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  • My money situation is really bad. Do u see any changes soon before I drown altogether. Mare

  • Hi

    Contact ur bank n ask them to help u set up a budget. That may help.

    best of luck


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  • Marerose,

    I am in the same situation as you. My financial situation was great for many years till recently. I lost my job, suffered losses in trading market, my savings are all drained etc. Had to charge my credit card for a plane ticket home because my little brother passed away ( no regrets in doing this though, not complaining at all). All this happened in such a short time. I am worried that I will get into trouble soon with if I don't find a fast solution.

    I am trying to stay strong and face this setbacks. I believe that the universe is testing me and there is a blessing in disguise. I am putting my trust and faith that soon, this will all be over and I will be okay. In the meantime, I have to ride this storm and be positive.

    Be strong, you are not alone.

  • dont be too proud as to picking up a little extra cash. I mean offer to p/u dog poo in the nieghbor hood, and do it cheap. things like that. I have a friend that is always griping about being broke and not haveing a place to live and no this,no that, but when offered a free bike, she passes on it because " it just isnt her style". she passes on invites to make money, digging up my backyard( i'm not talking real hard work here, just debri that needs moved around) and wants to borrow some! so what I am saying, little things add up to alot, when u are broke.

    Find something u can do that everyone in the community needs...and put a smal price on it, or better yet, the barter system.You might end up with some very good contacts and things/services that you need. Free Trade, ya know? Peace!!!

  • If it's a mortgage, take advantage of the government's refinance program. Sometimes if it's dragging you down like an anchor, letting go may be the only option(like if the house's value has dropped to the point where you paid more for it than the current worth). These are hard times and sometimes sacrifice is called for. Let go of anything that isn't essential--cable, subscriptions, little luxuries like 6 dollar mochas. I would advise anyone to pay down their credit if possible and don't succumb if you don't have credit. If you have a second car, sell it. If you have things just taking up space--sell them. Take in a lodger if you have a spare room(If you live in a college town, students are always looking for housing). If you pay for child care(so expensive!), set up a neighborhood child care exchange. Cook from scratch. forgo fast food. If you like convenience, cook in bulk on the weekends and freeze in dinner-size portions. Use coupons when shopping. Shop at Dollar stores and thrift stores. Barter for things you need on barter sites. Buy movies previously viewed instead of renting--you can always turn around and sell them. Find ways to save energy. If you are so far in debt that you can't swim, wipe the slate clean with a bankruptcy. Pride is a commodity you can't afford in this economy. Good luck!

  • I am sending you all love Lola, and another Angelic word to focus on, Trinka 5, for money. I understand these hard times myself, and have had to work very hard as well. I still would like to share these words. I wish the best for us all. Lola, and Tavano for winning at games of chance. This is not a game, just a belief system that works for me, and I have been very grateful for the faith that keeps pushing me forward. I also realize that words have power, so I am just passing along a little info that has carried me through with my faith and perseverance, and believe me I need all the faith I can muster at times. Lola.

  • Thank U

  • I do have ajob it is just my husbands business not doing well And my salary got cut due to medical insurance payments going up. so I am behind in everything

  • You are not alone, feeling the crunch at my place too. Got laid off and the job market is just terrible. But for what it's worth I have oddly never been more positive. The struggles are no fun and the worry is still there more often than I would like but over all I have an odd calmness that something will break soon. I hope I'm right, certainly not a message sent my way or anything. I'm just having faith I guess, which is sort of new for me in some ways. You all have played a tremendous role in helping me feel more confident and trust that I'm not alone in this struggle. I guess it's true what they say misery loves company...LOL Anyway, Hang in there everyone. Reach out to your guides and angels and ask for additional help. It may not help but it couldn't hurt.

  • RCdreamer,

    Amen. I couldn't have said it any more eloquently that you just did. Faith. Trust. This life is bigger than us. Ask your angels for help and assistance. As they can see far into the future and coordinate many puzzle pieces together to fall into place for you. You have to show up and take advantage of the opportunities though. That's your job in this "equation".

    Angel blessings.

  • RC - I'm going to be done with my job in a day and a half after being there for 12 1/2 years. The stress of that and having my ex leave me for someone else drove me here. Since I've been here....I've found that I don't worry anymore. Being here has helped me flip this whole situation around and I too have never been more positive and excited about my future. Yes, I am lucky that I will have a severance and savings and get the opportunity to go to school but I can't begin to tell you how scared I was when I started realizing my job was going away. I planned, I budgeted, I made sure I had no extra bills left and I was still freaked out when I found out for sure that it was gone. Now....I don't worry about it because I know in the universe there is an abundance. I trust that if the money in savings runs low, the opportunity will be there for more. So, rather than be afraid of what's coming, I've decided to embrace it, seek the glory in it and be grateful for everything I have. AND....Angelreader....I have been talking with my angels and trying to connect and even though I don't know who they are....I'm pretty sure they are with me. If they aren't, I will nag them until they decide to come back. :0)

  • Aunt Buck, good for you. I hear ya. I think in some ways my family thinks I'm going through some sort of break down because I'm not freaking out about my situation. But like I've told them, I could I guess, but would it serve any purpose, would it resolve my issues, would it make me feel better. I think not. But all of you, you make me feel better. I am so grateful for that blessing.

    I guess what I was trying to convey before is that somehow I've reached a point in my life, which I will admit is a learning curve to me, where I feel I have no other choice than to put these issues in the hands of someone greater than I. If I didn't do that, surely the panic would set in and I'd be a basket case for sure. I say we just take our baby steps, meet each challenge as best we can when it arrives before us and trust that the universe has a greater plan than ours. When all else fails though gang, be like me, make a post, reach out don't let the demons eat you up because they so will try to do that, I believe there are some wonderful people who can or are willing to try to help and if nothing else we make great listeners. I know I for one really need that sometimes. Hope things improve for everyone.......soon.

  • Dearest Aunt Buck, ..."I will nag them until they decide to come back. :0)"

    That is the way of us crabs! Too sweet, too cute. Much love to all. Thanks for the smiles!

  • RC, Pray for stronger faith. It always works! "It may not come when you want it, but it's always on time." Walk by Faith, not be sight. I'm not preaching just know what I know. Trust me I get disappointed sometimes, when things don't go MY Way. But God and the Universe respond on their time. We actually can speak favor and increase into our lives. Just say it out loud. Something good is going to happen today. God has favor in my future. Even with a parking spot. The more you believe, no doubting you are going to see wonderful things happen. Speak Prosperity into your life. But for the greater good of all. It works! Blessings! 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic555. I can't tell you how many times in just the last month I have said things don't happen when we want them to, it's not up to us, in our time....I know you are so right. But the getting there is a challenge. In some ways I feel like a kid in school only this time I'm paying a little better attention to what the teacher has to say.

    All the encouragement is great. I talk about this blog to family & friends all the time. I think they think I'm relying on some weird cult or something. But it's nice to feel like I've met truly good people for a change, people who care, we may not know one another in a next door neighbor kind of way but I feel very blessed to have met so many new friends here.

  • I like your observations about people "griping" about money.... Someone who is too proud (?) or lazy (?) to do menial chores does not want to get out of their money problems. They want someone to rescue them out of their money problems. There is no gift in that for either the rescued or the rescuer. We are all learning financial lessons because of a lack of some important knowlege of the subject. I does one an extreme disservice to deprive them of this opportunity to gain this knowlege. When we embrace these challenges as we embrace our blessings we see that even the "worst luck" can be the best teacher. Brightest blessing to you...

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