Valentine's Day Party

  • Amazing - I have drunk several glasses of champagne and I still feel as jober as a sudge!

  • Oh, I love this song!

  • I LOVE THIS!!! 😉 Thanks for doing this!!

  • So Seasidelas, what do you love about yourself?

  • Captian ,...You have out did yourself with Your Valentines Party . Everything is just awesome !.I been mingling , did I miss anything ? The Eats and Treats & Spirits ( as in Drinks that is ) hehe ..are great !

    As for my Costume ..well I can as just me ! :O) But I brought my Dove with me ^A^.She loves the feathers in ur hat !

    Well I going to mingle about again . catch up with in a bit .

    Hope everyone is having a Great time !


  • oops ..typo's ..I would have to blame that on the drinks ..sawrry !

    Dvose...oops ..Awwww dang ! did it again .lol

    oh well ...:-)

  • Someone move Dove46 away from the drinks table! (Chuckle)

  • Step out on the terrace too - through the French windows - this is the view out there. Run or dance barefoot on the sand!

  • Thank goodness someone is looking out for me .tehehe ..Awe the breeze is heavenly ..Come and sit and chat with me Miss Captain . Oh ..could you Grab that bowl of Red Cashews on ur way to please and thank you !:O) Who brought thou anyway lol . btw Dove flew in ur hat ! haaaaaaaahahaha lol

  • Uh-oh, this party's really getting going now. I think I just saw Ragbag streaking across the patio...lucky it's a warm day. I hope no one brought a camera. UH-OH!

  • Better them , than me ....LOL !!!

  • U know Miss Cap ..I am really glad I came to your ur Balentines Party , it was good to get out and about for awhile ..thaaaaaaaks ! Hugs ... Oh dont get me wrong the other Forum rooms ..Anything goes in them sometimes huh, all that bbtalk , about love and relationships and tarot cards flying around . I really think should of taken up Astology or somethings..cus I love the sun moon and stars :O) I am thankful for the Numerology department thou. I was never good with numbers . Its just divine . Did you get some help with the Feng Shi peeps , in putting the party room together ? O

    h did you know I ching ! I mean sing lol ..oh man I can't talk right ..good grief !Well ,,, I had best be off now ..It has been a blast at your meet and greet Valentine Party .. I look forward to the .next one !:O) . I will see myself out and just catch the Pony home k .Hmmmmmmm ...wonder what in my Horoscope for tomorrow ? Hopefully it says I will be going to another party soon , with my new Friends . Anyway , catch up with you tomorrow ,

    I will send the pony back asap .

    bubye`waving to everyone !



  • Well, well, well, look what that cat dragged in... OH, that's What a lovely gathering this had turned out to be!

    Officially here in the North East, it became Valentines Day about an hour and a half ago..and thank goodness I'm in good company, here, else I'd be all alone! My thanks to TheCaptain for putting on such a fab shindig!

    What I love about myself? To I'd have to say, my perseverance... closely followed by my loyalty.

    Sadly, my loyalty is, at the very present moment being held in question, which, btw, is what has landed me at this splendid affair without a date! 😞 His loss.. your I'm having a wonderful time anyway, and I refuse to let any shm*ck rain on my parade!

    Party on everyone...I'm going to go mingle now.....



  • Happy valentines day all! I am off to the terrace to mingle and to see the view. You picked a great venue Captain x

  • Hey there azure, I think I'll join you! Quite the view isn't it?! My name is Sacogirl, It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

  • Happy Valentines Day all............AND HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2. Here's hoping for an overwhelmingly love filled day!

  • Its a little after sunrise and the terrece view is spectacular! I grabbed a coffee and a choc, skipping the champagne, not much left, lol ! Hope Dove46 makes it home! MESTIZA ---- Beautiful Valentines' Gown! RAMONITA ---- So sorry, I didn't have an iron in my sack, LOL !! Hugs, kiss,kiss--- QUEEN OF THE NORTH, RAGS-- So good to see u guys! A smile is the bestest costume.... Luv Ya! Here comes the pony express back from dropping off Dove46 .... Everything, just everything, looks amazing CAPTAIN and is made ten times more special by the gifts of love ... oops, heres mine .... ummn, laughter & optimism wrapped up in ribbons of red&white! Gotta, go look for the karoke machine!


    psst, i heard a rumor that ragbag is throwing a new year tiger party, go ask her ... yeah, thats her, the one in the happy tiger costume.

  • Happy Valentines Laie! This has been s-o-m-e PARTY so far. Guess you saw me catching a breeze...These hot flashes are murder lol. Still searching for my T I doubleguh er suit. Maybe more coffee will help. It cant hurt!

    PARTY HEARTY YALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOL !!

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