Clairvoyant help needed please.

  • I am looking for a clairvoyant that can help me with some current situations that I am going through etc. Is there anyone that would be willing to help me please? I will say what issues I need help with when someone is interested. I don't want to post everytthing on here just yet a little at a time would be good for me. not as overwhelming. Thank you in advance.

  • Do you mean you are looking for a serious private consultation?

  • Hey Captain, how ya doing girl? What I am looking for is a kind soul who is willing to answer a few questions for me. I am very unsure whether my new babys father is going to be there for me at all and would like to know what to expect from him and how to handle the situation. I am literally confused.. My ex common law husband wants to reconcille now even though I have one daughter with him and after we split up, I was in another relationship and am now 5 months pregnant with the other guys child. I don't want to reconcile with my daughters father. His birthdate is April 02, 1984. He just won't let go.

  • I feel that the father of the new baby will prefer his freedom to the responsibilities and commitment of child-raising. Don't reconcile with your ex if you don't want to, but your daughter does need to interact with him.

    Luckyne, I feel you are desperately searching for love but you always seem to be attracted to men who oprefer their freedom and don't want to stick around. Having a baby is not the way to keep them with you - in fact the added responsibility makes them run even faster away.

    Other people can never provide the sort of love you need. That will come when you love yourself.

    You can always be there for yourself.

    You need to search your heart to find out why you are attracted to the wrong type of man. Perhaps in your childhood you learned that love was tied to abandonment. But that is not real love.

  • Confusion has a purpose, luckyne. It means you know the answer and you are afraid of your intuition(oh my do I know this feeling) because you do not want to walk this path alone. Keep your ex as a friend. You share a child and a history. Your heart of hearts tells you what you need to know about your new baby's father. If you're not sure--what's the point? Keep the communication open so that he may be in his child's life. Courage!!

  • Thank you Captain and archersbow. I didn't plan to get pregnant it just happened. I think what confuses me is that the other day the new babys dad said to me over the phone that if he can't find work then he's coming up here to Live and before I hung up he told me that he loves me. In january I had to move back up to northern ontario due to custody issues over my daughter and had to leave all my family and friends in southern ontario plus babys dad. I grew up in southern ontario. I have told him that even though I love him I don't expect him to be there for me but all I do want is for him to be there for his child. Upon saying this he grew very upset with me thinking that I no longer wanted a relationship with him.(even though he broke up with me already) which is not the case. I have felt that he was going to skip out on his responsibilities and when he dumped me in January that was the proof. I am keeping in contact with both men on a regular basis and my daughters father has been helping me get things together for my new apartment and has given me and my daughter a place to stay. I had to leave my personal belongings down south until I can go back and get them and since I don't have a bed for my new place I've been staying here with him while i gather things we need and organize the apartment. oh and Captain yes I was adandoned pretty much but so were my siblings mom got up and left when I was 13 and never really had any contact with me or my siblings much until we became adults. What should I say to new babys dad? cause I know I want him to be present when baby is born but I don't know how to word it so that he will at least visit and see his child.

  • Luckyne, you are subconsciously setting up the same circumstances as your childhood - attracting partners who will abandon you, while at the same time consciously trying to create a new family situation where you have better parents (yourself and a partner) than you had as a child. But your past experience has put a set patttern in your mind where you associate families with absent parents and so it keeps repeating in your life. Once you start believing in an idea where a family is together and supportive and caring of each other, your outer circumstances will change too.

    You said " I didn't plan to get pregnant it just happened." Nothing happens by chance - deep down you wanted to get pregnant - and you did. Break this cycle now or you will end up with a dozen or more kids who have no fathers around. Tell new baby's dad that you do want him in your life (if you really do.) But there are no words that will keep him around if he doesn't want to be. Until you change the wrong idea in your brain that fathers and mothers all abandon their kids, you will keep falling into the same old trap and attracting men who desert you and your children..

  • Hi Captain your missing some vital information here. My ex common law husband didn't leave me. I left him and my girl went with me. lol I'm the guilty party there. We were together for many years 2 years long distance relationship then another 5 years almost 6 years living together. We got together while we were pretty young. We had our daughter after living together for 3 years. So basically after 5 years of being together. We then lived together another 2 years. I think that if we didn't want to be together that long we wouldn't of been. When I left I had my reasons for leaving and they were good ones. I am a wonderful mother to my daughter and very devoted to making sure she is well cared for and loved. I am not in love with her father anymore and when I realized that I left because I believed it unfair to stay and cause him more hurt and no i didn't plan on getting pregnant I only wanted one child. Being the oldest of 7 kids, I really did not want anymore. Considering all the responsibility my dad dumped on me. I have always believed one child was enough to make me happy in my life even without a man in the picture, See you didn't have all the facts and I think you might of just read my mother not me lol. sorry I don't mean to laugh but that sounds exactly like my mother. My circumstances and the way I think are alot different than what you said. Do you see why I am confused? cause one man stayed with me by will for many years he knew he could leave at anytime but he didn't. Seeing as how I have only had one real relationship in my life before the new babys dad how is it fair for you to say that I will have more children with other men when I don't even want anymore relationships? you make me sound like a skank when I'm not. considering in 10 years I've slept with only 2 men I think that hardly classifies me as a hoe.

  • It's interesting that you call yourself a 'hoe' because I never did. And it doesn't really matter who left who. You leave him or he leaves you - it's all about someone abandoning someone else, just like in your childhood. You subconsciously recreate the lifestyle you were brought up in - it's all you know. Everyone does it until they make a conscious change. Take a good look at the patterns that are recurring in your life. You may have absorbed your mother's (and father's) attitudes and beliefs without realising it.

  • Nope, you didn't directly call me a bad name hon and I certainly have no hard feelings. but by the way you worded things made me feel like you thought or implied that I am. Being new on the forum is a bit intimidating for me. No worries though ya my parents weren't meant for each other and yes I see what you mean. As for parents attitudes I think I picked up on dads the most since he was the primary caregiver. As for patterns I've always moved around alot and travelled which is something both my aries parents did alot in there lives. I never really paid much attention to my parents beliefs. I listened to my dads rules while living in his home and did as he asked and never had much problems with him.

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