Twin Flames

  • Hi Telstar,

    Thank you for your comforting words. I feel that you may be right about this, I will take your advice. I will just do what I need to do for myself and my children, I have a 5 yr old and a 9 year old. I also have a 20 yr old, but she has left home, lol.

    Many blessings and light to you, and thanks, I feel better, just being in here makes a difference in how I feel and my day is better.



  • Thanks Flowy Air, you also are a comfort and inspiration to me. I will listen to all of you and keep working on my own progression forward. I just hope he can catch up and realize what we had.

    You are a great person, I pray for the best for you too.



  • Thanks for the prayers Tamlyn!! I need all of them I can get. I would really hate to go through the rest of my life heartbroken. It is already beyond what I feel should be asked of anyone.

    So many stories of heartbreak!! I didn't realize this was an epidemic!! I do have hope for your situation though. You two need to meet in person if you get the chance. It is AWESOME!!!!

  • Hi Tellstar,

    I am so sorry i misspelled your name in the last posting! that'll teach me to proofread before

    i post something. I always feel lots of energy and love when i come into this forum. So many people share my feelings and problems. I don't feel alone in my issues. I will pray that we all get resolution to our respective issues and Blessings to you!


  • Hi Soulshock,

    I really appreciate you.... there is so much strength and perseverence within you. I hope that my strength can come close to yours, especially if my Flame doesn't come back. I don't want to think that, but reality intrudes and rears its ugly head. 2000 miles is a big hurdle to overcome, but

    i would love to see him. I may make the attempt myself. Blessings and Light for everyone in here.


  • Tamlyn.....

    Please don't ever get a "Reading" on here!! I got one and when I disagreed.....things got nasty!! Basically told me He was not my Twinflame and to move on. Really upset me because only I know what this person has meant to me and how they affected my life. To dismiss my greatest love as something of no great importance really pisse'd me off!! Cold and uncaring and didn't even match up with my Story. Most of the info She got out of a Book....I have the same book. It Pairs up Birthdates and gives you basic info. She basically stated it verbatem!!!

    I may not be on here too long!! It was nice to speak with someone who understands and is in the same position. DON'T GET A "READING"!!

  • Hey soulshock,

    I'm really connecting with you because I went through a very similar thing. During a very confusing time in my life while I was split up from my partner of 5 years for 6 months and living alone I really still feel that I met my Twin Flame, suring this time I was single.

    The connection was strong but he went away & even though I emailed him only to get completion from the short lived relationship I got NO response At ALL! I never thought your Twin Flame would be able to hurt you this way. My best friend said she saw him a week ago, and that he's back in our home town. I dreamt of him allot before I even knew he was back here. Like he was trying to tell me on a spiritual plain that he was here.

    I since worked things out with my previouse partner as we both did allot of growing during our seperation and am now very happy and love my husband very much. But no matter what I do my Twin is always in the back of my mind. I am very dissapointed in him and upset at how he couldn't even give me the common respect to reply to my email and even just allow us to both have the completion we needed to move on.

    I don't want to see him again or bump into him at all, but I feel the connecting is very powerful and feel it in my Solaplex Chakra ALL the time. I am doing what I can to move on from it and see it as a lesson learnt and am accepting that it wasn't meant to be. But his memory is still very vivid & I still see him in dreams all the time that are Lucid and strong. Almost like whatever he is thinking and has never said is comming to me in my sleep from him.

    I actually am very annoyed with it. As I was never pushy or annoying towards him and don't feel that I did anything bad to push him away. It's like he dropped off the face of the earth.

    I never talk to anyone else about it coz they would say I'm off with the eleves or something. But I related so much to your story. I feel that you just can't explain to others what its like when you meet your twin flame. It's so intense and passionate but frustrating and can make you angry and apset too.

    Can someone give me another perspective?

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