Strange recurring dream

  • I've had this strange recurring dream for about 6 nights in a row--in it, I'm auditioning for this show. I always meet interesting people and they're always different, no one I know. It's in a dark theatre. The strange thing is, I never get to the audition, I always wake up. In the dream, people are always asking me things and I get so caught up in answering I never get to the audition ( when I would play piano). What could this possibly mean? (My birth date is 6/26/93, if you need it). Any insights appreciated--thanks!

  • I could analyse this dream piece by piece, but really, the big answer I get here is that you are constantly letting other people rule your life which keeps you from those things in it that will really get your life actually happening. It's like you are auditioning for your own life and "borrowing" other people for inspiration, validation and even PERMISSION for you to take proper part in it. The dark theatre represents that part of your life you dearly want to get to be a part of, but because you are allowing other people to rein you back in, you never get there to see it fully lit up.

    I'll finish up by saying: please stop allowing other people to hold you back, and there is no need to be afraid of your own power and striking out to live your own life. You will thank yourself for breaking free.

    Does this make sense? I sure hope so )

  • Hi

    Can it be that deep deep down u are scared witless to be on stage performing before an audience? many people has that fear n useally its ungrounded.

    So u let conviently these people stall u so u have an excuse not to perform? In sense u allow them to butt in n hinder u?

    if u can u say before u go tto sleep, questioneers on my way to performing on the piano aait till after my performance to askme questions, kindly step out of my way thank u, n i myself do not fear to perform i can do this.

    try it n see what happens

    blessed be

  • Thanks so much, cris1962 and CharmedWitchBente! I agree that I've been letting other people dictate my life, and that has to change. Cris, I've seen that you give readings and you're really good...Do you think you could see what's in the future for my boyfriend and I? Will we stay together? I love him dearly but he's been so distant lately...My birth date is 6/26/93 and his is 3/10/91. Thank you so much!

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