Help and insight needed ASAP

  • Hello. I live with my mother and step-father. Up until about the middle of last month there was a man that lived here, he is a friend of my mom. When he moved out the spirit activity dramaticaly increased in our home. Now, I have nights, such as this one, where I get an uneasy feeling, and I feel like I am being watched. It gets so bad that I can't go to bed until early morning, about 5 am. In the past month I have woken up with 2 burn marks, in 2 seperate spots on my body on 2 seperate occasions. These burn marks should have hurt to touch, but they didn't and they looked like someone put a burnt ciggarette out on my skin. I have also woken up with scratches that should have hurt to touch, but again they didn't. One night I was laying awake in bed and felt hman teeth on the outside of my ankle. The man that moved out last month practices Wicca and we are begining to think that he left a circle open.

    Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening to me and how do I get it to go away?

  • personally i beleive that you need to call in someone who does clearing in homes, if you know where the fellow is or has moved to get in touch with him and let him know what is happening, it isnt sounding very nice to me, do a thorough cleansing of the home form room to room clean every room, and contact a clearer to come in and asist with this to get the energy and spirit or spirits out, you really dont need all this, when i say clean i mean house clean and tidy up, clarey sage and smudge stick is good to burn and the oil if the clarey sage sprinkle about the rooms and doorways, but i feel that you will need the help of someone who can send this to the light, i hope that this helps, and god bless you.

  • also if you can visulise white light surrounding you and sealing that light around you like a bubble for protection, that may assist you too, i would also go and have a healing done for yourself and even the family as the healer will place protection around you and the family,

  • I think that you should call the man or a preist or someone to get rid of the spirits.I recommend an exorcism

  • if you are right, then you need a wicca spell to close the circle, a reverse spell

    other wise, the other two responders pretty much give you good tips

    what do you know about the land the house stands on?

    it might not have anything to do with the man, but just so happens spirits of the land decide to connect with the living

    you said the marks don't hurt, so it doesn't seem they mean harm

    try communicate with them or contact the man that left your house, see if he can help

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