I would love to have a reading... (the more, the better!)

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  • Hi Alenabrz.

    I see you did not get a reading. I can not get a reading, but can tell you a bit about my own experience.

    To me, I have stopped searching for a career, because of my extreme need for isolation and to focus on my inner voyage. I therefore work constantly, but with nothing that has to do with a certain career target. I am a professional, but just because I have tried many jobs. I have worked as a secretary-for-hire since 2004 now. And now I am like a cameleon. I can do anything anywhere. Lawyers office, public office, private satelite company - you name it! how did I do it? I pressurised myself. I forced myself. I was "arrogant" with the I-am-best-attitude. I was brave and jumped into any job I had never done before.

    I also have worked as a teacher for a course called job-club - a course in how to get a job.

    I understand what you mean by you feel time is passing by. But just live in the now. What is your dream? What do you want? What are your skills? What are your dreams to achieve? What is your achilles heal? Know yourself. On interviews the head hunters are sometimes really "mean" in search for the best one. The questions they ask are: Tell me about yourself. What are your goals in life? What career goals do you have? What kind of person are you? How do you handle conflicts? Would you say that you are a daring person? Or are you more careful in how you approach things? What about people? How do you handle "difficult" people?

    Ahem, it is not always that one really know the answers to these questions.

    Although initially it is the application they look at to see who they want to interview and not. It is the application that in many cases are the first impression. So it is important that it does not have spelling mistakes, and also to be able to write a "proffesional" application. To portray yourself as a nice person aswell as skillfull. Sociable as well as experienced or educated. Educated is an experience, so the trick there is how to portray it. For example portray it as a skill, not just list up a course you took or a study you took.

    Hope you are still here and that you will get a reading soon. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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