• can you please give me insight into this man who has come back into my life after being away for 8months...i am confused and he says he loves me...i am scared....he was born 5/5/ dob is 6/4/65. he travels for his work and is ahead of 12 -15 freelance photographers. Is he telling me the truth?? I feel like you will have some insight for me... thank you! melissa

  • this man is bringing attention to what does not belong in you..."Fear" where is your "Faith" Note you said I Am Confused and scared, You are what you think and say that you are; this is the univeral source enery law of attraction. What if you purposefully practiced saying I am calm, comforted, and relaxed with all creation and I choose to not to be confused and scared which is my sovereign right.

  • The reason i have fear is not so much him,but what i hear from my girlfriends who say that he is lying to me...i truly believe him...his words...they,my friends are trying to tell me different.I tell them i want to remain positive about this...he asked me to be patient with him regarding his work..which i have been. Thank you for your reply

  • I feel that there may be one or two other people also involved with your friend, although I do feel he really cares for you. He just has trouble putting all his trust in one person.

  • Thank you for your response. I do care very much for this man...he says he loves me and cares for me...he travels for his work, i understand that,however like I said my friends tell me he is married..he is lying...ect. he told me he loves me...he said he is not married or looking for any other woman..however i know you need to have a physical relationship...not just verbal by text...he mentioned he had been celibate for two years before he met me...he said he wants more of a mental vs a sexual relationship...he is great sexually..there is no doubt there...but he however is not just looking for that aspect in a relationship..The captain thanks again for you response....Sincerely Melissa

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