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  • Hi

    My name is Marlene and I have been reading the tarot for 17 years now, I offer tarot and pendulum readings, I also have a book for my personal tarot meanings of all the cards.

    This site seems to have all the things i like and i hope to meet new people here 🙂

  • Hi,

    My name is bjmeacham. I have been playing around with Tarot, and other divination methods since I was a teenager. I have had lots of tarot readings for myself but most, although accurate about my present, have not been so much about my future. I started to read for myself to help me get more insight on my own situations, for which it has been helpful. Lately I have felt the urge to get more serious with it. I am very much a beginner though. I hope to develop my skill through practicing in this forum and getting feedback.

    Bright Blessings

  • would anyone want to give me a reading?

  • Hi I'm Jane and I have been interested in tarot for along time. I would like to learn more

  • Hello all 🐵 ! I am very very excited to be part of the group. I am a Tarot enthusiast. PEACE and


  • Hiwaga..... thats magic in the filipino dialect

  • Hello all! I am new to the forums on this site but not new to the site. I had no idea there was such a great community here! I have been sending grateful thoughts up to the Universe since I joined! I started becoming interested in tarot several years ago but was frustrated trying to define the sometimes cryptic meanings. I found a great book that breaks each card down into 32 categories, and now I read all the time. Mostly for myself, because I only have one friend who is really open to anything like this. I have to say, the cards somehow seem to be always right. I was doing a lot of readings about my last relationship a few years ago, and somehow always got the Hermit or the King of Pentacles for him.....lots of pentacles in those readings and in the interpretation book I have pentacles are not generally good relationship cards. The relationship I'm in now, I keep getting wands and cups. I also get a lot of major arcana cards in this one; I guess my point is I can see the difference in these two relationships just by the cards; which one was right, wrong, or not yet to be Sorry this post is so long!

  • Saje, what book is it that u are referring to? I'm new to this myself and I'm trying to learn as I go. A good reference is nice to have!


  • Hi Dawn,

    My book is Tarot Made Easy by Nancy Garen. I hope you like it as much as I do!

  • Hi! I'm Katie, and I have a question: Where would be the appropriate place to post if I wanted someone to help me interpret a reading? I did one earlier and I am having a hard time interpreting it myself. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Hi...I have been developing for years my gift, I can feel and hear ghosts. This year has been hard for me, so I now seek help and I want to know how I can tap into my gift. There are moments when I can have visions, feelings but I don't know how it happens. I have posted in the forum in "love and relationships" about what is bothering me and how I can seek help. I am new at this and I want to learn more. It's about the man I love..H who gets married, and I end up with a ghost who leave me alone, since the age of 18. I have lost so much because of this ghost, an ex boyfriend who died young. So I am here to learn more, and see what I can learn about myself and my gift

  • I am an artist. I love the images on the Tarot decks. It's fun to understand the life lesson contained in the cards and design my own tarot cards. I see elements in many different cards that I study and then come up with my own unique understanding of the card for my life and then I translate it to paper with pencil, paint and ink .

  • Hi, my name is Oretan, everything about all these forum are just fun! i love tarot reading, well...with time i will get use to it. Thank you.

  • Hello world! I've been part of since Oct. 2009 yet this whole forum escaped me until now! How is this?? Lol! Well the important thing is I see it now! My name is Chevy. Nice to formally meet the community! I am Pagan and strongly believe tarot, numerology, and paganism go hand in hand. I think trying to function one without the other is the equivilant of trying to spark a lighter without a flint. Or trying to spark a lighter without fuel. I am Gemini. A healer. My craft name is Mataeus. My email should anyone need to contact me for any reason is . See ya round the forum! Blessed Be!

  • Would just like to say hello to everyone, and Happy New Year!

  • i just registered here . .

    honestly reading tarot is not my interest . .

    my basic is on magic . .

    but someday . . when im doing some magicstreet trick . . i meet someone who offer me to trade his knowledge on tarot with my skill on magic . .

    after that i become love to this card . . i really like to read it , viewing the picture of the card , , sometimes it make me think really deeply bout the meaning of card ,

    now im looking some place where i can practice and have some experience of reading tarot from all of the seniors here . .

    really appreciate your help and attention . .


  • Blessings All,

    My Magikal name is AstaraMoon - I have been reading for myself and friends for years, but have taken a hiatus while nurturing my two young boys; 2 1/2 and 5 1/2. I recently found some 'me' time, and happily returning to my spiritual journey where I left off pre-kids.

    Please let me know if you are open to how I interpret tarot; I tend to apply numerology, elements, author interpretations, and rely most of all on my personal intuition when it comes to reading cards.

    I am pleased to be part of this community and look forward to learning from all of you.

    Blessed Be


  • test

  • Hello everyone,

    My nickname is Mar. I signed up few years back to get help reading Tarot cards but did not use the site in the end, because I was not progressing that much.

    I decided now to try again learning (I have a Rider deck) , as I am in a rut since years back and I desperately need to change the ways I am dealing with situations I find myself in time and again.

    Best to everybody!

  • I am a Scorpio, with Virgo Ascendant and Cancer Moon. I have read tarot off and on for 40 years and also worked with Astrology. I prefer Rider/Waite simply because that's what was available 40 years ago and I have "grown up" with those pictures, symbols and ideas. I do find other decks that are very spiritual and energy raising, but I still like to fall back on my "old friends" when reading for another. As you can tell by my powerhouse three astrologically, I have very little internal strife, so it has taken many years for me to grow in wisdom and spiritually. I am 55 and just beginning to feel like I might have a small handle on life. I am 4 years divorced and content to be on my own for now.

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