-Reading Request-

  • Hi,

    I'm very curious to have love readings done for the following birthdates:

    Mine: 2/11/76 =vs=

    1. 7/21/73

    2. 7/11/78

    3. 8/19/76

    *Please disregard my other reading request under soulmate caption.

  • In a nutshell:

    Flowyair and 1 - good for short term love affair, not so good for long term or marriage (romantic but unrealistic)

    Flowyair and 2 - good for love affair but shakier for marriage (emotional instabilty and a lack of trust can give the relationship an on-again/off-again quality, but having children may cement the relationship)

    Flowyair and 3 - great for marriage (although it will be based on mutual interests and affection rather than passion), shakier for friendship (too competitive)

  • My bd: 14 november

    Please help me do readings for the guys

    1. 8 november (my crush for a long time)

    2. 7 april (the new guy im falling in love with)

    3. 14 september (a very good friend of mine last time, he was like my soulmate but we fell out)

  • Thanks the Captain - I can say the first one even though a soul mate and I weren't going to last we were together 5 years( deceased now), but passion and romance and friendship we had.

    The 2nd one is also a soul mate and there is lots of romance, interests and passion - we are not together now.

    The 3rd one yes exactly - we are married, but I feel alone as there is a lack of friendship that started over competitiveness, no passion, but we make good financial partners and are both dedicated to jobs and take of responibility. No heart felt characteristics though.

    Thank you again. Flowyair

  • Heartfeltsincerity

    In a nutshell -

    You and 1: Best for marriage/longterm relationship (easygoing and natural but can get stuck in complacency and self-satisfaction, and may lack any challenge or growth), worst for work (rivalries)

    You and 2: Best for friendship (a love affair has a dark volatile side - Aries likes to dominate and control, but you don't take orders blindly), Worst for work (Aries needs to be the centre of attention, but you are the better boss)

    You and 3: Best for the longterm (you are both realists who don't get carried away by romantic drives. You depend heavily on each other for support and advice, however if the relationship runs counter to either of your wishes and interests, it will break down.) Worst for friendship (he finds you too concerned with your social image - you think he's selfish)

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