Knowing and not Knowing Why

  • Hi everyone dont know if this is a question or what i use to tell my wife i like being wrong but most of the time i was right i do not think i am psychic have thoughts and feelings about things even my wife and it ended our marriage after 20 years 9 years ago i started having doubts about her and it turns out i was right i knew she steped out of the light and it would destroy us so i am going threw a divorce now and i have never been so lost you see i have been prepairing for this time for over 15 years did not know why i just did what i was being guided to do it did not make a whole lot of since untill 2 years ago and i seen but a grand son was a big part of this and to play a big part in the comming times but my wife chose to end our marriage and every thing i was working on and prepairing for is gone even the grand son i can not see i have been married before and i have a lot of grand kids and i am gratefull for them but its like i just can not seem to get out of this fog and knowing the things i do i have no direction i do know we will have to learn to live with out a lot of things our comforts does any one have any insight to what i should do? THANKS Delbert

  • Seems to me u regret following ur intuition. Dont. I normally say in such cases, when in doubt ask your gut and listen to it. Gut reactions messages are never wrong.

    Also as u work through this, i think u should not try n tackle the whole mountain, as in whats placed under the lid. take one issue at a time in the time u feel it needs.

    ihope this helps.


  • Thanks for your consern CWB i am gratefull its just for over 26 years i have lived in the light sometimes i would ? it but most of the time i did my best to do right and to follow the direction i got and it wasent nothing weird or any thing i had thoughts and visions of what was coming and prepairing for it and teaching that grand son he is to play a importiant part in that what i have seen it will take your breath away and some are already happened but i sure did not see this divorce comeing but whats hard is i had purpose and direction and now there is none i try meditateing excuse my spelling my spell check is broke or some thing i realy hope i am wrong but just in case if theres is a massive earthquake on the west portion of Mexico City get out of California i do nt want to scare anyone its probaly just weird thoughts i have i have been out of work now for a year never have i been with out work longer than a month at the most and i am 58 and haveing to start all over when we are working helps to keep focus but i have another grand son i get tosee nearly everyday he is 3 dont get me wrong i am gratefull for what i do have i just feel lost or in a fog.

  • Very understandeble. From this i do see you try to cope n work at the same time, fixing everthing at once. all issues all emotions all what to come n so forth. i think u need to stop n think, stop n feel n as adviced take on one issue one emotions at a time. i think it will help u. also meditation where u just let the mind flow n just be.

    i also feel u rush things, ask urself, what is the rush? i myself am a rusher so i often stop n say why am i rushing? what is it i need to get done so fast? n the reply is many times, NOTHING AT ALL ive got loads LOADS of time so chill n enjoy this time now.

    so breathe, chill nm relax. all of this aint running away. 28 years n ongoing, now if it was a rush thing wouldnt it long been done solved made? so breathe n chill



  • Thanks CWB i guess being a leo i do rush alot it is good to stop and smell the roses .

  • yw sweetie!


  • Please give me some of your thoughts on my life. I am a leo born aug 5 1951. I have been involved with a taurus man born may 15 1953 for about 1 1/2 years. He was with a virgo woman born aug 29 1952 for 7 years. She moved to another state in 2007. I believe that they are still in contact with each other. I have had major health concerns since 2005. Because of this, I take each day as it comes. I have no expectations which has helped me appreciate each day.

    I would love to hear what you see for me.


  • Ruby dear, as hard as it may i think u need to ask why am i concerning myself with someone who aint there? why am i spending time n energy on an insignificant one?aint it better spent on urself n ur own concerns?

    as for "seeing " more i need a real name city n country u live in. further i dunno if i can get straight away back to u, so patience is needed. if u find time is of essence i suggest u post new thread asking for thecaptain, blmoon, hanswolfgang, libraslair, wenchie or stoneye.

    blessed be''


  • Hi Charmed Witch Bente

    Haven't "bumped" into you in here in a while. I am so glad to see you. Hope you are doing well. I hope you have a great day.


  • Hi Sun

    Thanx yeah ive kept low n busy with hunting for a job. also recharging n rebuilding myself.

    ruby sunshine here is also a great reader,. maybe she will look for u as well.

    how about it sun? im still in process of renergizing so im not sure ill b all that good yet

    the posts ive made r more objective guidance than actual psychic look into n relay what messages are forwarded.,

  • morning cwb

    Ouch !! but thank you for your advice. you are exactly right .

    if you can enlighten me any other name is mary. i live in santa clarita , ca.

    these forums are so interesting and helpful.

    thanks again

  • Hi Sunshine!

  • Hi Bente,

    I wish i did read cards.......haven't really tried, I seem to be more empathic and deal with impressions and feelings, than actual readings. I need to develop this skill more. Actually haven't been in here as much as i 'd like, with work and school. I am snowed in right now, so now, LOL, I have time. I am sorry i missed Ruby. I will look for her and see if she found answers from someone. Meanwhile, Bente, you take care of yourself.


  • Hi Poetic! Sorry haven't been on as much, school and work and 2 small kids keep me occupied. Plus a budding romance that got real hot and real cold really fast. Go figure. I hope I see you somewhere in here soon.



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