All who can help with any insight about my deceased biological father respond

  • I am dealing with an issue about my deceased biological father that I never met. I know one side of the story, which is from my mom and I need the issues put to rest bc the experience is needed for dealing with a current issue related to another being. I am not mad at him for not being apart of my life. Through what I can find in the courts, he suffered and it makes me sad. I know he died may 25, 1996 and they found him by the river. The date of his death I share in common w him in an important way, which is not a coincidence and makes me think he looks over me. Can anyone pick up anything about him, and please let me know where he is buried at, or what his mother's name is so I can contact her? I just would like to find out the good things about this man, and would like a picture of him bc they threw out the only picture of his existence on me when I was little. I want to know where I came from . I don't know exactly how he died, or if he ever thought about me and regretted not being there or not. I need concrete answers, and asking my mother is not going to get me anywhere bc she is still angry at him after all these years, and it will upset her. His dob was november 27, 1953. I have reformatted my question.

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