Twin Flames

  • Anyone have an experience with a Twin Flame? I had an experience 15 years ago and never forgot it. Was wondering if it was Twinflame or Soulmate.

    Immediate recognition

    intense love @ first sight

    feeling of divine presence


    inner promptings

    magnetic attraction

    awakening heart chakra

  • Yup, girl had that experience too. Only thing is we couldn't be together.

    I hope we will be together soon. Can I ask why your not together with yours - if he's still on your mind 15 years.

  • I have experienced this too and my friend has come back after 30 + years. I didn't know anything about twinflames until a psychic told me about this friend who also explained what it is all about. Psychic said a twinflame are people who are meant to be together. Their meeting would be instant attraction but will not be together until the time is ripe, meaning that you both have expereinced what you need to. You will meet again when its time and you will be together because its meant to be. My friend and I were attracted to each other when we were young but avoided the emotions. Then political situation caused us to part and did not meet again until after over 30 yrs. And when we met the same feelings were there as if we never parted. This time we faced each other and confronted our feelings. We are not together by circumstances. But the psychic said this will change because we are destined to be together. Apparently twinflames are on their last leg in this world. They had to part to gain all those things they don't know and fear. In the last leg the twinflames meet to complete the cycle. Their relationship goes to a higher level to fulfill a higher cause.

  • We were both (24) about to turn 25. We are less than 2 months apart in age and were born in the same State of Michigan. We both met however in Indiana where I had been living for 2 years and he had been transferred with a job months prior to us meeting.

    I had been on a Spiritual Journey since I was 18. Leaving my religion to focus on my new found religion of LOVE. I decided that the Bible was too contradictory for me and thought that LOVE was what really mattered.

    Soon after I found that I found a 14k Gold Necklace with one small Diamond in the middle(a Cross made of Hearts) on the ground in a Parking Lot. I figured it was a sign that I was on the right track.

    Soon after that......I had this waking dream experience. Basically....just prior to awakening one day and opening my eyes....I see this bright light in the distance and as it moves closer to body started to hum and vibrate. I knew I was having some sort of spiritual Experience and was just amazed!! However as it grew stronger.....I guess I was a little leary because I opened my eyes and it cut off the experience. I did notice that I could literally still feel the vibration within my entire being and it took about 5 minutes to completely dwell down.

    I saw Mr. Twinflame 3 times before meeting him face to face. He was working at a Grocery Store in Management and we were about 20 ft apart. I never looked into his eyes....and he never saw me....but I felt an inner prompting to notice him. By the 3rd time this prompting was so strong I had to really acknowledge to myself that something was trying to get me to approach this man. I just blew it off.

    Within a week or so I am working as a Waitress in a Night Club and who walks in the door?? IT WAS HIM!!!! OH MY GOD!! No wonder I was so drawn to him!! That is my Soulmate!!! I remembered EVERYTHING about the way he looked even....... so I figured I must have had a hand in the body he chose in this life. That is my handy work I thought to myself!! He has my name written all over him!!

    My body started to Vibrate and my Soul just lept out of my chest and dragged me across the room to greet him!!! I remember thinking....what am I doing?? By this point our eyes had connected and he noticed me right away too. Nudging his friend with his elbow and saying..."Look @ that Girl!!!"

    When I FLOATED over to him he was shocked and we both just stood there in awe of each other. To freak him out even more....I knew his name and where he worked. HIS JAW HIT THE FLOOR!!! I told him..."I've seen you 3 times!!" and he said to me....."OH NO....I WOULDN"T HAVE MISSED YOU!!" .....but he never saw me those 3 times. He was looking in the other direction.

    So anyway....I opened up right away. Holding NOTHING back. I WAS READY!!! He on the other hand was leary. Was probably wondering to himself.....who is this Witchy Woman?

    I knew him for 6 months and he always kept me at arms legnth. He would come in to see me at work but he would only stay for 1 drink and leave. After 3 months of this He finally called me one night and asked me to come over and watch a movie. ( BTW....I was reading a Book on Soulmtes when he called me) Come to find out....he lived across the Street from me in another Apartment Complex. We were both 30 minutes from out jobs but we lived within 2 blocks of each other.

    I went to his apartment and we were SO QUIET!! We were scared!! I feel like I was taking on his emotions since I really wasn't afraid of the connection before. Not until I realized he was. No Kiss that night!! OMG I could have died I wanted one so bad!!

    It all ended one night when after 6 months I tried to force myself on him out of frustration. I couldn't figure out what he was SO AFRAID and how he could possibly resist the pull. Mind you I was SO PRETTY!!! I had NEVER had a Guy turn down a simple Kiss from me before. I also never had to ask before. Especially when the connection and magnetic attraction was just so intense. I knew it had to be working on him too.

    We lost touch and he got transferred to a different State with his Job. 2 years later We were given another chance when out of the blue....we ran into each other in a Mall in Michigan. We were both with Boyfriend/Girlfriend and trust was quite a shock!!! The energy was intense, a feeling of divine intervention was looming..... and again I was floating on air. Anyone else that was present seems to fade into the background. It was only him and I.

    I kept my eyes to the ground so as not to broadcast to the others that I was in love with him. I knew I couldn't handle it so I looked at him very little. If we gazed for too long....everyone would know our secret!!

    He was flustered and kept repeating himself..... and no one introduced the others. His Girlfriend got mad I guess and walked away. He stood there with me until I started to walk away and then gradually he walked away from me walking backwards and saying......"What a Trip!!!"

    THE END!!

    This is the most heart wrenching, Confusing thing I have ever experienced!! I cannot figure out why God would let us meet if we cannot be together and I can't figure out why I "KNEW" and he didn't!! Why I was "READY" and he wasn't!! It didn't make sense at all to me until years later I see this is a major theme playing out for tons of people.

    I gave up waiting for him FINALLY after 9 years of stagnation. I prayed for someone to enter my life and within 1 week I met my Husband and now have Children.

    I still am not over my Soulmate/Twinflame and never will be. I recently contacted him but only through someone else. (gave him my email address) He will not reach out. I sent him many Cards over the years but.....he will not respond. I guess he is still afraid. What do I do??

  • The circumstances you describe are typical of twinflames. As I understand it, twinflames will meet and be together to fulfill a higher meaning in life. Their union will be a catalyst to reach this goal. And then, they will move one to another realm out of the human level. But, they will not be together until they are both ready. Your friend is probably still needing to resolve something. when he's ready he'll meet you and you will meet him. Your flames will merge and you will fulfill a higher calling. My twinflame found me when I least expected it. We're not together as he needs to solve something on his side. But we have openly admited our feelings and we are communicating online. Twinflames will only be together when both have perfected themselves for each other.

  • Tellstar does this mean we will be moving on to the next life? I fear that will happen but in my heart....I can't believe it will not work out.

    Can you ask your Twinflame what scares him about the connection? I'm at a loss in understanding that!! Doesn't make sense to run from someone you know you are connected to and settle for people where you have to work hard and never get to that level.

  • My twinflame is married to someone else. I'm divorced. He's, therefore, not free. That is his difficulty. We are thousands of miles and an ocean apart. He's struggling. He's realizing his mistakes in the past and I assume learning from it. But he's struggling, meaning that he's looking for a way to be with me. My psychic is telling me to encourage him. I don't know how to do it, r more like bothered by the taboo. I much prefer that he'll decide his situation. With regards to twinflame matter, if it doesn't happen in this life, it will continue into the next life. But, according to my research, when you and your twinflame come together it will be your final lifeline on earth and you will do together something big for humanity. Thereafter, you both go to the next level. I don't know what happens there.

  • I guess that is why I don't want to sit this one out so to speak!! I want to get to what I am here for and don't want to stagnate anymore.

    My Twinflame has pushed me to the limits!! I must be a very strong Soul to be able to hold the flame for as long as I have!! (15 years) I have had no contact what so ever outside of divine intervention since our separation. My Soul tells me to keep reaching out...which I use to do about every 6 months or so. Then when I got Married I didn't reach out for 4 years. I recently got my email address to him through a 3rd Party. It has been almost 4 weeks and again....I hear not a peep out of him. By now he must feel like a jackass for not responding all these years. I bet since he is now 40 he could use a little Romance!! LOL!!

    I think his Ego tells him my Love for him is unhealthy in some way....but I know if he were to see me face to face...he would know in his heart what the truth was.

    I could just beat him for what I have went through.....but even so.....I would forgive him in a nanosecond!! I know he would never intentionally hurt me and it's just his fear and doubt that keeps us apart. I just wish I knew what I could do to push him in the right direction. I am SO frustrated and exhausted at this point!!

  • Might there be complications on his side, such as a wife, and children? If it is so, he needs to solve that first. Twinflames are meant to be together. Have faith, if it is your destiny, you'll be together. I was apart from my twinflame for over 30 yrs. I wasn't thinking about it any more. Then, one day, a friend told me that someone was looking for me. And it was my twinflame. then he didn't want to let go of me. But, he has to solve his situation. Wait. In the meantime, look around and enjoy yourself.

  • This may sound superficial....but we were both in our prime when we knew each other and I'd rather not come together with him when all of my beauty is but gone. I still want him to be attracted to me and not disapointed in the fact that we look so different from what we remember. I am 40 now and I have to say....I still look pretty young. I just hope he doesn't finally come around @ the age of 60 and us not be able to enjoy ourselves physically. He was SO SO GORGEOUS!!! OMG!!!

  • I am 60 now and graying. He's 59 and graying. The passion is still there as much as the love. Twinflames surpass the physical realms. Much of it is from within and of the spiritual level. Twnflames is above soulmates. You could have several soulmates but only one twinflame in your life. Somtimes you don't get to meet your twinflame in your life because he could be still learning what he needs to learn. Your twinflame will meet you when you are both ready to be one.

  • What you say about coming together is a little confusing to me. You said when you come together you are ready. Does that mean the initial meeting in this life means you are almost ready but not you go in your separate directions until you are fully ready?

    I have often felt that the initial meeting was to Get-the-ball-rolling so to speak. We were close enough but needed the spark of seeing each other to accelerate things so we could be together sooner rather than later. What do you think? Also what do you make of the longing/missing of each other? Does it have it's purpose in making the love even stronger?

  • Yes, you and your twinflame could meet several times and not be together until you are both ready for each other. There will be barriers. Sometimes the barriers are things you haven't learned and serve as barriers. But twinflames will end up together if they work at it. If what I have is my twinflame as my psychic said, I actually did not do anythng during those 30 some yrs. Didn;'t even think of him. Then I met someone from his home town and asked if he knew him. I forgot all about it. Two yrs. later i all of a sudden dreamt of him looking for me. And the second time he was coming close. a year later he was actually here and found me. Situations will happen to connect you.

  • Hi Soulshock,

    I am going through the experience of a twin flame relationship right now. The rollercoaster is simply crazy, insane, but the most exhilerating thing I have ever experienced. I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

    We met for the first time in 7th grade. We were both musicians, he was 1st chair trumpet, I was 1st chair clarinet in band/orchestra. We were acquaintances, but as this was in the midst of enforced desegregation in Mississippi, we couldn't really BE friends. Sometimes we'd catch the other looking, he says he liked my personality, I liked the shape of his head and his intense eyes. His Father was a teacher at our school, and soon they moved away to another town. We lost touch and grew up. Scroll forward 35 years... a bunch of us old classmates were meeting up on reunion sites and facebook, one day it occurred to me to look him up, inexplicably, no real reason, just had a thought of him occasionally over the years. he found the request from the reunion site, he usually deletes them automatically, but says he just felt the need to click on this particular one. We contacted, met up on Facebook, and immediately "recognized" each other's faces. It was the eyes for both of us.

    We talked and confirmed to each other that we knew this was "it", this was the person we were supposed to be with instantaneously, that elusive love at first sight. From the start, we had to be in touch everyday, via e-mail or facebook. Eventually we moved to the phone and skype. Within a week, we were talking about the intense love that we felt for each other, and was comfortable enough to talk about it. There was nothing lustful or sexual about it, we felt like it was a "soul" type of bonding that was happening to us, almost spiritual in nature, and were amazed and overwhelmed by the feelings. We soon were mirroring thoughts, we'd text or e-mail each other and simultaneously send identical messages to each other, we "knew" when the other was online or about to call. We liked the same things or exact opposites, like mirror images. We kept feeling that we needed to be together, but we live 2,000 miles apart. We kept talking about the "magnet" that was pulling us towards each other, we kept trying to fight it, but we kept feeling the pull to talk, to leave our situations and just be together. It became just too much, we couldn't imagine how we could be without the other, the sense of our hearts joining and the fact that we could actually "reach" out over the distance and feel each other's touch scared us both and excited us at the same time. We cried together at the sheer overwhelming intensity of what was happening to us. We got so-o-o close, we finished each other's sentences, etc.......CRAZY!!!!

    After a few months of this all-consuming, mind altering experience, he just vanished. The last words he said to me was " I can't live without you, we have to be together, I will find a way". It has been 2 weeks, since then,.......nothing ! We feel each other, but I feel him trying to put up a wall. We feel each other's pain, but he won't answer me. i think he has become a "runner". I am really heartbroken, I opened myself up totally to him like I never did with anyone else. Now i wish I hadn't, but it was the most amazing experience i have ever had. All I can do is pray that he will come back, but I must continue my quest for growth and enlightenment. Such an intense pain, as if my very soul has been rent in two. Someone tell me how I can cope and not fall apart!!! This is definitely not a soulmate, it's just too intense, hot, etc........... Thank you everyone for listening. I needed to talk, the pain is so raw and so new.


  • Hi sunshine!

    Yup, I think a few are in your boat. I am although I am married heading for divorce as the awakening of this experience of meeting who I believe to be my twinflame has forced me to be true to myself finally. Same thing we pulled together and spent months opening up and I opened up like I never do for anyone - only for him to disappear. We had talked about being spending our lives together. Now you can't write off that you won't hear back from him. As these things can play out in any number of ways. The only thing you can do is try to be a wholest and most well rounded person in the meantime. If it is meant to be it will be. The force is very strong and makes its intentions clear.

  • Thank you, Flowy Air for those words of wisdom. It had gotten to the point between us that we were referring to each other as husband and wife, and talking about spending our lives together. I have never gotten so intense with anyone ever, not even both my ex-husbands. You are right, I will continue to work on my personal growth and progression. But God, this really hurts!!!! I am not normally a whiner, more of a suck-it-up, deal with it kinda person, this is a mess!1

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Much love and light to you.


  • Sunshine, I truly feel your pain - as do many

    others. Never have I felt such a conflicting feelngs at once- the driving force to become the best and truest form of myself, humbling infact and then the deep seated agony from within my gut & heart of missing a piece of that wholeness. The very wholeness I'm striving to fill/compete. It's like the pain of splitting apart.

    I know-- I just want to follow the signs and work on my part as a person for me- as that is all I can do and control. Sunshine best wishes to you. 🙂

  • are in a whole different place than I am...... YOURS IS BETTER!!! I am realizing I have about a 1% chance of mine turning out with a happy ending. We truly need a miracle.

    He has spent time with you .....enough to know what he is missing and to drive him crazy and back into your arms. You have that going for you!!

    I know the pain!! It's all consuming and you feel like you are all alone! I have been dealing with mine for 15 years....and unlike you.....We only have a short friendship to remember. ( Not even a!!) I can only count on the inner stirrings that he felt in those few moments of being in close proximity. He has probably buried those memories.

    You two actually talked about and acknowledged your connection. That makes all the difference!!

    Keep your heart open to really have no choice anyway. Just do what you can do in your life to make yourself happy and to make it through each day. More than likely ..... he will contact you again. I don't see you waiting years like me. You two have already established that you have a connection unlike any other.

    I pray he will contact you soon. At least one of us on here will have some peace of mind. : )

  • Sunshine,

    Wait a while. Give him a chance to think things through. When a guy is thinking or making a decision he needs to move back and sometimes even try something else to test himself. He needs it and let him do it.

  • Hi Soulshock,

    Actually we have never been with each other in person, all this was on phone or internet. Like i said, we were able to "reach out" and touch each other over the distance, I could actually feel him stroking my hair, he could feel me touch his face. We are both empaths, he has healing abilities

    (relatively untapped), and he is a gifted teacher (he says this is his truest calling) We were planning to meet, just never happened. I wish it had..... SoulShock, I can feel your pain just as my own, I will pray that yours will happen for you too. I just turned 50, him too, and I may not have a lot of time with him if it ever happens. Let's keep positive together and see where it takes us.

    Love and Light,


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