Hans I spoke to you the other day and really could do with chatting again

  • Yes you are very right about the difference's we posses.

    Thank you for your insight!



  • Lis1

    Do I take it as he won't come back? No.

    You are unique, utterly unique. There has been no person like you before, and there will never be a person like you again. God has taken this form for the first time and the last time, so there is no need to try to become special, you already are. If you are trying to be special you will become ordinary. Your very effort is rooted in misunderstanding. It will create confusion, because when you try to become special you have taken one thing for granted—that you are not special. You have become ordinary already. You have missed the point.

  • viktoria79

    the more you think, the more you are creating waves and ripples in the mind. The real thing for the blind man to do is not to think about light but to heal his eyes, for the deaf man, not to reflect on music but to go through some alchemical processes which can make him hear.

  • Hans

    we chatted the other day. I have found out today my husband is back with the other woman - advice needed please . I feel hopeless



  • Thank you, Hans)))

  • h

  • Ultrablondbird

    advice needed please: You have no more courage. Be encouraged, lift your spirit, gain new courage.

    Responsibility has a totally different dimension: you love, you care, you feel; it comes out of your feeling. Duty comes out of thinking that he is your husband -- 'that's why', 'therefore'; it is a syllogism, it is logical. What can you do? Your respectability is at stake. What will people say? No, your ego is hurt. If you could avoid this without your respectability being affected and your ego being affected, you would like to avoid. You don't love.

  • Lis1,

    because of this hope you still feel your are not a defeated woman. You are already a defeated woman, and this hope allows you to live. You go on thinking that any moment you can drop him: you are not a slave; you can drop him -- you are only not dropping him because you do not want to drop him. But have you not tried so many times, have you not willed so many times to drop him?

  • "But have you not tried so many times, have you not willed so many times to drop him?"

    I have, Hans. Consequenly he did it for me.

    "I said to him that I agree and understand, in fact thanked him for letting me go, as I have too much on and it would be great to sort myself out. I said to him to run! And added whatever will be, will be".

    And by the way, Hans, he is writting a book 🙂

    I asked him to let me read it someday 🙂

    He ddn't have to reply, but he said he will....

    I said nothing.

    Sometimes the way to start is to end....Whatever will be, will be is and if it meant to be, it will be, if not, then it has to go

  • hi hans, will me and my friend ,guy be together.

  • Lis1,

    you have to remember yourself, because only through remembrance you will be able to transform yourself.

  • Hi drgagannagi

    will me and my friend ,guy be together: Yes.

    And you are a new woman now. If he falls in love, he will be falling in love with a new woman. But close it. It is always good to close accounts with the past and again start afresh. And he may have started understanding more. You have changed; you may start understanding more. In fact it is almost always so. People start understanding by the time they are too old to fall in love again.

  • Hans,

    Thank you very much! You are a STAR 🙂

  • Thank you Lis1,

    It happened that Mulla Nasrudin was serving in a firm. Once the boss gave him a bottle of brandy. He waited, then after two or three days when Mulla didn't say anything, not even a thanks, he asked: What happened to the brandy I gave to you? Was it good? Mulla Nasrudin said: Yes, just good. The boss asked: What do you mean by 'just good'? Mulla said: Just right. The boss said: I don't understand. What do you mean by 'just right' or 'just good'? The Mulla said: If it had been a little better you would not have given it to me, and if it had been a little worse I would have given it to somebody else. It was just good, just right.

  • Hans, it sounds good, LOL, but it made no sense 😞

  • Dear Hans,

    Your feedbacks really caught my attention. If possible ,I would like some feedback regarding soulmate. Someone from the past has come back to my life recently but our relationship hasn't been going anywhere. Is this a closure or is there more in store for us. Is he my soulmate?

  • Lis1,

    neither does this:

    once it happened that a poor schoolmaster -- very old, poor, retired -- won a lottery. The wife

    was afraid and she thought, `This is going to be too much for the old man. Five thousand dollars is too much for him. Even a five dollar note gives him so much happiness, so five thousand dollars may kill him.'

    She ran to the church, to the nearby church, and went to the priest and told him what had happened. She said, `The old man is out, but he is just coming back, this is his time to return, so do something. Five thousand dollars -- just the news will kill him!'

    The priest said, `Don't be afraid. I know the human mind and the way it functions. I know the psychology. I will come.'

    So the priest came to the house. The moment they arrived the old man also arrived, so the priest started. He said, `Suppose you won a lottery of five thousand dollars -- what would you do?'

    The old man thought about it, pondered over it, and he said, `I would give half of the money to the church.'

    The priest fell down dead. It was too much.

  • Dear cupcake01

    Is this a closure or is there more in store for us: this is a closure.

    Is he my soulmate? No.

    Laughter needs no training.

  • ...

  • Hans, sense of humor is fantastic. Spot on, but what I meant was that I cannot understand its implication anyhow to my situation.

    If you mean my expectations of others perhaps too high and as a result it hurts because of emptiness...well it's not like me. I am built differently.

    If you mean that I know human nature, or claim to, well I don't, I am just learning, nor I can consider myself as either of the listed characters, unless it's a turning point role that I play in others, but what is it to me? All I do is give and share what I have, let go, when it's time and hope. It hurts not because of the defeat, and we do not own anyone, it hurts because its rare to meet someone really nice and then let them go

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