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  • Hey, I'm Malchior. I have always been interested in tarot cards, but until recently have not seriously thought about them before. I use the Sharman-Caselli deck which I must say is vivid in imagery and quite versatile. I look forward to meeting this tarot community. ^.^

  • Hi,

    My name is Theresa. I had a tarot reading last October and have been very interested ever since. The reading was right on and I told the reader NOTHING. I used Gilded Tarot which is not in your list. Absolutely beautiful cards. I have only done self readings and ones with my best girl friend. Every single time they are unbelievably accurate. I try to do a reading each day to familiarize myself with the card meanings.

  • Hey,

    My name is Marina and some years now I have been using Tarot cards. I use the Rider Waite deck. I would like to learn how to use it better and understand every aspect of the cards thats why I joined this forum. I hope to have a good time and an good learning experience.

  • Hiya everyone, my name is diana and i am almost 45yrs. on 0404.

    I enjoy tarot and am still learning. I have been really studying the past 4yrs and have done a few readings on friends and a couple online on a different site.

    If anyone would like for me to try and do a reading i would love to help.

    I currently have the tarot genoves and tarot favole. I hope to get a new deck for my birthday.

    Lovely blessings to all, hugs diana

  • I would like a reading please,about career and finances, thanks.

  • Dragoneagle I would like a reading please

  • brightmoonshine,

    I think it would be a better idea to make a new thread and put Dragoneagle's name for her to do a reading for you.

  • I think you are right .Thanks

  • Hi Everyone, I discovered this forum recently, and decided to join and explore the site. I'm new to the whole forum concept, and to social media in general, but I hope to meet interesting new people here. I entered some info on myself when I signed up, but it doesn't look like it saved. Or maybe it did and I just haven't figured out where the link is LOL. Anywho, i'm a bit lost lost in cyberspace but completely enjoying it. Looking forward to learning more about everyone.

  • Hello! Im Calipernicus and Im an amateur tarot reader......

  • Would you do a reading for me about job and money

  • Hello! My name is Irina. I am tarologist from Russia. I live in Novosibirsk. I want to connect with my colleagues from other countries. I will glad to receive an answer. Good luck for all!

  • Irina can you do a reading for me about getting a job and finances thanks

  • Hello all!!!

    I'm so glad I came across this forum, it's so stuffed full with positive energy and great advise. My name is Kayla and I've been reading the Tarot for 20 years this coming November. I have read professionally and personally for a variety of people. If anyone is interesting in readings I'd be more then happy 🙂

  • I've gotten one tarot reading from someone who surprised me. I was a complete skeptic. I had never even told anyone about my feelings toward my past relationship (felt like he was indifferent to my feelings since he continued to disregard my feelings to one of his "girl" friends). She mentioned this. She also mentioned someone who passed away long ago, but had a significant impact in my life, by name!! It was my grandpa, whose first name I had forgotten because no one used and of course, I never used since it was always my pa, but she mentioned it.

    I was astounded!

  • Hello all. I've been reading the Tarot for roughly 18 years now. I got interested in the practice from a friend's mother, who did a reading for me when I was 13 or so. My current main deck is the Thoth deck, as although it causes some issues with card differences, I love the artwork and feel of the deck. I came here because one of my primary difficulties is reading the Tarot for myself, and wanted to get outside opinions from time to time from other readers.

  • Hello there. You may wonder about my 'grim' user name- 'The Dying Mother'! It is MY mother that is dying of cancer, not me. When I did a reading for myself regarding our passage through this difficult time together, one of the cards that showed up was the 5 of Pentacles. How apt! I have nick-names for many of my cards, and this one I call 'The Dying Mother and the Crippled Child'. After she passes, I WILL be emotionally crippled, for a time, but the Tarot assures me I will survive this passage and even learn some valuable life-lessons from it. I also can have a rather 'gallows' sense of humor, and am a bit of a 'Drama Queen'. My cards have apparantly absorbed these traits from me, which has led to many quirky and humorous readings! I have joined this forum to learn from other Tarot readers, share my experiences, and to humbly offer assistance to any newcomers to the cards. So, "Howdy!"

  • Dear Classyroxy. The book that got me going was 'Learning the Tarot' by Joan Bunning. She also has a FREE on-line course you can take, if you don't wish to buy the book. She uses the Rider Waite deck. The practice lessons she suggests really proved valuable to me in the learning process. She gives you the 'traditional' meanings for the cards, as a starting point, but also encourages you to use your own intuition while interpreting the images. I also bought a 'mini' Tarot deck, and on the back of each card, I wrote down the key words to use as a 'crutch' until I remembered the meanings by heart. What you'll find interesting is that you may start giving certain cards 'nick-names' For example, my 'nickname' for the 5 of Cups is the 'grief' card. Reading the Tarot has become like 'therapy' for me-but much more fun! I hope you find as much satisfaction from the practice of reading the Tarot as I have.

  • Hi!

    I am a new member, and I am mainly interested in the journey to enlightenment that the tarot arcana gives us.

    I have a website where you can see exactly what I am talking about, please visit it to get an idea:

    There you can see my bio and other resources!

  • Hi everybody!

    Let me just tell you that I am a Tarot enthusiast and fan for a very long time.

    I started learning some time ago, and of course Tarot was not a separate interest, but it went in line with my other interest, like symbolism, paganism, Wicca and Hebrew. Also, I am a male and I love cats.

    Kindest regards for everyone out there!


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