caused that I got to places (curiously, tarot unrelated) I'd never knew and would never meet most of my friends and my love... I really thank this deck for what I have now. I used to be really lonely and depressed. For the past two years I read only occaisionaly, though, so this is reflected on my skills. I'm so happy that I don't really want to worry about the future. What will happen will hapen and if I should know, I will know. So most of my readings go along the lines "what does he/she think about me" or "what would people think of this dress/story/idea" I'm looking forward to discuss tarot and revive my knowledge.

  • Hi...I am new ..just learning and getting comfortable wih the tarot. I have always found it very intriguing and accurate and just want to learn more.

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