Will Aries men ever stop flirting and settle down?

  • Will an Aries man ever settle down with a Pisces woman and be the true love she has been searching for?

  • hi, my dad is an aries. he is settled down for like over 30 years with my mum. i know what you mean with flirting and stuff. he never flirts in front of my mother (Taurus) but even if he is over 50 now i recognize on him when he wants a woman to like him. and i know that he did cheat on my mum a lot of times. cause he told me he couldnt find certain things in my mum what he found in other woman. i keep it quite egoistic but that is how he is. my mum doesnt know about him cheating. i love my father and i know he loves my mum, he would never leave her, they have a very good relationship, though i still cant get over him cheating on her.

    basically why i dont trust men and dont really want to marry is because of him...

    what is your situation in more details?

  • I met a great guy a few months back. He seemed very genuine. He did everything he could to get me to like him. When I started liking him alot he backed off. So since then, I have come to the conclusion that he wants to play the field, I have let go and gave up trying to win his heart. Now he is back flirting with me and acting like he cares. He even called my house the other night to see if I had made it home from a long trip. Which was the first time in a long time that he has called. I wasn't home, and I did not return the call. My friends tell me that I should hang in there, yet I have those untrusting feelings. I am 50 and he is 61. It is a long story. I just want to know if I should let it go or hold on. I really thought this guy was the one.

  • Well, apparently Aries really like 'the game'. I'm guessing this is especially true for men. Make it a little difficult for him, and once you've got him nibbling the bait, you can hint or flat out say what it is you want. If he runs off, then you know he was just in it for sport.

  • is this guys name keith

  • lol thats so true, u send email wait a day they email you begging, but once you give to much they run..

  • cslow...I did this with an aries male, and I'm an aries female. I flirted and flirted and talked a good game, then he was serious and wanted more out of the friendship and I backed off...Aries people in general want to settle down, we dream about constantly...I'm with a leo now, and he's very sweet, and we make it work..However, in your case, have an astrologer look at both your birth charts to see if there's compatibility...no matter how much you're in love with this person, if it isn't in the "stars"...it isn't meant to be...heartbreaking as that sounds, there's more to his personality than just being born an aries....hope this helps some...

  • cslow>>Will an Aries man ever settle down with a Pisces woman and be the true love she has been searching for?

    Sandran712>>I think Aries are settle down material..LOL..I had an Aries in my life a long time.I am a Cancer .But. it will get rocky the fighting back and forth.I don't think a water sign with an Aries is a match made in heaven.

  • I ent out and dated a pisen, it like water and fire it's simlpe the water doubts the flame.. so generally id say not in all case but generall that is

  • Thank you everyone..I will take into account that we are fire and water signs. And no, Keith is not his name LOL. I will try to get a compatibility chart. Just scared to really hear the outcome I guess.

    Thanks again everyone.

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