Should I stay or go from my Scorpio man?

  • I’ve been with my bf on and off for 3yrs now. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ride to say the least. I think it’s probably because he’s now far away and so we’ve been in a long distance relationship for about 2yrs now. Well a few months back I left him for what I thought or felt was disloyalty. One of his female friends who happens to be an ex disrespected me and I retaliated and then told him how she was trying to start something with me. He went off on ME telling me that he wasn’t going to deal with this only to deal with it and in my eyes kiss her butt. He talks to other ex’s and no problem but this one for some reason rubs me the wrong way and I just feel she’s fake and did this because she still wants him. He’s told me in the past she’s just a friend and nothing more and HELL NO will he ever want her back and if he wanted to hide anything from me he would’ve never told me about her at all. I decided we should just be friends but he told me he can’t see me as “just a friend” which hurts considering he’s friends with other ex’s including her. Well after he did that I wrote him a long heartfelt email breaking up with him because I won't tolerate disloyalty at all. Not even a month passed (2 weeks) and he was emailing me and texting me. After ignoring him like a week after he sent it I replied. We argued then talked on the phone and then made up. He claimed he didn’t know she said what she did (which I don’t really buy) and he went on to say and call her ugly things, so ugly I told him not to talk about her like that. He told me to please remove all doubt out of my head and he loves me. The next few months were peaceful and loving. He was different like he would go out of his way to make me happy and things that would set him off no longer did. Then last month while I had an emotional moment I said something and he went off on me. Apparently he took his anger out on me because he’d just gotten some bad news about his family. (I didn’t know this prior) Well in an angry email to me he brought her up again and talked about how I like his other friends but not her and how he’ll still talk to his old friends and that includes her too (they share a lot of mutual friends) and that she’s just a friend and that’s all she’ll ever be and told me that I need to let go of the past in order for us to work. He didn’t actually tell me what the family issue was until later in another email. He had told me to keep in mind that he wrote the email when he was angry. He once told me earlier in our relationship that there will be times when he acts bitter towards me but to remember that he loves me. He still holds some info back from me about his past and it bothers me especially since he’s talked about wanting to marry me many times before and we were once engaged. I’m beginning to feel emotionally drained after all these years. Since this happened it makes me wonder, am I just wasting time with him? Should I believe she is just a friend in his eyes? Should I let him go for good or do I trust him and believe that he loves me?

  • go withyour gutt feeling on this, i get the impression that he does love you very much, but if things are making you wonder and there is an ounce of doubt how will it change that if you are marraide, being that he still chats with ex girlfreinds and the one that rubs you the wrong way, it sounds to me that if he is still chatting with ex girlfreinds its because they have issues relating to him, for some reason, he feels maybe that he would rather be freinds with them and still keep you as his lover, i think that it should be freinds lovers and everything in a relationship, and only you and he matter the rest comes in after, men are like politicians and want to be the boss, well maybe not all men, you do what you feel is best for you, and stick to your guns, 2years is a long time, any wonder you are drained, i dont think that the relationship is for you even though he loves you, but its your decision in the end, no one can really tell you what to do as much seems hidden, hang in their and some one else may have better advice than me, i dont want to tell you what you would like to hear, only what i feel.and what i have read gives me some insite into this, others could be creating an issue for you that needs not to be an issue if you trust him, if you feel you cant and it will cause more trouble than its worth you know what you must do, the answers are their you have them, you just need to trust yourself here, hope this helps a bit love and blessings to you

  • Thank you so much I appreciate your insight. Sadly after 3 years of being there for him and loving him and comforting him and helping him when no one else would, I have decided to end this relationship once and for all. It hurts but I know it's the right thing for me to do. I prayed and thought about it and my intuition is strongly telling me to move on. He was cheating on me online and even though in his eyes it may have be just cyber fun, behind the other side is another person. I feel betrayed but I felt something was going on and I also found out he has been lying to me. I wonder if those I love you’s were ever real. One thing is for sure, that I deserve better than this and he can have his cyber gf’s that’s fine but I’m not going to stay to see it or even want to be his friend. He told me long ago trust me trust me and I find out he’s been lying about a lot of things. He’s been dealing with so many bad things and I can’t help but wonder if it’s Karma. Good things have been happening to me recently and I just have this feeling that things will get better for me in time. I just need to go through all this hurt and learn from my lesson. This man was a liar and cheater and I believe his sign has nothing to do with his flawed personality. I wish him well though but I am forever done with him and I know he won’t believe me because I’ve always taken him back but this time around after knowing what I do, and my intuition being so strong I will not. He lost a real loving, loyal and devoted woman who got tired of making excuses for him. Thank you for your blessings and may anyone else who goes through something like this stay strong.

  • CapriquarianMonkey, I feel you here. The thing I find with my scorpio is that he is never wrong. Does this happen with you?

  • Alot of times I feel that he doesn't love me. He can really put you down when he wants to. But unless he admits to doing something wrong himself (in other words, don't let ME bring up his mis-steps), it's is one of the most frustrating, undermining experiences I've ever experienced in my life.

  • He’ll admit when he’s wrong sometimes and will also say sorry but it’s so hard for him to do it, it’s like it takes a lot out of him and he’s almost embarrassed by it. He’ll actually say sorry sometimes and sometimes he’ll do something super sweet as his little way of apologizing. He’s so open with me about his deepest feelings but at the same time I can’t get over what I saw. In fact right now he is trying to convince me that his cyber flirting was harmless fun and not his fault that some females take his flirting as more serious and his actions should prove his love and loyalty to me. He keeps telling me to get rid of doubt but it’s pretty hard when I see another woman leaving messages saying she loves him. Granted he didn’t say I love you back or call her babe or sweetheart or love like he does with me but still what gave her the impression that he was more than “just a friend” and compelled her to say those 3 words. I know he is just stringing these other girls around just for the sheer sport of it because he is insecure and has this need to have this female following and women throwing themselves at him to constantly feed his ego. I still think it’s wrong and you shouldn’t play with someone’s heart or mislead them. Right now he is doing everything he can to keep me but I’m really sick and tired of his games. He can be possessive and controlling and the very thought of me going for good has him acting even crazier. He tells me to please understand that the internet is not real and if I want he’ll delete his social network accounts if that will make me happy. He’s claiming if I leave he’s lost and doesn’t know what he’ll do and he loves me and me only. That to me is a type of emotional manipulative controlling method. Then I think, am I being too harsh to him? He claims I drive him crazy sometimes but he really does love me. But there we go again, turning it around and being the victim when really he’s the executioner.

  • Woah...when in doubt, DON'T!

  • I did decide to leave and move on but hold off on dating for the time being. I figured I didn't want 3 more years to pass by if he wasn't being loyal and true to me or if I felt he wasn't. Long story short he's still reaching out to me and I don't know if he's trying to guilt me into going back but he tells me he's so depressed. I'm trying to ignore his texts, emails and calls. It's tough but I have to do this. He should've not taken me for granted and hide things. We could've had a good life together and it's his loss and I know he knows this, but oh well.

  • Ha! It seems sometimes that reaching out is a persons way of plain out not taking responsibility for their own actions. Like..oh! I'm scared...are they mad at me? blah blah blah...KissaFrog is sick of it in Alabama! While I was not with someone anywhere near three years this time, the interest was definately all there...I think sometimes that people think it's ok to break and run, and then when they are finished with THEIR fling...they want to come running back with oh i'm soooo sorry, I was just so and so and I promise I havn't been with anyone else...&...blah blah, blah, blah (cussword) BLAH!!!!

  • True some people just don't realize that there is consquences to your actions and being untrue and lying are not characteristics that anyone should tolerate in a relationship. There are good guys/women out there but there are also a lot of jerks. It seems like when you leave and completely ignore them even though it's hard to do then they realize oh sh!+ I really messed up and when they see you aren't coming back maybe then they'll change. He should go cry to his cyber gfs because I'm not having it. He emailed recently saying how much he misses me and loves me and keeps mentioning how he wants to spend life with me. I don't reply but I did block his email, crazy thing is that he's emailing me through another email. Hmm either he created a new account or has had this one that I wasn't aware of. Either way each day I get stronger and move on. He's the one who can't let go at this point.

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