Capri & Leo - 2yrs & counting??

  • I'm in a relationship with a capricorn for more than 2 years (nearly 3). He has been really caring, attentive to my needs and all. Everyone sees us (even I myself) as a potential husband and wife to be.

    However, recently I begin to discover my expectations for my bf. Perhaps because he is my 1st bf that I discover what kind of people I really want and that he doesnt seems to fit into these expectations that I have.

    I have been thinking of breaking up with him as, no matter how great a person he is, I feel that he may not be the one that I am looking for. But I am afraid that I might make the wrong decision and regret in the future.

    Would really appreciate for some love advice, esp those who with similar experiences.. and also, a love reading between me (Leo, 1st Aug 1987) and him (Capricorn, 24 Dec 1983). Thank you! =D


  • I am married to a Cap for 9 years I have no regrets

    although I wish he would loosen up with work LOL

    You said it yourself it's been great, so what exactly he does that doesn't fit your expectations?

    My Cap wasn't the first BF I had

    but this is my first marriage and his first one too

    I wouldn't give up something that works, especially after what we both went through with

    other people

    I was close to your age when I married him, 25.

    You should count your blessing

    that he is your first BF and yet it's all smooth for 3 years

    anyway I will leave it to you to make that decision

    but whatever you choose to do, remember that you don't know what you have, until it's gone

    I can pull out something on Monday or Tuesday,

    if you know your birth time/location and his

    DOB alone is not always enough

  • Hi leoscorpion,

    Thank you for the advice and Im really looking forward to your readings. For now, I could only give you my birth time as 1445 and location as Singapore. I am not sure about his birth time, but he's definitely born in Singapore too. I hope this helps?

    Yes. the relationship has been pretty much smooth-sailing and I am really blessed to have him as my bf... I guess I am the one on the demanding side. For e.g. I do not like the way he present himself to people, with the apparent lack of confidence.. Some of these, I did communicate to him about it, and he's open to such communication and would take steps to correct it, which I guess really helps in stabilizing the r/s..

    The problem, however, is that there are some expectations I have of my BF (which I only began to discover during these 3 yrs) which I didnt voice it out and I shall not write it here.. I am pretty sure he will change himself to accommodate to me. But that's not what I want, cause I do not want him to change who he is just because I expect him to behave in that way. I guess this being my first relationship really helps me to discover what kind of person I want to be with in the future... and precisely because this is my 1st relationship and moreover, a smooth-saling one, I am really troubled and confuse whether I'm making the right choice at all. =(

  • Leozoom

    this is as much as I can see about him, without birth time

    he is Capricorn with moon in Leo. He impose himself in a courageous, honest and sharp way. But his sun is in house IV Cancer, this means he adopts certain Cancer traits that tones down his assertiveness and increases his intuitiveness. With Neptune conjuction, he is a dreamer, not much a fighter, you might see lack of assertiveness due to this conjuction too.

    Being Capricorn, he approaches things slowly and cautiously. He does have certain assertiveness, but a quiet / shy one. He believes in what he can see and hold. He works within his means, within possibility. We, on the other hand, tend to dream the impossible and live in lala land. Capricorn is a sign of maturity, his world is cold harsh reality. You will find his confidence and assertiveness rise, after he achieves success, maybe career/ money/ education etc. Allow him time to work on his goals and help him instead of criticizing him, you will see how much he is more confident and assertive after he reaches success. He will be very greatful of your support, and you can imagine how well he will treat you, since now he is already a supportive and caring person 🙂

    Your Cap is your 6th sign. He is always eager to provide for you (in relationship sense), work for you (in business sense). No wonder he is caring and supportive 🙂 He will do anything for you, anything in his power to bring you joy and comfort. You are his 8th sign. He is attracted to you, he sees your confidence, the way you bring yourself as s exy. It's the kind of attraction that starts on the physical plane and gets deeper as he knows you better. You may want to break up with him, but in this situation, he will not give it up easily. He will eventually, but then it's possible he will end up on the other extreme, such as hating you.

    His Mars is in Libra. Probably the least ambitious Cap you've ever known. But as I said he does have certain assertiveness, only quiet / shy. He will only grow more confident and assertive as he gains more success in his life.

    You, however, has assertiveness and confidence written all over you. Your Mars and Venus are in Leo, you have high expectations (for you it's not high, but for others it may be too high), ready to combat challenges and completes projects that come your way. You are protective to friends and loved ones (you don't see it that way, but by communicating with him your expectations, you are actually protecting him from those who will take advantage of his lack of assertiveness). You are bold and impose yourself forcefully, he is courageous and impose himself with sharp intelligence but not force. You have Mars conjunction, which all the more adds to your assertiveness and determination. You tend to dominate in friendship and relationship, you feel you know what is better for everyone. But your moon in Libra makes your charm irresistible, it is not difficult for you to be popular and sought for.

    Based on the elements in the chart, he is more balanced than you are. You have 7 fire signs, 1 earth, 1 air, 2 water. He has 4 fire, 3 water, 2 earth, 3 air. If anything, relationship with him will evolve you to a higher level of understanding and appreciation. That is, of course, if you are willing to stay in it. He is earth sign, they don't change easily. But when they do, it will be profound change, you won't probably recognize the new him. Fire signs, is always go go go, racing against time - as if such a thing is possible LOL it's true that we have to act fast to grab opportunities but we also have to be ready so that we know what to do with the opportunity on hand. Take your time and consider.

    I hope this helps. This is just your first relationship, consider it learning phase about Capricorn in general. If you get to know his birth time, give me a shout.

  • Hey leoscorpio,

    i feel lost and maybe you can help me. I was dating a leo man for almost 3 years and we broke up about three months ago, we kept in touch, but it feels like this is it.. I know i should just move on but i felt he was the one for me. I am a capricorn and he is a leo. I know i have to move on but can you help to give me a little insight on our compatibility my birthday is jan 2.1985 he is aug. 14 1986... I feel so lost without my leo....

  • lostcappy if you can give me his birth time and location, and yours, it will help more

    thing is, he may be a leo, but his rising will influence him, among many other planetary positions in his chart. without his birth time, I can't see his rising, or yours.

    I will pull out something tomorrow night so if you have the info before then, it will be great.

    if not, I will try do my best OK?

  • Leoscorpio,

    Real thanks for your analysis. It's really very accurate and describe the kind of feeling I am experiencing now.

    Btw, I've managed to get his birth time as 1422hr.

    Since you have already bring out some pointers, I might as well tell you one of the more important expectation I have of him.. and that is, to be assertive, confident of himself and set goals by comparing himself with the best, which I find it lacking in him. Of cos, I do appreciate his caring-ness and how he tries to give in everything to me, but somehow this is not as important as the expectations I discover I may have of my future husband... and communicating this to him will only hurt him and which is what I do not want..

    In the meantime, I will think thrice before making a decision...

    As a side point, do have a great V'day with your hubby and stay happy always! =D

  • Leozoom

    I am glad that you will give it a consideration at least.

    Meanwhile, here is one more thing I can pull out, based on the birth time:

    Interesting. the two risings have the same relationship with the sun signs. He certainly is ready to provide for you and support you, and continue to do so.

    But with Taurus rising increases his surefootedness, adding stubbornness and perseverance. He will stick to a project until it is completed, and will be hard to distract him from it. This also means it's harder for him to change as he likes to take his time completing things and his motto will be more or less 'slow but steady'.

    He has 4 fire, 3 water, 3 earth, 1 air. It's still more balanced than you are. But I can see now how much it can annoy you. The change you want to see in him, may take longer than expected. It will take a lot of patience from your side.

    Anyway I hope this helps. and thanks for the best wish. We will be spending time alone on V day, of course then if there is money opportunity, hubby will grab it 🙂 but hopefully we can spend at least 6 hrs together and I will be cooking something special.

  • Yes, of cos it helps alot! having more opinions and consideration pointers are always better.. =D

    But this is going to be a real challenge and turning point in my life 😞

    HAHA! factoring the sleeping hrs, you will definitely be able to spend at least 6hrs together winks

  • LeoZoOm -- I have a sister that dated her husband from 14 years of age until about 27-28 years of age! A couple of years before they got married, he got interested in another woman. He didn't cheat on my sister, but broke up with her to have a "fling" with this other woman, just to understand what it would be like to be with someone else. Neither of them had been in a serious relationship before the other. So, in turn, my sister had a "fling" of her own to get back at him and make him jealous. (She seriously regrets this.)

    This really hindered their possibility of getting back together. There was a huge mis-trust from my sister to him after that. Anyway, after a lot of begging, pleading, and proving that my sister was the one that he loved, she took him back. (Hence, they're now married.) But it didn't help their relationship. She will always be wary of his intentions, and that always leaves the possibility of her pushing him away. Their trust level will never be as it once was.

    On the surface, they have the perfect little family, and perfect marriage. Deep down, she will never trust him. The point I'm making is: He thought he could do better than he had with my sister. This other woman could not even compare to what he wanted in a lover/mate/wife. I think that overall, they have one of the best relationships that I've witnessed in today's society, but it will never be what it would have been if he would have just been patient to see that she was everything that he really ever wanted.

    Not sure if this helped, but I hope so. 🙂 Good luck with what you do choose. When I read your story, this is what popped in my head to share with you. I do know, though, that you have to be completely happy with the person that you're with in order to spend the rest of your life with them (and be happy). So, like leoscorpion says, be patient. Make sure you make your choice wisely, and with everything thoroughly thought through. 🙂 You may just have the "Mr. Right" right around the corner, but think it all through. Only you will know.

  • "But this is going to be a real challenge and turning point in my life :("

    Hahahah, yep ! It took me roughly 2 years to understand him and his way of doing things too. But my Sun is in Cap house, so it's easier for me to understand Caps because to some degree I do think like them. It's not really a lot of influence, but it helps.

    You have a lot more fire sign influence in your chart than I do. You certainly are right, it is going to be a real challenge. If anything, you will come out of it gaining deeper understanding about yourself and dealing with Caps in particular.

    Many interesting things I can point out between you and I, your Cap and mine, and then the relationships in general. But it's not necessary, you have enough on your plate to think about. Whether you break up with him or not, I wish you the best.

    "HAHA! factoring the sleeping hrs, you will definitely be able to spend at least 6hrs together "

    I'm hoping so LOL all this time, due to his ambitions, if we do spend 6 hrs it would be when we sleep 🙂 I'm aching to have a baby, he is all gung-ho about his business LOL oh well 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your own V day, with or without your Cap 🙂

  • Hi Amantim,

    I never thought anyone would really be interested in my story (except of cos Leoscorpion) and in turn share with me theirs.. I am really surprise to see your reply and it's really heart-warming. Your story has indeed give me another perspective into my current r/s. and Yes, that is what I am afraid of, of thinking there's someone better out there and regretting later.. that's why I am still thinking it through..

    I was talking to one of my trusted friend about it, and she said, "are you happy when you're with him" and I replied, "yes I do. I feel very comfortable and happy being around with him." and this left me wondering, what is the goal of a relationship that will lead to marriage? One perspective is of cos, as long as both parties are happy together.. and another, I feel, is that you have at least find someone who fits your expectations of a perfect hubby.. dont know if I am making sense here.. but yea..

    Anws, I'm really glad that I've joined this forum. It really helps me alot in dealing with the current r/s... =D

  • let go of expectation and enjoy what you have, except he for who he is trust and be happy, goodluck to you and many blessings

  • Leoscorpion,

    Despite the few posts that we've exchanged, I feel that you are really someone whom I trust and am most willing to hear advice from.. esp given your experiences. If you have further insights or experience to share, I do not mind hearing about. Seriously, this is a tough decision, especially since my Cap didnt do anything wrong...

    If eventually I were to break with him, it wont be so soon.. cause I'm really concern about his studies as his emotional state is very critical during this period of time.

    Hahha! Interestingly, I would like my hubby-to-be to be really ambitious and successful in his career. But, if I were to have a Gung-Ho hubby like yours, I guess I will complain too... Contradiction ehs. Dont worry, precisely because he cares about you that he is working hard to provide and support you! Jiayou on working towards having your 1st child! Waiting for your good news ehs ^_^

  • Leozoom

    yeah. you got that right. in general, as leo's 6th sign, they are eager to provide for us, work for us. Hubby being Cap and Saturn conjucts, it is said he is Cap through and through. Hence the Cap traits are increased. His ambition (shy and quiet too, but at a higher level than your Cap) being one of them. He is always a busy body LOL chasing opportunities. He turns social event to opportunities too 🙂 it's annoying but I have gotten used to it now.

    that's really nice you concern about him. being fire sign, we are expressive. but he isn't. he shows you his love by providing and supporting you. nonetheless, the break up will hurt him. he may end up hating you, although I don't see tendency to violence but who knows. I know though, he won't give up easily. He will keep trying to make you take it back. In fact he may force himself to change right away, to satisfy you. But this change won't last and you will feel guilty.

    In my early years of marriage we had a lot of fights. I even wanted a divorce, but it never happened. He wasn't expressive, but he didn't give up either. I left the house a few times, he didn't stop me, but he followed me making sure I was not hurt. When I came back, he was there with open arms. That's how they do things. Slow and subtle, not with force. Boy I learned a lot in those 2 years LOL and he learned about me too 🙂

    Gotta go now for work. don't know what it means but it sounds like best wishes. Thanks!

  • LeoZoOm -- I'm glad that I was able to give you a different perspective. When making choices in life, we need to remember different perspectives, not just the one we are "stuck on", so to speak. I am tickled pink when I can help someone (if that's what I did..:-))

    What I am getting for you right now is to enjoy what you have. Live with the now. I feel that if something else comes into your life that is THAT obvious to pull you away from your current man, you will know it and see it. If so, enjoy it. If not, enjoy it. We put entirely too much into worry. Thought-provoking questions are one thing, but don't worry too much that it hurts you. I'm not necessarily saying that you are doing this. I'm saying that it could lead to that.

    I don't want to insult you and say that other people would die to have what you have. Only YOU know if he is what you want and if he makes you happy. Sometimes it does take time. Sometimes, time answers a lot. He may just bloom into that eager man that you desire. He may not, and you may stumble upon this "man of your dreams". Either way, just enjoy.

  • Thanks leoscorpion, and Amantim!

    Nice meeting you guys, despite on the cyberspace. LOL

    Hope to see you guys ard in the forum.

    Being a 1st-timer in the forum who received a lot of help and advice. I hope that, like you guys, I can share my experiences with others and help them too. =D

  • you're welcome leozoom

    if you need more info about leo-cap, you can reach me here

    sometimes I respond to a lot of threads in a day

    some threads just don't show up on my list anymore after some time

    but I'm always on that thread and there are 2 more astrologers you can reach there too

    ScarsandStars and HiPriestess

    it's a nice thread to have fun too 🙂 and welcome aboard

  • You're welcome Leozoom! Welcome to a great group of very helpful and friendly people. I really feel like this is the place I can come to when I need some true insight or a good friend. 🙂

  • i dont know his birth time mine is 3:55am his birth location is houston,tx mine is laredo,tx....please help

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