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  • I'm new to the forums here, though certainly not new to Trying to remember when I first joined (and which e-mail I had at the time) is quite challenging ... I know for sure I had it back in 2003, but that's the best I can get at right now.

    I've been reading cards for many years and have recently created my own website (which I am not here to promote at all). My first deck was Celtic Dragon; currently I've got DruidCraft. I have never liked Rider-Waite and actually held off getting tarot deck of my own for a few years because it was the one they pushed for beginners. Thank goodness for books and the internet, eh!

    The spreads I use tend to vary depending on the situation, and I find the general Celtic Cross is actually the one I use the least. Of course, I'm also fond of making up my own spreads as I go. Sometimes they work ... sometimes things get a wee bit messy. (Experimental readings like that are always with my own little questions; never anything for anyone else).

    In general, I'd be happy to help out in whatever way I can. Readings for people, opinions or clarifications, feedback, guinea pig ... however I can help! 😄

  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum but not new to the site. I have been a member here now for many years.

    I have been reading tarots on and off for many years. I started in my early teens. I am on a journey to rekindle and to connect myself back with my sixth sense. It has been a very long time since I have worked with that part of my being.

    A little about me: I am a Gemini, I am Creative and I am computer savvy I like gardening and working with the earth. I like to play the sims games. If I am not making something then I use my creative ability to build homes and do interior decorating with that game. I am now studing Wicca and other metaphysical aspects.

    At present I have done my own reading for myself. I have a very old computer program that reads the tarots. I just lately installed on my computer and did a reading. It was excellent and it answered my question superbly.

    If anyone is interesting in letting me practice with either the software that I have or by using my own cards please feel free to ask me. It might not be perfect or accurate as I am trying to hone my skills and get back in sync with reading the cards. I also read the crystal ball and do other things like reading tea leaves etc. Again I need to practice as it has been a very long time.

    Wishing you all Happy readings and thanks for reading my post.

    Your friend,


  • Hello, I have been into tarot for years and been using this site for at least 10 years, but only just joined the forum. I like reading for myself and occasionaly others, but don't really trust my own readings for myself! Hard to be objective. I am also very into astrology and studied it for two years, would like to do more studies so I can really start doing others' charts. The charts I have done for people so far have been very accurate according to feedback.

  • Hi My name is Lyn and I have been interested in the Tarot for many years but more as a hobby and fun past time than anything else. I have never read for other people, and only read for myself. However, I agree with the QueenofHearts above. Its hard to be objective when reading for yourself. I also am an amateur when relating the cards to each other. This site seemed like a great place to talk about the different interpretations of the cards. I use the Witches Tarot deck by Ellen Cannon Reed and I love the images on this deck. I tend to always fall back to the Celtic Cross spread and also a simpler 5 card version of it. I think you get the most info. with this card. Lately, I have been getting Judgement a lot in my readings especially to represent my recent past. 🙂 Anyways looking forward to getting to know everyone on the forum as well as the cards a little better!

  • My name is Clayton. I've been interested in Tarot Cards for years but only recently have really jumped head first into it. I'm here because I would love some help and input on a spread I did for myself. Any experienced interpretation would be very much appreciated. Actually, the last couple I've done, which I think I might have done too many, I keep receiving the Queen Of Pentacles and the hierophant.

  • Are you interested in helping me out with a five card tarot interpretation?

  • I'm very interested. I have a couple tarot spreads from the past that I would love help on. Two in particular that I received from this sight. One is almost a year, and the other was done last November 25th. But the main one I would love help on is a five card one I did for myself on Sunday. Please let me know.

  • Hi,

    Tom from Poland here. Scorpio - to the bone. Looking for some answers in my life... Hope to find some advice here. I'm new to tarot, although I know it's history quite well.

  • hello friends,

    iam a plastic surgeon and have firm belief in astrology ,numerology and tarot,i belive in intuitions are science and nonscience equally.what i know is only a handful of sand what i do not is much more than the universe.

    i want to learn and share the journey of self exploration with you ,can anyone help me with tarot and help predicting my carreer.

  • iapan Welcome i am not or do i know much about Tarot and the cards but you and i have a lot in common and i would like to share thoughts with you sometime if you like Tooter

  • Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on the design of the major arcana for a new tarot deck. I thought that instead of doing it alone in my room I should ask for feedback on the actual illustrations.

    Basically I am making hybrids archetypes with two animals whose common symbolism relates to the topic of each card. I am happy with some of them but quite confused with some others (I won't tell which one I would'nt want to influence anyone).

    Please have a look at them and share some feedback, advice, criticism etc in order to help me make it good.

    Here is a link to my blog where the first draft is featured:


    Thank you for reading this

  • This post is deleted!

  • My name is Sitabybhau. I was given it by a Hinu Master and I was really touched by it. He told me that it is the nectar that draws one to God. I couldn't imagine that being me so I guess it was a touching lesson.

    I have read and studied Tarot, Numerology and Astrology (to a lesser sense) for about 30 years. I am not proficient. Sometimes I am uncanningly perceptive about the cards and their meanings for me and other times they say nothing.....I am in a hard time just now and would welcome support and love from others working their way and I would be glad to read for them if they want it.


  • Hi

    My forum name is Lupine, I'm been intrigued and fascinated by tarot for years and it's becoming a passion with me. I'm learning all I can constantly about these wonderful tools

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone here


  • im not quite sure how it all goes together. im starting to know what im capable of , and that the world disasters have a great connection to my exiestence and being a aries

  • Hi, Nabia here. I started out on tarot by buying tarot for dummies 😄 a few years back. Sorry to say, normally it just sit on the shelf for months. But recently I did a reading that made me excited about tarot reading. So here i am. Hope to know more about tarot

  • Hi, my name is Charlie. I've been reading tarot since I was 13, (30 now). I believe that we fail when we stop learning so I'd love to get to know this place and others here to continue my spiritual journey!

  • Hi all, I've posted a plea for help on here but no one has picked it up so far 😞

    Could anyone help with interpretation of a reading I've done, it's under the topic heading 'urgent help with interpretation' posted a couple of days ago. I'm really struggling and would love some guidance. Thankyou xxxx

  • Hi,

    I`m CherryPie , started reading the Tarot a year ago and still learning. My goal is to get better and learn from more experienced Tarot readers on this site.

  • Hi everyone! My name is Andrea and I have been fascinated with Tarot for quite some time now. I am looking forward to learning, exploring and opening my eyes more to this wonderful new dimension of the spiritual I found in the face of Tarot...

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