Please can someone help a troubled leo and aries

  • hi there

    I am having some relationship stress, and wonder if someone can give advice on compatibility or somethins - i am a leo 3 aug 71 and he is aries 22 mar 69

    thanks UBB

  • Hi UBB,

    Have you tried the free compatibility reading on My birthdate is also 8/3 & my husband's 3/29, close to your partner. The compatibility reading I got was very accurate. As a leo, my pride has always gotten in the way of my progress & aries men get bored quickly. Leos want to be loyal and expect loyality. Aries are so goal oriented & thrill seekers they sometimes don't think of possible bad consequences. However, they usually learn quickly from their mistakes. I don't believe the "once a cheater always a cheater" theory but if he has cheated before or does again then it's a pattern & you will have to decide whether to end it.

  • thank you little lioness I will try that - hes had an affair and we are currently seperated

    its a mess

    all the tarot info I have had from guys on here indicates we will gt back together but currently its a right mess




  • ultrablond

    I can pull out something for you, if you have birth time and location

    it won't tell you much about the future, whether he will cheat again or not

    I see that you have received psychic reading

    maybe it's best to ask them again

  • I dont have a birth time but location was gloucestershire uk for both of us



  • Ok he is cusp Pisces Aries

    there is no birth time so I can't find rising sign

    I'll go with what I can find :

    He is sensual, somewhat laid back but strong willed. You like to explore the foreign, the unknown, and likes to travel. He leads a passionate life, easily led by brief and sudden passions. Uncontained enthusiasm, making promises he can't keep. He is a free spirit, dislikes the bounds of norms and principles. Life with him may be passionate but may not lead to commitment.

    You like to protect those you love, and desire to enjoy life to the fullest. You have high expectations in love, probably too high for your partner to fulfill. If he can't fulfill your expectation, he may end up leaving you or the relationship, feeling that you need to find someone who can do so. You can be independent in a social setting, but you prefer changes than the status quo.

    He is a cusp I will pick Pisces as sun sign for compatibility. So let's see it here :

    You are attracted to him physically, and it gets deeper as you get closer. You will do anything for him, you are willing to support and provide for him be it protection, money and also commit yourself to him. But he is a mystery to you, and has the tendency to manipulate you. Your relationship is one of passion, but not one that has the best chance to last. The mysteries are intriguing, you are always compelled to find out more about him and his life, but unless he is willing to open up you will never get to know who he really is. Therefore he can keep manipulating you into providing and surrender to him, until you save yourself from this relationship.

    That's all I can get. If you want more, give Hipriestess and ScarsandStars a shout on the Men of Zodiac thread.

  • Thank u Leo scorpion

  • youre welcome

    hope you can find solution to this

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