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  • Hello,

    I came here because, well let me give you a summary of myself. I am 30 with a 10yr old child from my ex wife. I am currently remarried two and a half years. Our marriage is very rocky right now because of my alcohol problem.

    The reason I came here is because, I lost my wedding ring and I had a dream last night that my wife was walking away from me saying "I have mine." Can't get anymore specific, that's all I remember.

    We've been at our new residence for 3 months, I lost it about six months ago at our old house. The thing is, I had the ring in a secure place in my wallet, I did this because she stopped wearing hers because of the marital issues. I keep my spare car keys in a less secure part of my wallet. Then one day after I wake up, it's gone. But the keys are still there.

    I questioned her and she knows nothing. But the look on her face said it all. She still denies it. I looked everywhere, clothing drawers in pockets, her jewelry box, nothing. I was hoping I could get some help from a psychic to maybe point me in the right direction to find the ring.

    I believe that this is possible, because when I was younger, I had a "stash" hidden far away from my home. Then my stepfather miraculously finds it and I'm busted. He told me he got a vision. I also threw a pillow at him while he was sound asleep and his hands reached up and grabbed it. Also, my mom used to be good friends with a true psychic that became distant.

    So anyone that can lead me to find my wedding ring, I would be forever grateful!

  • hello my name is lark (well thats not my real name but it is a name ive chosen for myself ^~^)

    im a phoenix, which basically means i make lots and lots of energy for no apparent reason at all, im like the opposite of a psyvamp

    ive done some tarot mostly for myself and a couple readings for others. right now im looking into shamanism and crystal work so that i cn use my energy to heal people

    and thats bout it, thanks for letting me join ^~^

  • My favorite deck of Tarot is the Rider Waite. I think I spelled that right. I even used to use a regular deck of playing cards and became very the point that I gave it up. I don't have my original deck of cards anymore and I've come to miss them. It's true that they become an extension of you. I'm having problems getting my feelings back in readings. I do need to buy a new deck of Rider Waite...but how long before they really become your own?

  • Hello there!

    I have used this website for a long time but didn't know the forum was here until I accidently found it today!

    Looking forward to posting!

    I used to do tarot reading many years ago though I am much better at just going with my gutts! However I have been know to tell someone something and it go way beyond what they expected!

    Right now I am trying to figure out if my relationship with my ex is going to come full circle and though part of me sees hopeful things I can tell you sometimes the hardest person in the world for me to read is MYSELF! Whats in the heart and whats in the gutt can sometimes confuse what is TRUE!

    Take care & God bless each of you!

  • um, anyone out there? How you enjoying the Aquarius full moon?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello everyone! I'm new, I got my first tarot reading a couple months ago,and I been hook every since. I just found this place ,and would like to learn how to read the cards for myself.

  • Hello to all... My husband died 3 years ago. I have been "stuck" ever since. I have improved in the area of depression but still am lost when it comes to me. He was my life and everyone says that I have to have a life of my own. I know this but the fear and anxiety I have paralyzes me. I also have four children that consume much of my time. I believe in spirituality and feel that I need to find a connection. I get so overwhelmed at the slightest things but before he died I was totally different--I was strong and independent. I just wish I could find that inner person and bring her out but it is so hard. I bought a book on Tarot and one about finding faith. I guess I will start there. Thank you.....Jill


  • Hello, I am new to this site and have had tarot readings before, some good, most bad. I am still waiting to get married in Hawaii.

  • Hi, My name is Jessica but my true name at heart is Tara. I just started getting into Tarot. It fascinates me very much. I got my first deck yesterday, Tarot of a Moon Garden. I followed the instructions and did a reading for my best friend but since it wasn't very shuffled I'm afraid it wasn't very accurate. I need all the help I can so I appreciate very much.

    Blessed Be!

  • Hi to all! My name is Alisha, I was born with gifts but seems I have lost them along the way. I found this site in a desperate search for help. I look forward to hearing insights and please if you are guided to contact me dont hesitate as I have asked whole heartedly for answers.

    Many Blessings to each of you!

  • Hi my name is Michelle. I am new to all of this stuff. But lately I have been drawen to this website. I feel it was for a reason I am just not sure yet. So please feel free to contact me. Many blessings to everyone.

  • hiii im new too... ive always had i guess strong visions, but if i apply myself i get very confused... just has to come natural with me.... but i get connected with spirits if i allow it also... i have a spirit lady that comes to me often... i call her my angel... well raul welcome and i hope this site is as exciting as it seems to be... jaffeebella

  • Hello !

    I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !

  • hello all you wonderful people. I'm still learning and I thought this looked like a great site to help me learn and practice. The only deck I own is the Haindl deck. (Purchased it a few weeks ago).

  • hello my name is elliott and this is my first time on the site and i never had a tarot reading before. what brought me to this site is because since i been young i always been able to help people and people would always pour their hearts and life stories to me without me either knowing them or asking.

    i can feel energies about people either pleasant or unpleasant, i have this ability to meet a person and can kind of tell them things about themselves without any forward knowledge. people come to me for advice , children gravitate toward me, people either like me or they either hate me without me doing anything to them. i've been told numerous times that i have a good spirit and old soul, and i really want to know the truth about me.

  • Hi, been browsing this site for some time, glad to finally join! Been reading for 5 years and have recently fell in love woth my new Deviant Moon tarot. Hoping to meet new friends.


  • Hi Sarah~ it's so nice to meet you~i too have just recently joined and it is so good to be able to connect with others that share the same values and ideas. The world can be a really lonely place but here it feels like home. I love your new deck~something in me really resonated with the image you posted~and wish you lots of luck with your future readings. Lots of love~Missy

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