Valentine's Day Party

  • Gotta find it...Got to find it........

  • Captain, may you be BLESSED beyond measure for arranging this fantastic party.

    May all who are attending be BLESSED beyond measure as well.

    What I am loving about me !!!!! I am a surviver. I am able to move beyond the past hurt and heal. I am able to LOVE myself more for who I am.

    Julianna- lovings silver wings

  • Hey there Folks , J

    just popping back in for a bit to collect my Dove ! Last time I seen her , she was sitting on Miss Captains hat , so if you see the Captain , just ask her to keep my Dove safe .put a bungie cord on her or something , so she doesn't fly away :O) .Hope everyone is having a great time ! Cheers!


  • Like the new pic, Dove46! Just jumping on the dance floor to Bump!

  • Ordering in more champagne for Laie4 and more coffeee for Ragbag and all those who have had too much champers!

    My, this party is really jumping now - I see Dove's dove sitting on the band leaders' head. Must try and catch her before she does a whoopsie...

  • I hope everyone is up and dancing - the band is playing your favourite song.

  • Hello Captain, and all the lovely people here. This is great

    I Love me as I am. I am willing to work hard to obtain my goals,self sufficient, independent spirit, calming effect, intellect, belief in fairness and honesty.

    Everyone keep partying; dancing, singing, caring and be blessed.

    I love chocolate too, Captain 🙂

  • Thank you Laie4 🙂 Thats my Dove I misplaced earlier , Isn't she Beautiful !. Captain , tracked her down for me , doing a jib on the Band Leaders hat LOL. Thanks Captain !

    Awww Coffee! . My favorite beverage , thanks Miss Captain .

    Going to mingle now ..^A^

  • Anyone for cake? I baked it myself.

  • Thanks for the invite! Now if I can just decide what to wear! Cheers, everyone!

  • Hello Captain and all you party animals out there, HAPPY LOVE DAY!!! I just stepped off the terrc. and am walking on that Beautiful Beach right now, sighhhhhhh it's so calming the waves crashing on the beach,(can you hear it?) and the seagulls over head,(wait i think i seen a Dove too!), Oh and it's just after 5p.m. and the sun will be setting soon, its going to be so Beautiful, I hope everyone will join me on the beach to watch... What a GREAT party it was!!!

    P.S. What I Love about Me, Is that i'm ME! And that I Love God and Our Beautiful Planet!!!!

  • Patricia, this party will keep going as long as the guests want it to.

    I am here on the beach with you to watch the sunset. Oh, you're right - the crashing waves are so beautiful and that gentle breeze in my hair is delightful. I love the smell of the salty sea - I could stay here forever...(sigh!)

  • Archersbow, your little friend is nibbling my toe. Oh wait, is that Laie4 skinny-dipping out there in the waves? Oh no, now everyone's going in!

  • It's so beautiful here - can't you feel all your cares just slipping away? (Mind you, the champagne helps, too, giggle)

  • Oh I'm there and the waves are gently lapping at my toes. Do you realize that you are walking on millions of years of life? That's how long it took to turn to sand... Well, no one ever called ME a "party animal". This is probably the most social I've been in awhile, LOL! Hurry, give me some of that champagne...

  • This beach is absolutely awesome !I

    Mind if I join you Ladies ? Nice to meet you Patricia ..! Great party huh I would just love to wake up on this beach everyday ..It is so peaceful !...oh btw Captain ur cake was yummy ...Ur HIred !

  • Yes i heard some talking about a nice fire on the beach and dancing and more cocktails after the sun goes down... awwwwwwwww the sunset is breath taking!!!

  • Nice to meet you too doves46 :-), Mmmmmmmm your right the cake is soooo good and it is just as beautiful as a charm city cake....

  • Fire on the beach? I'm there. Beautiful sunset!!!

  • Party on, guys. So glad you all made it here. This beach is awesome...can't wait to see the stars. I'm glad we can still hear the band from here. Is that "the Rose" that is playing? Nice of Bette Midler to drop in for a solo - I love that song.

    "Some say love, it is a river

    that drowns the tender reed.

    Some say love, it is a razor

    that leaves your soul to bleed.

    Some say love, it is a hunger,

    an endless aching need.

    I say love, it is a flower,

    and you its only seed.

    It's the heart afraid of breaking

    that never learns to dance.

    It's the dream afraid of waking

    that never takes the chance.

    It's the one who won't be taken,

    who cannot seem to give,

    and the soul afraid of dyin'

    that never learns to live.

    When the night has been too lonely

    and the road has been to long,

    and you think that love is only

    for the lucky and the strong,

    just remember in the winter

    far beneath the bitter snows

    lies the seed that with the sun's love

    in the spring becomes the rose."

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