Help with dream interpretation please??

  • My bf has had a dream that has really terrified him twice this week. He dreams that he has woken up but that he cant move or speak.... I dont know if he is dreaming or if it is really happening.

    The first time he said it was also as if something was weighing down on him, he couldnt move, get away or make a noise and found it hard to breathe. The next time it happened he woke me up by breathing really heavily, it was the only thing he could think to do and once I shook him and woke him he could move again.

    Has anyone else experienced dreams like this or have any idea what it could mean? its really scaring him and would love to hear if someone has some kind of explanation.

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  • Hi daisyfairy!

    I don't know if this will help but .... first the physical: is he overweight and or older (50's)? Could be sleep apnea where he actually does stop breathing. Does he have asthma? Fear of not being able to breathe. Or something in the room --- candle, airfreshner>smells, oder or just stuffy, dry air. Check those physical elements out there could be a link.

    Dreaming this could be that he is anxious about something. Is there something he feels pressure about or is worried about? With this economy ..... Anyway, he does sound like someone who falls into such a deep sleep that even when he Can't breathe ( body's natural response would be to awaken : ) he can't wake up. Is he exhausted all the time?

    Well, stopping here, plenty to look at .... hope this helps!

  • Hi Laie,

    Thanks for your response!

    He's not overweight and he's only 26 but he does have asthma so that could explain part of the breathing. He only developed the asthma in his late teens, its work related and he probably doesnt look after it as well as he should! despite much nagging from me! We used to leave a window open at night but its been so cold we've stopped, im going to leave it open again and hopefully that gets the air moving and might improve things.

    The problem breathing only occured the first time he had this dream and not at all the second or third time though.

    I think what scares him about this experience is that normally hes a very light sleeper and wakes very easily... we have cats, and they drive him insane at night! 😄 He says he felt like he was awake but he couldnt open his eyes, move or speak. It could be anxiety and to be honest we've had a very stressful 2 years (as you said the economy... he was out of work etc etc) but in the past 3-4 months things have much improved, hes working again and theres less pressure and worry than before. maybe its a subconscious worry about being back there again though.

    Again thanks for your response... its put my mind at ease a bit that theres nothing too serious going on. Thanks Laie

  • Np, daisyfairy. Ya know how it is ... sometimes just acknowledging something eases our minds.

    I hope you & your cutie are having a good weekend !

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