Valentine's Day Party

  • Ni-i-i-ce! Must have cost you a bundle!

  • You know - it doesn't matter what you wear, since this is a digital party we can all photshop ourselves to looklike anything we want.

  • Ok Folks .. I am lost ! where on earth are the Forum Meeting Rooms lol ..


  • It's the morning of February 14th here in Australia -


  • (Blows party whistle and throws streamers)


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  • (Throws opens doors of party room)

    Welcome, welcome everyone! Come in and have a glass of champagne. Help yourself to the buffet. Pin the piece of paper bearing the announcement of what you love about yourself proudly onto your chest along with your nametag. Come in and introduce yourself!

    (Starts singing "I Will Survive")

    "First I was afraid

    I was petrified

    Kept thinking I could never live

    without you by my side

    But I spent so many nights

    thinking how you did me wrong

    I grew strong

    I learned how to carry on..."

  • You have found my costume! Happy Valentines Day, Captain!

    And all other party animals :-))


  • Here's my costume -

  • How do you like the party room?

  • A perfect place to have my dream wedding. This is quite the party room!!

  • Captain. lady you go at it with class! and we honor your taste and efforts to put this thing together!!! all night long!!

  • Sexy Costume Captian!!

  • So come on people - tell me what it is you LOVE about yourself...

    OK I'll start - I love that I am becoming a more authentic person and that I am not afraid anymore to show the real me.

  • Am I late or am I early :O) ...Hello Everyone !!!

    What do I love about myself ..hmmmmmm thinkiiiiiin :O)

    Well , I guess what I love about myself , is that I am a very forgiving person and believe in second chances . :O)


  • Great Party Captain!

    I love that I have survived!

    And that I have my Daddys blue eyes!!!

  • I love that I am very loyal. I also love that I stand up for what is right.

  • It is still the thirteenth where I am but I am here to enjoy. I don't know how to upload pictures but I am enjoying everyone elses. A toast to you captain for putting this all on. The things I love about me are that I can relate to children and animals. I am loyal and a really good person if you treat me right and see beyond my insecurities which I am overcoming. YAHOO Happy Valentines day.

  • great party! i am having the time of my life! it is valentine day, everyone alot of love to give

    and to receivce is the desert i brought here for all the beautiful souls on this forum!

    what i love about myself, i dont suffer complexes, thats why i join cap alive in a birth suit!

    wait everyone! anyone can lend me a iron, it has gotten quite wrinkle from so many years of use!

    be back tommorrow!

    peace and blessings


  • I Love My Will Power And The Way I Can Apply Intelligence In A Creative Way

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