Valentine's Day Party

  • Can anyone say mellow?

  • Oh to be the light of your eyes

    The dream of a thousand stars

    I dream, only to wake to a dream

    'Tis the day to dream...

  • See yall at the next one! I had a great time. Thanks so Much for the hospitality :-))

  • Thank you for a wonderful time on the LOVE day. popped in a few time to see how things were manifesting.

    Blessings to all with a happy year of the tiger

    Julianna - lovingsilverwings.

  • I've been missing out on the Valentine's fun! Happy Valentine's Day all. I hope you've all had a wonderful day. Wishing everyone a year of love and much happiness. XX

  • I popped out for a little while,you see i meet mr.dreamy on the beach while watching the sunset and we took a very long walk. but i came back to enjoy that awsome camp fire,and yummy smor's. no limbo for me but had a blast watching everyone else. Wow there is so many star's in the sky tonight.

    Thank-you Captain,you through one heck of a party!!! And Thank-you ALL you all got me through a other wise tough day. I hope you host more parties in the furture Captain.

    it is now time for me to call it a night,had a wonderful time.

    Many Blessings,Love & Light to All 🙂

  • Hello Everyone

    Happy Valentines.....sorry I'm so late.....all the way from South Africa, but have been reading everyones posts.

    WOW!!! Captain you really out did yourself this was a great party!!!! I loved the chocs.....what I love about myself is my loyalty and my ability to make friends.

    Cpatain, may God bless you for this great party and keeping everyones spirit uplifted this Valentines Day......I'm off to find more chocs before I leave......

    Lotsa Love

  • Thanks for coming everyone! I'll leave all the leftover food and drink in case anyone else drops by to post what they love about themselves.

    This was so wonderful, so full of good vibes. We must have another party sometime. Maybe on a desert island full of mystery and adventure....

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