For CharmedWitch and Stonyeye (Arrrr!)

  • I didn't want to interrupt the fun and games of the other post but wanted to reply without insulting anyone who is enjoying themselves there--and forgive my sense of seriouseness when others feel like play as it's just some of us are feeling the power of the stars right now and I wanted to at least validate that for those who can use it before it wanes.


    you don't need to apologize other than you are not the most "diplomatic" person--you react but your irritation was not so off base and Arrrr my Pirate (stoneyeye) I think you missed nothing other than Spirit says right now there is a really good star moon boost in the Sky and use this energy you feel to really make a change you've been working towards--good weekend to get things done and you will have oodles of good can do motivation so channel it well spent because it won't last but by then you will have started the ball rolling. Nothing wrong with playing guessing games--there's online poker too---if entertainment is your purpose enjoy. Arrrrrr! Are you smiling yet Stoneyeye? I know I'm usually poker face but smart a-s-s begets smart a-s-s! I would of passed on by that post with the catty title but I guess the Pirate has friends in high places! I'm going to use this extra boost to get some old projects completed. Wishing you some happy completions as well! Blessings!

  • Ooohhhh! Lol! I see. Blmoon, The big lightbulb has appeared over my head. I thought the person who created the thread was just really young and was feeling knd of sorry for them. Hmmm..... now that I go back and read, I see there was perhaps a lot of cattyness there and I was being gullible! Not the first time for me. Arrrrr! Thanks matey for setting me straight. Now, I'm going to throw on the ol' wooden leg and set out to do good things this weekend! Thanks for this post Blmoon. I wasn't sure what was going on before. Take care you two! x

  • Blmoon thanx so much. I think i need to use what one guy once said. CWB in ur face truth, if u cant hack it dont ask it lololol.

    anything for me on the moon planets ladida, i feel sigh kinda sort discouraged depressed hmm mayb i oughta scream SHIVER ME TIMBERS AAARRR ARRRRR or

    par ... parl... parlous ... parlib ..... parrot ..... parley ..........damnit where is CAPTAIN jack sparrrow when ya need him AARRRR

    oh no look, the pirates gotten me too arrrr LMAO

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