A nudge in a certain direction?

  • i was just wondering if someone could give me some information on where my life is going recently, and how my psychic abilities are doing in terms of being practiced and accurate.


    also, any information you could give concerning alien influences or triangles or trees or lightning would be very very helpful, i'm sure.

    thaaaanks. ❤

  • also, i may be a prophet or clairvoyant or something of that nature and i was wondering how prevalent that whole area is over my life.

    ha, thanks.

  • bump?

  • Hi Lightningshaman,

    I read your other post, very cool stuff. You absolutely need to learn centering, grounding, and energy work since you are an empath, which I understand is common with indigo and crystals. You can research this on the online, look up empath and indigo. I have been psychic my whole life and just found out about empaths. I am sure I am empathic and have most indigo traits and I'm pretty old so thats wierd. I have such a strong urge right now that I am supposed to be doing something-who knows what - I just assume I will know when the time is right. I am wondering if you feel this strong urge as well, and how many others may be feeling this as well, I imagine lots. The energy work is very important for you now. Hope this helps a little bit. There are lots of helpful great people here, its a cool forum. Good luck.

  • As far as being praticed or accurate...you may "practice" on this forum. There are some lovely people on this forum who would love to hear your insight.

    I do not know how old you are Lightiningshaman; for, Shamans can be Male or Female, I have noticed personally that when my hormones are out of "WHACKED" I can pick up on things ie. I use to be able to hold items in my hand and tell what that person was about. I also had prophetic dreams when I was pregnant and afterwards ( my hormones did not settle until I got on the NUva Ring and prayed that my dreams would go away.

  • gjay: i have been feeling the pressing need to get something important done! me and a bunch of my friends, actually. the other day i woke up from a dream and i knew that there was something i needed to read or learn but it slipped out of my brain the second i woke up.

    the thing about energy work and me is, i always feel as though i'm not in a stable enough environment for doing things like meditating or centering, and i don't wanna start and flake out halfway through. but i could be making mountains out of molehills...

    i am pretty sure i'm an indigo child though, with crystal tendencies, if that's possible.

  • pilot: i'm 17, and the hormone thing actually makes a lot of sense. i'm male, also, but my feminine energies are definitely more prominent than my male.

  • lighteningshaman: i get the impression that you could become a good lightworker, and healer, your female side is the gentle side and enables you to commuinicate with people on a subbtle level your male side would enable you to work in situations also where the strenght of male is needed, meditation, is really important for any one at any time, but for those who would like to pursue the journey( as i call it spiritually we are all spiritual in different way)towards helping heal humanity and even the animals,and the earth,this could be your calling, so young and such a lot of time to

    start reading about spiritual enlightment, and holistic approach, also learning infinite wisdom, find a good teacher and get going on it, you will grow in leaps and bounds as for meditation there are ways around that and places you can go to do that by yourself, think about it and use your energy wisley.

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