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  • Hello, I am SunnyHead and I can tell you that I was introduced "by accident" to about 9 years ago. I´ve used Tarot´s wisdom to find answers to my life´s issues and concerns and have always received an answer.

    Nowadays, I have become more mature and have learned a lot, so I do not precipitate as I did in the past. With Tarot I have learned to trust my own intuitition, but there is still a whole lot to learn. I have also used the I Ching readings, which have also proved to be very accurate and from time to time have also used the Runes but Tarot is my favorite. I do own a deck of Tarot cards, the Connolly which I like very much since I feel it is very "smooth" and also enjoy the art work on every card of the deck.

  • Since the numbers 1 through 78 each correspond to one of the 78 tarot cards, I have found the book Numerology by Ed Peterson (available via Amazon) to be the definitive work on the subject.

  • Hey friends,

    I am Nikhil from India and i am using for years now but mostly for daily horoscope. Today, i visited the fourms and was amazed to so many good people and posts here and i am going to stay here and interact more often. i am looking for an enlightened person with whom i cud talk few things abt my life and help me fulfill my life purpose. finding someone like that would be amazing. I can't live this worldly life any longer.

  • hello all im not sure how to start. l think my maine question would be, is it bad or something like that to read your own cards ? is there a special way to do it? because the first time i did it i sat accross from my babypcituer , shuffled the deck then delt then out . then read them from the baby pic side. i know i sound crazy but ever since child hood in my mind isee two little girls playingon a blanket in the sand with bucket and as

    hovel the girls knoww about the other how evr er there is aman or something withh a hose like thing like sucking or feeding off the girls making wholes in the back of there heads. i think the girls are somehow me? anyway has anyone ever heard of such a thing ?? or can any1 offer advice as to ewhat cuorse to take thanks

  • HI ALL,

    I am new to this forum, and very excited about it all of you are so frindly and nice, I had several readings in 2004 and 2005 done by a friend I have moved to a different state since then would like to get a reading by any of you who is willing to help me. XOXO

  • could u tell me is it bad luck to do a close member of your families cards?

  • thanks

  • im sagitarius. dob.... 18/12/1969 born and 11 am . what does my money situation have in store for me????

  • I'm new, but I don't have psychic abilities and do not know how to read tarot, but I would like a reading on an existing relationship if possible...I posted it too good to be true...

  • Hello All,

    I dont know how to be in a forum so if you have advice please feel free to give suggestions. I am so happy with, I have been guided sometimes in ways that I know were truly "tuned in", TRUE, like help from heaven~I am into the Morgan Greer Deck lately and I think I am about to do a reading because I am at a cross-roads of a life time, and I went against the laws of my universe (made a VERY bad choice) and I am terrified that I have done myself in, really. It was the worst thing at the worst time, and I did it. I feel like Im a lost cause because of this, and I need a reading to help me. Does anyone here help with this type of stuff? I can do my own reading, but, it would be wonderful to have another loving soul help me as I have fallen.

  • Hi

    I have been taught how to read Tarot by one of my best friends who recommended me to come here to this site. I am a Gemini and I usually relate to the major acania card: Strength

  • Hello everyone! I'm excited to be a part of this forum 🙂 I've been studying tarot for about two years but there's still so much to learn! I use Thoth and Osho Zen decks ... The artwork of these decks speaks volumes to me. My favorite card is probably The World.. Or perhaps The Fool.. It's difficult to choose a favorite, since they've all spoken to me at some time or another.

    I like to use the cards as a tool for introspection. I also enjoy reading for others when I have the chance. I look foward to getting to know you all!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey all!

    My name is Bryan and this is my first time to the forums. I'm still learning about Tarot and looking forward to getting to know you all!

  • Hi my name is honeykat

    I dont do cards I just know things.



  • could i ask for advice

  • would you be willing to help me with some questions?

  • I'm silverwitch (Vicki). I'm a witch (mainly a solitary practitioner, and I'm not a Wiccan) and my hair is turning an interesting shade of silver, hence the name. 😉

    I'm an empathic intuitive reader and use the Tarot as a launching point. I don't normally use the "traditional" RW deck because the imagery in it doesn't speak to me. Until recently, I've been using the Fairy Ring Oracle but my husband bought me Ciro Marchetti's newest creation and I absolutely LOVE them! I use them most of the time now.

    My great-grandmother was clairvoyant. I sometimes just "know" stuff. Always have. Like many people, I ignored and suppressed those things for many years. However, about 2.5y ago my entire life changed shortly after I reconnected with someone from my past -- all hell broke loose! We're talking Kundalini rising type stuff in a major way. I'm actually not very comfortable discussing that with people yet because it makes me feel like a freak. Despite all the reading and research I've done over the last two years, I don't really understand what's happening to me or why. 😕

  • hi, i have been on this site for awhile now but have never joined in to a topic before. i was reading through about the relationships with cancer. i have been dating a cancer man for a couple months now. i was wondering if anyone could help me with a free reading about this relationship? any in-site at all into my relationship with him would be deeply appreciated. my date of birth is: 9/23/60 and his is: 6/23/63 thank you

  • Good Morning,

    I have been reading tarot for years. This past year I have lost my job(general manager) which I have been doing for 18yrs. I have lost my boyfriend to brain cancer and street drugs. He ad the surgery, the cancer was gone, it left him angry and quite difficult. My life was so involved with him, that mu job and my youngest son. It has been 4months since we broke up and I can't seem to get over him. I have been married three times and I really believe he was my soul mate. Please give me a reading to see if I will ever be happy again. Birth date 10/02/1948 Born Penna. 4:31 am US Blondey

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