Hans, Captain, or? Could I please ask for help?

  • Hi all, hate to bother you, but very simply, I haven't been feeling well for some time now. 😞 I rise to the occasion at work, but by the time I do chores and get in for the evening, I really feel bad. I feel a bit like a hypochondriac right now, I'm having a few chronic issues (allergies and joint issues) treated but to no avail -- I don't know why I feel so bad. I just feel... bad. 😞 No energy, my head hurts, I get really blue for no reason at all... for weeks now. Any clue? I'm ready to go in and have labs drawn. Already looking at things from the hormone end of it, not that the practitioner has been able to HELP... grrrrr... I'm WAY too busy to feel this way, I just need a nudge to figure out where this is coming from. I want to feel NORMAL again.

    Thanks in advance for your time everyone, you guys are the best.

  • Try a low glycemic diet. Sounds like a carbohydrate overload. With this comes other ailments so that's why as you treat the symptoms the underlining problem is still there so you never get better. It's like being pre-diabetic, taxes the immune system and affects so many systems in the body--excess sugar in the blood turns into sharp little crystals that irritate and causes iflamation--and by sugar I mean simple carbs as well--the white stuff--rice--potatoes--white breads etc--these spike the blood sugar then crash--causing depression. An A1C blood test for bloodsugar will tell you if over the last three months you've had too much sugar in the blood as excess glucose attaches intself to the blood cells.

  • Thanks. I was wondering about blood sugars actually because I do feel worse after I eat simple carbs, but yesterday, for example, I really watched what I ate, my meals were mostly things like beans (chili) for example. By the time I came home I still wasn't feeling great. I think I do have a glucometer from my grandfather's stuff somewhere, so maybe I'll check my sugars today. I'm wondering if I have some kind of little infection starting somewhere, maybe a UTI or a sinus infection or something. I was just hoping somebody could pick up on a vibe and have an "aha!" moment! Thanks so much though, I didn't think about an A1C test, that's worth a look.

  • Here's the problem--the way you are feeling is not an overnight thing but a warning of a long time problem--in fact Sprit says you are urged to catch it in time---it will take at least a week or two to feel better with a change of diet as you are right about infections--your immune system is way low and as you go to the doctor and go through the test process what you will see is "results" and disease but have to really dig for yourself to understand why and how. I see allergies and low grade infections. Too much sugar in the system is a breading ground for infection. Spirit says don't try to just treat the illnesses but it's time to find your body's "happy place" the things that keep you running tip top--it will take some detective work on your own as well as the doctor's help. Spirit says to stay positive no matter what your test results reveal or doesn't as with lifestyle changes all IS reversable and now is the time--but you already sense that! Keep your ears and eyes open Spirit says info will keep coming your way via books TV and friends. Also be aware that carb overloading has a addiction quality to it--(sedation effects) and at first you might feel a little off and edgy before it balances itself--like the first three days of stopping any adictive cycle it is uncomfortable but over the hump gets so much better. If after three days of really watching your carbs you suddenly feel a surge in energy you know you are on the right track.

  • PS---Look up benefitsof apple cider vinegar.

  • Awesome. Thanks. What you're saying is most timely. I spent a year in a very stressful job and then moved to a much better job a few months ago -- but my eating habits have been mighty poor -- I haven't been able to get caught up. You are right, I am absolutely ADDICTED to sugar right now. I've picked up a few books on healing through foods, ironically, and I just haven't been organized enough to sit down and make my lists. (I am a big list person.) 😉

    I've always been big on running and lifting weights, but last winter I started having hip problems, and the pain pretty much caused me to quit, except for occasional weightlifting. Tried some physical therapy which didn't help, and now I'm finally going to somebody who is making some progress, but then enter this weird moodiness (this came upon me very suddenly), lack of energy, lack of mental clarity, female cycle problems (yes, went to get this all checked out too), breast lumps, sinus problems, etc. It just seems like everything is falling apart all at once, and I know that there has to be a root cause somewhere. I think the way I feel causes me to crave carbs too, and caffeine. That's a bad cycle for sure: feel bad, crave carbs, eat carbs, feel worse which makes me crave more carbs, etc. I know I'm not clinically depressed, I still have all my hobbies and fun things I like to do.

    Changing my eating habits was next on the agenda for sure, as well as slowly increasing my running again, and I'm even thinking about moving the furniture around in my office. Oddly, I feel more drained here in the office than anywhere else. I guess I'll get my yearly physical out of the way too since it's free through work. I sure hope I get to the bottom of it soon. I'm really not used to being so lethargic and grouchy!

    Thanks so much for your time Blmoon. Hey, incidentally... can Spirit tell me if there is anything... environmental, or people that I spend time with, that might be affecting me negatively? I try to avoid negative people for the most part, but some I CAN'T avoid right now without some major life changes.

  • Blmoon, I wanted to add, I know that the last question I asked was really "passive" sounding and I hate beating around the bush -- I know that I'm around some negative people and situations that affect me negatively, but it's a question of how it's affecting my health -- so I guess what the real question is, is the negativity affecting me enough that I should try to change it, or do I just hang in until I've reached my current goals, deal with it as assertively as I can, and then move on? I have a GOOD life overall, I don't want to jump out of the frying pan into the flames by making a bad decision. Nothing worse than changing what you are doing in the hopes of bettering yourself or your situation, only to find that you're now in a real pickle.

    Along these lines, I'm a believer in charting my own destiny. BUT, on the other hand, I also know first-hand that sometimes things change because of OTHER peoples' decisions, or their own unique destinies. If my boss were to quit tomorrow, my current plans and goals would be... well, not the same. Sometimes opportunities come up because of decisions we've made. Oh, and sometimes we just make stupid decisions which also cause change. 😉

    Anyway, thanks again.

  • I wonder if the bad dream you had about your mother was actually a warning dream to you about a toxic environment? Perhaps it was the mother inside yourself that was trying to alert you?

  • Hi, I think it's good that you're checking-up on your health. Have you ever noticed that certain things sometimes increase energy. It might be a certain person. With me it's Led Zepplin. Their music gives me energy. I'm pretty connected to what's going on w/my body and can usually self-diagnose. I also know what I'm doing that's wrong. If you can't really self-diagnose then it's a red-flag, maybe. You seem to have some similar issues as me. Remember, there's always a lesson to learn. Maybe it's not to go down that path again. Stay on it until you can do better. When you feel negativity affecting you remember that your health is first. Try not to re-play it, if possible. Search for the solutions.

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