• Can anyone give me a reading so I can find my valentines? My boyfriend whom I believed was my soulmate, my twinflame and true love ended our relationship late last year. My birthday, Xmas, New year has all been pretty sad since Ive been dealing with the breakup. I'm hoping to have a great valentines at least or meet someone for long term.. But deep down inside, I still feel like its not over and my ex will be back.. Can anyone tell me what my Feb 14th will be like? IS there a chance to reunite w/ my lost ex ? I'd really appreciate it!!

    My dob is Nov 13th 1977 and His is April 13, 1972.

    Happy Valentines !

  • Sorry, I don't feel this was ever meant to be a long term thing. He has moved on and so should you. Love with an exotic or foreign twist awaits you...

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